acer predator helios 300 i7 10th gen review

Gave up getting the Lenovo 7i, the AMD Legion 5 is on the top of my list right now. There are two M.2 slots on this laptop, as well as a 2.5″ bay. My argument is that some games still favor Intel processors and peak single-core performance, where Intel have their small edge. With the cool components and a well thought air intake/output, there’s no surprise this laptop also runs fairly cool externally. We also ran some Workstation related loads, on the Extreme profile: Finally, here’s how this Helios 300 configuration compares to some of the other 15-inch portable laptops in its class. Excellent 1080p gaming performance Super smooth 240Hz screen as tested Room for three storage drives Cleaner design than its predecessor The Helios 300 does not support G-Sync, however, so you might see frame-tearing, an ugly visual artifact that occurs when a game’s framerate doesn’t line up with a display’s refresh rate. It’s nothing obscene, but it’s clearly built to call attention to itself. It offers a standard layout with only a single Turbo button at the top. The base configuration comes with an Nvidia RTX 2060, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD. Budget gaming laptops with high refresh rates sometimes push visual quality aside. The new Acer Predator Helios 300 upgrades from a 144Hz refresh rate to 240Hz. That helps reduce temperatures, but with significant noise increase, and it’s not something I can see myself using on a regular basis. It starts at just $862, despite having a new Ryzen 4000 processor and Radeon 5600M graphics inside. It’s a standard SATA cable, though, the kind you can easily find on Amazon or eBay. Both the CPU and GPU run smoothly and cooly on this laptop, averaging temperatures around 70 degrees Celsius in most titles, except for Far Cry 5, in which case the CPU runs at higher power and thus, higher temperatures in the 80s. Undervolting has a minor impact over the CPU/GPU temperatures and performance, but slightly raising the laptop from the table shaves a few more degrees out of those temperatures in our tests. Also, it is not super heavy so carrying around will be not a problem. November 19, 2020 at 12:55 pm. On top of that, there are more and arguably overall better quality Intel SKUs available, including this Helios at $1199 in the US. The solid build quality, gaming performance, and thermals remain some of its top-selling points, corroborated with the aggressive pricing that few other products match on the competitive markets in North America and Europe. Price difference is USD 100. Acer offers the Predator Helios 300 PH315-53 in a bunch of different configurations, with various amounts of RAM, types of storage, and either Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti, RTX 2060 or RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics. Here’s what we got in our tests, with a X-Rite i1 Display Pro sensor: Calibration isn’t great out of the box, with messed upped White Point and Gamma, but once calibrated, the panel turned out to be one of the most uniform in terms of luminosity and color I’ve tested in a while, and a nicer implementation that the same panel tested in the Triton 300. For connectivity, there’s Gigabit Lan and Wireless 6 + Bluetooth through Realtek/Killer chips on this unit. While only a marginal upgrade of the popular 2019 model, the updated 2020 Acer Predator Helios 300 remains one the of best-value mid-range performance/gaming notebooks of this generation. I’m coming from over 25 years playing consoles exclusively so it’s a bit overwhelming trying to learn and take everything in. Still not available in my country above the 1650 Ti. Those are MSRP prices, not accounting for occasional discounts. Acer still implements a cooling solution with two fans, four radiators, three heatpipes, and sufficient thermal plates spread on top of the components and secondary electronics. My decked-out review unit had all the tricks, but the base model is the one most people will buy. As since we’re talking about these small practicality details, I should add that the grippy rubber feet placed on the bottom keep the laptop well anchored on a desk, and that Acer made sure not to obstruct the thermal module in any way, designing sufficient air-intakes on the bottom and above the keyboard, with the hot air being pushed out through the back edge. We’ve mostly used the laptop on wireless, and it performed well in all our tests, both near the router and at 30+ feet away with obstacles in between.

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