audio technica atr 3350 review

All in all I think this definitely worthy of a … The Audio Technica ATR 3350 is the most popular lavalier under $50. The Audio Technica, using extra 1.5volts with included battery, the messy cable, heavy capsule and a included cable splitter that is supose to be impedance match for better performance, had to be boosted to 18db (barely audible dialog and more noise and terrible HISS than ever). Maybe that’s why it costs more than the Sony ECM-CS3 and Olympus ME52W? I tried for roughly 5 minutes and was unsuccessful. The microphone is smaller than my other lavs, the clip is small and black. It comes with 20 feet of wire! This mic, coupled with the Zoom H4N will make for a great portable audio recording solution. The only downside is that I wasn't sure how to take the battery out, once it's in.

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