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Kicker Hideaway powers on but no sound.? What happened, was, I was being an idiot with the bass up all the way with the volume up, & then it just randomly cut off, & the only volume coming out would just be from the stock speakers that have already been there. In addition to having all the same components of home audio systems, car audio systems are also subjected to temperature extremes, vibrations, and other stresses on the road. I recently put in a 900w Kicker subwoofer into my '99 Toyota Tacoma with a 1000w amp. If you are experiencing issues with your KICKR, please see this page to find your issue listed in the main gray area in the center of the page.. It just stopped working while driving. About a week ago I was listening to the radio with my bass on, the volume was very low, and the bass stopped working. ... As you said,they care about their customers,and good will seems to go a long way with Butt Kicker. Here I address everything from replacing a coil, coil stop, coil sleeve, determining which parts to replace and which ones to save, as well as wiring problems, end-of-stroke switch problems, flipper bushings and more. I re-installed an earlier version and it automatically updated and now I'm back to the first problem and also now have two versions of Hideaway on my PC and neither work! Basically when trying to tune, I get bad distortion (sounds like a blown sub, or clipping) with the gain turned past the first setting (roughly 10%). I've had some folks offer advice to try to tune , and it seems I may have a defective unit. My buttkicker isn't working.. And yes, I checked the gain knob on the non-working unit. ... That is to say, the wiring isn't the problem because the one that works keeps working on the other wiring harness and the one that doesn't work keeps not working. The system worked great for about a month, though it would sporadically stop working, which was always cured by simply turning the amp off and back on. ESlik, Jan 19, 2012 #13. goat1 Ancient Guru. Discussion in 'Soundcards, Speakers HiFI & File formats' started by goat1, Jan 18, 2012. goat1 Ancient Guru. 1, AppData\Local\HideAway\HideAway.exe 2, C:\Program Files (x86)\Firetrust\HideAway\HideAway.exe Any help or advice as to how I can get it working again would be appreciated Colin Car audio systems can be tremendously complex, and car audio system problems are often difficult to root out. This series focuses on basic problems that occur with pinball flippers and also addresses an issue involving a broken ball kicker (the same assembly that is used on slingshots). Good luck buddy...Let us know the end result. I had a Kicker Hideaway installed today and I'm not impressed. If your issue is not listed, feel free to browse or search our support articles, or Submit a Request to our Support Team, being sure to …

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