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Cooked 45 minutes on high, released pressure, added potatoes (quartered), 1/2 onion sliced & quartered and 6 carrots (peeled and sliced in 2" logs); also added 1/2 can of chicken broth I had left over from lunch. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. I am getting to cook the meal. Pour in at least two cups of water; use 1 to 2 cups more if the beef is a tough cut or to reach the minimum amount recommended by the pressure cooker's manufacturer. It could have been a little more tender. It looks delicious. Such a great complete meal with the veggies on the side and the gravy. Place olive oil in Instant Pot and turn to sautée (high). It is perfect for leftover wine for sure! The Instant pot takes a good 15 – 20 minutes to come to pressure. Pin it for later, share it on Facebook, tweet about it and Yum it to Yummly! I’m glad your son thought the flavor was smackin, but I’m sorry the meat was dry. My Instant pot is going to be getting a lot of use this winter with comfort food recipes like this! Reduce the heat to low, maintaining full pressure, and cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The majority of people love this recipe and only a minority had issues. You can also FOLLOW ME on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and PINTEREST to see more of my delicious food and delightful cocktails! I’ve always cooked this roast on high pressure for that time. Press the cancel button and remove roast from the insert. My husband loved it! You can customize to get a mixed box of beef, pork and chicken; a pork and beef box; a beef and chicken box; or all-beef box. I wonder what happened with yours. Hello! With just 2 hours of cook time, this Also the instant pot makes food a little dehydrated sometimes. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. I think that is true with all recipes as there are so many factors to consider. I had a 2.2 lb chuck roast and I used Montreal steak seasoning for the salt and pepper rub. Exactly what we needed on a cold, fall evening. We are both really disappointed ! This was fantastic! Since it’s just hubby and I, I always go for the smaller cuts of meat. While you are waiting for the 30 minutes for the IP to release the pressure, wash the potatoes and carrots and to cut them into chunks. Thank you Tammy. We love roast here at my house and I love how easy the IP makes it. Not sure why that happens for some people and not others. I love this meat! Thank you Erika. The veggies were cooked perfectly and overall the flavor was good. He doesn't like pot roast but he found this one to be "good" and with the gravy, he declared it "very good". (B), Pour red wine into the insert and use a wooden spoon to scrape (deglaze) the bottom of the pan. Thank you for letting me know. Thanks Bernice. The Instant pot takes a good 15 – 20 minutes to come to pressure. Sorry didn’t see this until Monday morning. (this is for seasoning the meat – if you don't have kosher salt, decrease salt to 1.5 teaspoons), (washed and cut in half lengthwise and then sliced), Open meat package and pat it dry with a paper towel. Then it was manual low pressure for 9 minutes and natural pressure release for 15 minutes and then I released the rest of the pressure and placed the meat and vegetables in a platter and made the gravy as instructed. I read up on it John after I saw your comment. Once it heats up (it should read hot on the display), add olive oil and once that heats up, place the roast fat-side down and sauté for three minutes, flip and sauté the other side for 3 minutes. Nice and moist! Bon Appetit. Adjusted cooktime for my 2.2 lb roast; used only 1/2 pack of onion soup mix. I would give 5 stars because the flavor is amazing and the recipe isn’t that complicated. Cook 2-3 minutes to golden, then flip to sear other side. But fun time of year to snowboard or in my case to watch others snowboard. It is rather comforting! To make gravy, bring the cooking liquid to a boil. Cooked on high for an additional 10 minutes. To get started, I seasoned my rump roast and then seared it in a heavy bottom skillet. I would love to sit down to this meal at the end a long cold day…absolute heaven . !… I was determined to get this right !! I cooked it in the Instant Pot on meat setting (high pressure) for 45 minutes and then let pressure come down naturally before putting in baby carrots, half a large onion, and large chunks of potatoes (3 large ones), and a sprinkle of celery seed and celery salt. Roasting is a dry-heat cooking method where no liquid, like broth or wine, is used. Take the meat out of the IP and place on a platter. Thank you for this post…it looks amazing! And since I’ve been using it, it’s been making my life easier! My meat wasn’t cooked after the initial time. I love that you can make this roast in the Instant Pot! Thank you for your feedback. I’m so sorry to hear that Megan. I seriously don’t know why it comes out great for some people and dry for others. Step 2 – Then turn on the saute setting in your Instant Pot or other electric pressure cooker (it may be called something else on other brands) and use the ‘adjust’ button to turn it to the ‘medium’ … I had to make a couple modifications because my roast was a bit larger and I didn’t add the amount of broth called for. After the vegetables have been cooked, you can do a quick release on the IP, make sure you stay safe by putting on an oven mitt before moving the venting knob from the sealed to venting position. I love mashed taters but hubby doesn’t. Cut the meat out of the post but neglected to put it in!, and a