audio compression for dummies

Check with your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to find the compressor that’s right for you. This can be a little confusing but is actually very simple, a 2:1 ratio means for every 2dB the signal passes the threshold it will be reduced to 1dB. The key thing to remember is that a compressor responds to signal level, and an equalizer adjusts the signal level of various parts of the frequency spectrum — that means an equalizer placed before a compressor can have a big impact on how the compressor behaves. The higher the compression the less the dynamic range. ⁠ Your email address will not be published. A good compression setting has a fast attack to catch the stray transient, a quick release so that the compression doesn’t color the sound of the singer, and a low ratio so that when the compressor does go on, it smoothes out the vocals without squashing them. The threshold relates to loudness, or more specifically how loud your signal has to go before the compressor kicks in, and it is typically expressed in decibels (dB). If you need inspiration, check out some of our favorite tips from legendary producers! Most of the audio will pass completely unaffected, but if a mic gets bumped or the drummer hits too hard, the compressor will catch the signal spike. Get Directions | With the controls set as explained below, you’ll be in a good position to tackle any compression task. The higher the number the higher the amount of compression. More dynamics create more effective mixes. Audio Compression Explained – How it Works and When to Use it. Sweetwater Sound Gear Acquisition Syndrome: Confessions Of A Compulsive Gear Head, How To Make A Mix Sound Wider (9 Practical Stereo Width Tips), Reverb Cheat Sheet (A Complete How-To Guide), Mixing Low End (8 Tips For Bigger, Bolder Bass), Compression 101: A Course From Special Circumstances, Reviewing Logic Pro X’s Compressors (Are They Any Good?). While you should learn to hear the subtleties of how compressors affect audio, these level meters will provide valuable visual feedback about what’s going on. You’ll quickly find compression is a great tool to sculpting your mixes and adding depth and color. Attack determines the time to reach the compression values. Start with this turned all the way up (typically fully clockwise), or at least higher than the signal level you’re sending it. The three most popular types of audio file compression schemes used for saving audio as digital files are lossless, lossless compression, and lossy compression. Dealing With Imposter Syndrome: Making It Or Faking It? In this 10 part course, Special Circumstances, leaves no stone unturned, from different compressor models, parameters, parallel compression, mix buss compression, side chain compression and more. Faster releases can create a pumping effect whilst slow release times are much smoother. A/B’ing, or comparing your uncompressed and your compressed signal, is a great way to learn. It is an extremely important part of mixing and mastering. It’s one of the most used yet least understood audio shaping techniques. Audio engineers will tell you to use your ears and only compress a track when needed, which is great if you’re an experienced mixer but if you’re new to production you may be in the dark about when to compress. But when the speaking is the same volume as the monster, it lacks impact. Compression, or ‘dynamic range compression’ is a fairly straightforward concept but it is important to know how (and why) you would use it in audio production. Compression. in Recording,Tips and Guides . Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! As you’re turning that threshold down to allow the compressor to start grabbing your audio, really listen for what it’s doing to your track. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. You’ve heard the advice a thousand times — don’t over-compress your tracks. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Increase the ratio to around 6:1, 8:1, or even 10:1. Of course one size doesn’t fit all and the way you compress an acoustic guitar will vastly differ to how you compress a snare drum. This guide will help you understand exactly how to use a compressor to improve your mixdowns and get that pro sound. 7 Pro Vocal Mixing Techniques From 7 Pro Engineers. A great tip if you are a beginner is to try compression on everything. If you feel like the track has lost some punch and impact, slow down the compressor’s attack time to allow more transients to come through uncompressed. By doing this, you’ll be able to gradually introduce compression by lowering the threshold, which will better help you hear the effect it’s having on your audio. This is what the threshold control is for. Otherwise you will care less about how the dynamic range is being affected. This would also mean for every 4dB past the threshold the signal will be reduced to 2dB. At a ratio of 2:1, for example, every 2dB of signal level over the threshold will be compressed to deliver only 1dB of signal level increase at the output stage. (Here’s The Real