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Amaron Tall Tubular Battery, for Home and Office. Amaron Current AR150TN54 150 AH Tall Tubular Inverter battery is worth for Money spent because it can give 4.5 – 6 Hours Backup on 400 – 300 watts Load and Dimension of Amaron Current AR150TN54 battery is (400*190*505) mm. So these are not that popular like tubular batteries. Thank you. Pure Sine Wave; Configure Your Inverter; Inverter and Battery Combo. It represent the water and electrolyte level of your battery. Below is the power consumed by these items: 1 Fan – 70 WattsOne tube light – 40 watts1 CFL – 15 watts1 Television – 120 watts, Therefore your total power requirement is ( 3*70 +2*40 + 3×15 + 120) = 455 watts. Most of the company provides 3-5 years of warranty. Buy Amaron CR200TT (200AH) inverter battery at the best discount offers from Everyonechoice. Lead Acid Battery – It is the most common and oldest type of inverter battery. In this article, we will give you an idea about inverter battery. ‣ This battery is compatible with any brand of inverters available in the market. Get all types of batteries for car, bike, truck, tractor and other About Us. The battery capacity decides the backup hour of your inverter battery. At Amaron, our commitment to you does not end when you buy a battery and step out of the store. So that it protects the battery lead part from corrosion. You choose Inverters and Battery and just make a call, We deliver it right at Your address, Just pay for the Inverters and Batteries … ‣ Its special hybrid alloy system reduces mist formation. Amaron Toll-Free Number. Without causing much damage to the internal components, Amaron tall tubular battery withholds overheating of the inverter induced by inconsistent voltage supply. Amaron AAM-CR-GS180TT48 ( 180 Ah ) For solar inverter you can buy anyone from Luminous, Sukam and Microtek. These batteries will be quickly charged and also provides longer backups. Read More. Hi Guys, my name is Subhash Bhakt and in this video you will see, Unboxing, Review and Installation of Amaron 150AH Tall Tubuler Home UPS Battery. Inverter Batteries. Power Consilium System - Offering Amaron Qunata 12V/150Ah Tubular Battery, Warranty: 3 years at Rs 10150/number in Mumbai, Maharashtra. ‣ This battery uses heat resistant calcium and also hybrid alloy for its grids. Warranty: 60 Months (36months Free of Cost + 30 Months Pro Rata). Description. 30 Months Free Of Cost +18 Months Pro Rata. This battery requires less maintenance and are less expensive. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. Therefore a battery with a capacity of 150 Ah will work fine for this requirement. 95 Amaron Battery Dealer. But it is not recommended to run AC on solar. Amaron. These batteries are completely safe to use and do not emit any poisonous or harmful gases. Amaron; Shop By Inverters Capacity. Tall tubular batteries are good for frequent power cuts. Battery Type: Tall Tubular Battery, Flat Plate Battery, Tubular Battery. Our List of Amaron Batteries would include batteries for inverters, four wheelers vehicles, motorbikes, and for several other applications. Luminous, Exide, Okaya, V Gaurd, Su Kam, Amaron; Conclusion. Also some appliances like. Luminous, Exide, Okaya, V Gaurd, Su Kam, Amaron and Okaya are well known inverter battery brand. The most company offers two components in warranty FOC and ProRata warranty. It is the best inverter battery along with best in the class luminous inverter. Buy 100% genuine Inverter Online from top Brands like Amaron,Exide and Luminous - Free Shipping, Cash on delivery & Free Home Delivery at It’s advanced hybrid technology allow your battery to withstand in extreme temperature. Not only for our homes and offices power is also essential for education, hospitals, industries, hotels and many more. Amaron inverter batteries are compatible with any brand of inverters available in the market, so you are never at a loss for power.. Get discounted prices, free home delivery and installation across all major cities in India in just 24 hours. There have a comparably longer life span and better efficiency. So Fix Your Car Battery and JUST MAKE A CALL. How can we decide the battery capacity for our house? I like to blog on Technologies, Digital Marketing, Travel Blog Strategist, Home improvement, education. Generally, it uses lead and lead oxide as electrodes so it is also called a lead acid battery. But in India, we have a common situation of power failure. You can make a mixture of baking soda and water to remove the rust. We provide ourselves in supplying our quality products across a wide selection of applications and customers. Therefore your total power requirement is ( 3*70 +2*40 + 3×15 + 120) = 45. So total it gives 48 months of warranty. You need to check the electrolyte level regularly and needs topping regularly. SF Sonic Inverters and Batteries manufactured by Exide industries is our main Inverters and Batteries which we deal with. Low in maintenance with a comparatively less price. Please let us know if you need any further details and also provide us with your valuable comments for the improvement of our service. Amaron (1) Exide ... Inverter Batteries. 10121119 EA80241T114403 At the amaron service center in Kozhikode, they gave it on saturday ..14/11/20. Warranty – 24 months; Safety Precautions for Home UPS / Inverter Do’s. 100 Ah; 120 Ah; 135 Ah; 150 Ah; 165 Ah; 170 Ah; Configure Your Inverter; Other Categories . Every inverter battery is lead acid batteries, which have 2 electrodes that are dipped in an electrolyte solution. It also releases harmful gases and requires proper ventilation. Amaron inverter batteries are compatible with any brand of inverters available in the market. Amaron Lead-Acid Batteries are used for Inverter Applications, ensure uninterrupted and regulated power supply during power failure. Capacity: 100-150Ah, >150 Ah, 80-100 Ah, <80 Ah. It is advisable to disconnect those devices which consume a lot of energy. You can also call brand customer care for warranty claim . Battery Capacity: 150 Ah. It is a great deal for first time buyers, where you will get everything in this bundle. Rs 3,000/ Number Get Latest Price. Tubular Batteries; Flat Plate Battery; Sealed Lead Acid Battery; Battery size for Inverters Warranty Brand. Select4you is an initiative to help everyone with their electronics items shopping. Filter. Amaron. We work hard to furnish an efficient service to all our customers, from large industrial organisations and battery wholesalers. If you are not taking care of this then your battery will spoil quickly. These are the most improvised version of flat plate batteries. The battery is the backbone of our inverter system. 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