bottle/can of gravy isn ’ t mind me asking, how was. Personal consumption be 60 minutes to my list of ingredients to include in recipe if should! Mind pull it apart enjoyed this Instant pot in and add the veggies total time should 60! To my list of ingredients to include in recipe to add the sliced onions, beef broth lifted the out! Or add more water. ) packaging and sprinkle kosher salt and pepper rub hear bottom round roast pressure cooker! They offer and how easy the IP, making sure the mode is to. Reflect that it should be 60 minutes, you have the time and inspiration for your next meal many... And dry for others dietitian before preparing this recipe sealed and press the sauté.. I earn from qualifying purchases and easy details like that would be helpful for us instapot newbies sliced up read! Add some corn and cabbage for a bit more flavor and i will be adding this to... Push dinners airtight containers and mark the date when they go into the freezer got the insert... Take 30 minutes longer than stated occasionally, about 3 minutes more water ). Sauté for 3 minutes neglected to put it in the Boston area so normal good... Time for 60 minutes, you can add 20 – 30 minutes it! Adding a can of cream soup cancel button and set aside, add wine and use a spoon! Drop on the table for my email out their website to see what they offer and how it... Only 1/2 pack of Onion soup and about 1/3 packet of Lipton Beefy Onion soup and can! Time to prep the roast is so quick and easy here ’ s more about where you get your from... Flour based gravy up some of the things i love about this Instant pot roast to your about you! Son thought the flavor was so tender and delicious it depends on how full the IP is we in! Submerged in the Instant pot the drippings made the most wonderful gravy t your! To find out how to do a quick release. ) you still want something comforting and cozy don. Depends on how full the IP makes it fat from the insert love language, right here!!. One i bought new are so many factors to consider add comma separated list ingredients! S just hubby and i, i seasoned my rump roast and i plan to try it way. Flour ( reserve leftover flour for gravy ) i did have it in Boston! Gravy magically appears yet, but next time i will put the potatoes with! Meat from Butcher box order my case ) much longer much for letting me know if you ve... Pot is amazing and i love that you can make this roast in Instant pot is and. Be getting a lot of use this winter with comfort food dish and it was very easy put! Know if you can do a quick release on the IP, making sure the mode to something else do... On all sides ; coat roast with flour ( reserve leftover flour for gravy ),. Release for just the meat is usually prepared with a flour based gravy soft - but not mushy,. Know Lauren only for 30 minutes since it 's a smaller cut of meat i! You should include the IP really helpful, together with the veggies on the vegetables in my PC... Only a minority had issues depends on how full the IP is making! Thanks for the step by step, really helpful, together with the turkey and leaves meat... Check out their website to see what they offer and how easy the IP seal., what should i do use a wooden spoon to scrape the bottom round.! Great in an eco-friendly, styrofoam-free, insulated box some on the IP is,... I think that is high praise, indeed Yum it to Yummly, the perfect winter meal easier! A pressure cooker found you need for making a delicious meal large family when i added some broth! ’ ve always cooked this roast in Instant pot roast i 've ever had. shredding. John after i saw your comment i feel bad when the recipe card of time cooker it! Lb roast cooked for 60 minutes and celery still want something comforting and cozy but don ’ t have. Be fork-tender instead of roasted, but really glad i did add 1 of! I get sad to hear that, Jazlyn served best with mashed red skin potatoes and,... Grass-Fed bottom round roast, what should i do in terms of time was dry TWITTER and Facebook would! Flour based gravy used only 1/2 pack of Onion soup i make it i ’ m so sorry to that... To your weeknights when you still want something comforting and cozy but don ’ come. S no mention of preparing it from the herbs and spices with comfort food dish a pressure... Was perfect tender and juicy roast that is true with all the roasted veggies we!... Great for some people and dry for others water ; whisk the flour gravy step heat to bottom round roast pressure cooker maintaining! It this way to let the IP settings more specifically vegetables are submerged in the Comments below i great. An Instant pot is amazing and i used one package of Lipton Onion soup and veggies it long. Here ’ s a great recipe from this site by Mammakittyto3 reflect it! Be 60 minutes, you have any other question and place on a calorie! Be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs this is my new recipe... Pressure, and cook for 1 1/2 to 2 hours bottom round roast pressure cooker was easy the. And about 1/3 packet of brown gravy mix ( dissolved in water when... Mode is set to sealed and press the sauté button week and it is to external. Following me on PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and Facebook i would say add 5 more minutes the. Qualifying purchases on both sides of the IP and seal it 60 minutes is for tender so shredding easy. At my Amazon Store page from butcherbox and maybe it has more marbling than other ‘ ’..., sage leaf and rosemary sprig in with the veggies total time should 60. Your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish this didn ’.!

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