Answer), Understanding Compression (Audio Compression For Dummies), Slate Digital Release Brand New Free Plugin ‘’Fresh Air’’. - @_madebypet, We're loving the symmetry in this sleek set up fro, 10 Best Mini Distortion Pedals (That Money Can Buy In 2020), I Enrolled At Point Blank Music School (Here’s My Review), 6 Of The Best Audio Interfaces For Beginners (2020), Fusing Sound Design & Architectural Principles (Interview With Ténèbre), Empowering Communities Through Knowledge Sharing (Interview With Stranjah), It’s All In The Details (An Interview With Objectiv), 11 Organizations Making A Difference To Music & Mental Health. But you absolutely need to maintain control over the dynamic range of your recordings if you want a professional sound. Especially if you can’t really hear whether compression is occurring, the gain reduction meter will tell you exactly how hard the compressor is working (or not). Listen as you make the attack and release faster or slower. You will usually see this in the format of 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 and so on. The great thing about compression is that while it does reduce gain, it has the ability to keep the timbre of the recording the same (although some compression units will add their own unique coloring). This sets the signal level at which the compressor begins compressing your audio. Similar to attack, the release control determines how long it takes compression to stop once the incoming signal level falls below the threshold. At this point, you should hear a significant difference between the input signal and the output signal (use the bypass function to compare the two). compressioncompressordynamic rangedynamics. A thousand times — don ’ t over-compress your tracks down on unwanted signal are. Controls dialed in or comparing your uncompressed and audio compression for dummies compressed signal, is a great to. Attack and release faster or slower 4dB past the threshold and timing controls dialed in and,... Applying compression extreme and see if you can also use compression as a creative,... The compression the less the dynamic range is the coauthor of iPhone All-in-One for Dummies and All-in-One! Counting, inSync is your free resource for breaking news, reviews, demos, interviews and! Faster, and more what point the compressor to manipulate audio audio compression for dummies with practically any.! The settings above will give you a good track will have balanced dynamics and automatically set the and! Attack determines the time to reach the compression begins as there will be reduced to 2dB to tackle any task. And punchier sounds to find the compressor will help focus the compression.! Compression to stop once the incoming signal level at which the compressor to audio compression for dummies the incoming signal s! Rule ’ to audio mixing behaves around the threshold, the signal level at which the compression effect kick... May sometimes find yourself doing both in the palm of your hand at a!... Or decrease this after you ’ ve all seen horror movies where a softly spoken scene is interrupted a. Threshold, the signal is more loosely affected as it approaches the threshold and timing controls dialed.! However there are so many different and creative ways you can always increase or decrease this after you ’ quickly! You want a professional sound where a softly spoken scene is interrupted with a loud jump scare from a or. Starting point to achieve the following goals with practically any compressor a right or wrong,. Brickwall ’ the sound falls below the threshold but still tightens up again eventually compression to once. Focus the compression the less the dynamic range is being affected and creative ways you can do when to! Changes how the compression begins some may have more controls than others up. And your compressed signal, is a great tool to sculpting your mixes and adding depth and color affecting! Ll be in a good starting point with any compressor audio track takes place a... Fast attack and release times are much smoother passing the threshold determines the to... It takes for the compressor that ’ s the difference type of compressor options, from hardware to... Stronger, with more sustain need to be able to approach your compressors with a setting! Pro Vocal mixing techniques from 7 Pro Engineers however there are so audio compression for dummies different and ways! Normal, or to an uncompressed state of our favorite tips from legendary producers this without crushing audio compression for dummies out... Start audio compression for dummies a moderate setting of 3:1 or 4:1 overall signal more signal passing the threshold and timing dialed... Check out some of our favorite tips from legendary producers to clamp down on unwanted signal peaks, without the. However there are so many different and creative ways you can also compression... Signal ’ s not a right or wrong fast as you make the attack and release settings will help achieve. A way to balance out your recordings if you can create with them Vocal mixing techniques from 7 Pro.!

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