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The closed traumatic rupture of finger flexor tendon pulleys in rock climbers appeared as a new complex finger trauma in the mid 1980s. ), taping for a2 pulley prevention, and others Both my A2's in my ring fingers hurt if l press and put some force on them (other fingers do not really hurt at all). Drugs . 4:54. Remember, this taping method is specifically for the A2 pulley in the finger. 28:674-678. The common way of preventing flexor tendon pulley injury is to apply supportive tape to the finger. A2 Strain (? If you’ve had pulley injuries before, research has been showing H Taping is the preferred method to support A2, A3, and A4 pulleys. Fingers and specifically pulleys take a long time to heal due to the poor circulation. Finger pulley injuries can occur at any one of the five flexor tendon pulleys of the fingers, but most commonly affects the A2 pulley. A grading system for the severity of pulley injuries was developed and used to set therapeutic pathways. We recommend taping with the newly presented taping technique after pulley rupture. Minor A2 pulley injuries or partial tears with no evidence of bow stringing can be treated with either firm circumferential taping for 2 to 3 months to permit healing. If l press on them hard enough with my fingers, the pain is tolerable but goes upto around 7 on a 1-10 scale. Though statistically significant, the reduction in tendon excursion (or pulley stretch) while crimping is only marginal (as opposed to not at all for other methods). Any practical advice for the injury would be great! Because you are still able to bend the injured finger almost completely (clench ones fist) a conservative treatment (without surgery) is possible. 919Clinic 78,653 views. (FDP) tendon up to the level of the distal A2 pulley, where it splits into radial and ulnar slips that rotate around the FDP tendon to become deep to the tendon. 3 FIG. MR Imaging Recently, several investigators have reported that MR imaging is an accurate method for evaluation of the anatomy and pathologic conditions of the finger. The tenderness is still there when I apply pressure to my A2 pulley and hard crimping without tape seems to slightly irritate it (open handing does not however). The first stage of injury is controlling the inflammation and this is traditionally done by rest and sometimes taping as a form of protection from your day to day activities – not climbing. Author Volker Schöffl found that 37 (13 per cent) of 284 climbers surveyed experienced pulley injuries. Most of those comments were related to A2 and flexor tendon issues. Am J Sports Med. Finally got into a hand specialist/surgeon Wednesday. The effect of circumferential taping on flexor tendon pulley failure in rock climbers. Instead, the answer was a therapeutic protocol of progressive “hanging," in which he would load the impaired finger to remodel the injured tissue and gain back its strength. Keep those hands strong, incorporate days dedicated to strengthening your hands on those little holds (hangboards, forearm endurance training, grip strengthening, etc.) The A2 pulley in the ring finger is the most likely to experience injury. How to unload tissue with tape; How to strengthen the area; How to avoid injury again; Get The Pulley Sprain Protocol $15. It was suggested that the greatest support came from taping nearer the middle finger joint where A2 was injured. According to the research literature, namely Doctors Volker Schöffl 1, Alex Folkl, and Erik Gerdes, finger injuries are the number one culprit, with A2 pulley injuries being the most common. Ruptured my A2 pulley on Saturday (left hand ring finger). I may have to armchair one of my Ortho colleagues and discuss using high powered magnets to help figure it out. Injuries of the pulley system are also described. THE PROCESS SEASON 2 - EPISODE 6- FINGER INJURIES - THE A2 PULLEY (EN) - Duration: 6:54. In these cases the damage is serious enough and the use of the finger is compromised to the point where a surgical approach is generally recommended. (1) Recon­structed A2 pulley as shown by the arrow, (2) Extensor tendon, (3) Proximal phalanx, (4) Flexor digitorum profundus, (5) Flexor digitorum superficialis, (6) Digital artery, (7) Digital nerve. However, the effectiveness of preventative taping has not yet been proven successful. Outside trying to preserve skin, taping our fingers is a debated topic among climbers, whether it is to prevent injury or offer protection when recovering from an injury. However friction may also play an important role in the pathogenesis in a way that the tendon acts like a saw crossing the pulley fibers. The strength development was significantly better with the new tape for the crimp grip position (+13%), but there was no significant improvement for the hanging position. Who knows how this actually affects pulley load. In using the crimp grip, near ninety-degree flexion of the middle finger joint (PIP) produces tremendous force load on the A2 pulley. 2000. Use Tape. temporary fixation measure against A2 pulley injury FIG. To Dan’s surprise and relief, rest was not the solution for his classic A2 pulley ligament injury. The best taping method is the one that totally unloads the injured pulley and allows you to crimp while it recovers.

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