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The school’s mission is to deliver a relevant and engaging learning experience in a nurturing environment that meets students where they are, develops their potential, instills lifelong learning, and strengthens global connectedness so that they embody integrity and wisdom in every action. The Philippines has a reported case of 250,000 active individuals who gained a positive COVID 19 test result and stricter measures are now implemented to help slow the rise of the virus. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. InterNations - A Place for Australians in Manila. In response to the needs of the local market, the school has also developed new programmes to ensure the students receives the best and are ahead of the curve. We are considering a relocation package to Manila and currently researching into the international schools. The diversity promotes an environment of appreciation, recognition and interaction, which breaks the barriers of race, religion and tradition. The school formerly known as the Esteban School was founded by a family made up of 3 generations of educators, is now the Australian International School Manila and is a part of the world wide community of Australian International Schools, with international schools in many Asian countries with an emphasis on the Australian national curriculum. 4.8K likes. Important Notes: Fees for subsequent terms are payable in advance. Copyright 2020 ©, All Rights Reserved. We contacted a few of them to set up a visit and meeting with the school. The Australian International School Manila focuses on a world of diversity and dynamism, stewarded by confident lifelong learners who are nurturers, leaders, innovators, and global citizens. Australian International School. Opened In 1964, the school continuously provides global education among its students to inspire them to become lifelong learners. My International Educator - An International School Review Website The school applies the type learning called outcome based Education. Australian International School Australian International School (AIS) is the first and only international school in the Philippines that offers an Australian High School Diploma. Australian International School has a vision to be known internationally as an institution which represents educational excellence in all aspects of its operation. Australian International School (AIS) health bulletin update regarding the 26 September 2020 Test Day of SAT In compliance with the Philippines Department of Health safety protocols and guidelines amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, the following are the safety protocols that will be followed by all SAT test takers at AIS: Paranaque City, - Victorian Certificate of Education in partnership with Haileybury, Melbourne, - Research in Integrated Science for Excellence (RISE). In addition to that, the school also ensures that the classroom size is small to ensure more personalised and attentive teaching to each student. Log out. The VCE is delivered at the Australian International School, Manila and offers pathways to university in Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK. Students with an elevated temperature of. What is important to you and your child? Sign up. Makati City 1200. If yes, click here to claim it now and unlock the page's full features! International School Manila is an independent, international school with a structure, style and traditions that emanate from the United States and with a curriculum and methodology that reflect the best in worldwide educational research and practice. Health and safety of all registered test takers along with on-site Proctors, Monitors and local support staff must be prioritized and put in importance along with adhering to the Philippines Interagency Task Force Guidelines and Protocols on maintaining health standards under the COVID 19 crisis. Best International Schools in Philippines. The School runs a Northern Hemisphere timetable with offshore VCE graduation in June and classes are a mixture of local and ex-pat students. We value wisdom, integrity, and action. We are equally committed to teaching our … Australian International School, Manila International School Benedictine International School International School Boracay English Language Institute - English Schools in Philippines - Philippine International Schools The Australian International School (AIS) was founded and stewarded by a family of 3 generations of educators, and is a multi-disciplinary academic institution that specializes in bringing best practices in international education to the Philippines. Log in. The ISM community is a melting pot of cultures from around the globe. Close Filters . We help you grow it Add your company. Our school philosophy commits us fully to the notion of a holistic, rounded education, which cherishes the arts and sports as well as academics as essential dimensions of each student’s education.

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