beyerdynamic m160 guitar

AEA R84 I plan to use it/them mostly for acoustic guitar, but it it would great to be able to use it/them for vocals and/or drum overheads as well. I know they are all … Beyerdynamic M160 Double Ribbon Microphone - Hypercardioid ... On the acoustic guitar, he brings a round, mellow warmth, very pleasant to the ear but need to double (here with 451) which provides … Left: A staple of recording studios since 1952, the Beyerdynamic M 160 uses two closely spaced ribbon transducers to capture sound. Beyerdynamic m160..... 3. Having made its name on popular recordings with guitar amplifiers and drums, the M 160 has proven itself to be a standout performer. A Favourite of electric Guitars and drum Kits. Photo courtesy of Beyerdynamic Right: The M 160’s hypercardioid polar … 2. On the drums, it shows …

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