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Create a list of the basic emergency supplies you need and want. Stick to your needs first! Check-off the items as you gather them. Please keep in mind that it does not account for individual needs or … Coronavirus grocery list: What items you need to buy in case of self-quarantine. Prioritize your needs and wants. But if for some reason you don’t have safe drinkable running water at home, getting a two-week supply from the store might make sense. Stay away from unnecessary items until all your needs are checked off. Then you've come to the right place. Here is a 2 week food supply PDF list for 1 person. 2… 2 Week Food Supply List PDF. This list accounts for a little extra food. 2 Week Food Supply List Basics 1. Stick to the Basics . The Department of Homeland Security advises preparing for a potential pandemic by having a two-week supply of food and water on hand (among other things, like prescription and OTC … Are you wanting to build a 2 week emergency food supply but aren't sure where to get started? In this place I will walk you through how to build a 2 week emergency food list.

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