16 inch dobsonian telescope for sale

Description. How the Sky-Watcher 16 Inch Dobsonian Telescope stacks up. Dobson's telescopes featured a simplified mechanical design that was easy to manufacture from readily available components to create a large, portable, low-cost telescope. This system has very easy to collimate primary and secondary mirrors, which is vital for instruments of this type. The Dobsonian telescopes are named after John Dobson, an amateur astronomer who designed a very simple but effective telescope, where the key factor is a large aperture for little money. Zhumell 16 Inch Truss-Dobsonian Telescope in brand new condition. FOR SALE BY OWNER - This is a LIKE NEW Dobsonian Orion 12 inch SkyQuest XT12i Automated IntelliScope. I bought this from Orion in late 2015. In smaller scopes, M92 was not resolved very much, but in this telescope it looks fantastic. The Ultimate Light Gatherer – 16″ !! The Dobsonian telescope is popular among amateur astronomers because of its extra large aperture and low price. Buy dobsonian telescopes at Astronomics. Used only one time. SkyWatcher Black Diamond GOTO 16" Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope features: Super Huge 16" aperture for amazing light gathering capacity Collapsible model gives added mobility Globular clusters really get resolved well! It's only a few months old. A Dobsonian telescope is an alt-azimuth mounted Newtonian telescope design popularized by the amateur astronomer John Dobson starting in the 1960s. The Explore Scientific Ultra Light 16" Dobsonian is the ultimate in collapsible, large aperture, portable telescopes - featuring full aluminium construction for strength, durability and lightness. What more, the patented Freedom Find (dual-encoder) technology allows the telescope to be moved manually whenever the user wishes - but with no need for re-alignment! Dobsonian telescopes are the undisputed champions of deep space observing; do not be surprised to see a 25 or even 30 inch Dobsonian at your first major star party. Indoor kept in a non-smoking home. Sky-Watcher Flextube 400P Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope. The Dobsonian telescope is perfect for budding astronomers because they're powerful, easy to use, and very affordable. Types of Dobsonian Telescope: It's All About the Optical Tube What makes the Sky-Watcher 16 Inch Dobsonian Telescope so special is the superior quality of its components and the pride of workmanship which manifests itself in high quality standards of optical and mechanical fabrication. Astronomics is a family-owned business that has been supplying amateur astronomers, schools, businesses, and government agencies with the right optical equipment and the right advice since 1979. It's in "NEW" condition. Dobsonian telescopes are telescopes with a Newtonian Telescope tube assembly with a Alt-Azimuth mount. I found the views through this to be incredible.

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