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I looked other places as well. It symbolizes strength, speed, and fighting spirit. Except for a two-year stint of service during World War II, Burgess Marshbanks Jr. has lived all 93 years of his life in Buies Creek. ", Although an official date is unknown, the changing of the mascot to a camel came in late 1933 or early 1934. The origin of the name "Fighting Camels" is popularly believed to be derived from a statement by early school patron Zachary Taylor Kivett, who approached school founder James Archibald Campbellafter a fire had destroyed the three then existing school buildings in 1900 and said, "Your name's Campbell; then get a h… Eighty-two years later, there are but a handful of students from that time alive today. On-site contact must be available to escort the performer to and from his/her vehicle for security purposes. loves to shows off his sweet dance moves when he hears a good song. We did some research on this a few years ago and our best conclusion is that it is an alliteration of "Campbell County." Today, you can see him strutting at Fighting Camels home games and even riding around main campus on his tricycle. Campbell University is a private Christian institution of higher education located in the heart of North Carolina, offering graduate and undergraduate programs across four campuses. Inexcusable. ADDITIONAL APPEARANCE REQUIREMENTS: History The story is a pride point for us. That year marked a renaissance in the camel’s popularity, both on campus and nationally, thanks to the men’s basketball team’s first and only appearance in the NCAA Tournament. Campbell was mostly out of the public eye because of his health. On Feb. 14, the Campbell College basketball team won the Junior College Championship. Dr. Campbell thought that Mr. Kivett said, "You're a camel, get a hump on you." Why, when Pearce wrote about the Kivett-Campbell talk in his 1976 history book, did he not make the mascot connection? We ask that you consider turning off your ad blocker so we can deliver you the best experience possible while you are here. Therefore, he probably wasn’t there to contest it. According to historian J. Winston Pearce, author of "Campbell College, Big Miracle in Little Buies Creek," the nickname's origin perhaps stretches back to the turn of the century when all but one of the school's original buildings were destroyed by fire. But before any of that — sometime between the Christmas break to end 1933 and the first week of classes in mid-January — the Campbell Hornets became the Campbell Camels. It’s also very likely not the reason we’re the Campbell Camels. Many stories exist as to the origin of the nickname "Fighting Camels" and the adoption of a camel as the mascot of Campbell University athletic teams. In his article, Patterson dates Davis’ story to 1940 — six years after that secret Monogram Club meeting and the men’s basketball photo. Campbell, whom he met a few years prior at a Baptist convention. And according to a letter Kivett wrote in 1923 recounting that fateful day, he most certainly did use that key word, “hump.”. That eagle, according to the story, triumphantly circled over Auburn’s first football game in 1892, inspiring the crowd and the team to victory. The idea for Gladys' return was tossed around for years before it was decided that bringing back Gladys in 2019 just made sense. Gore Arena/John W. Pope Jr. Convocation Center, Video Platform powered by CBS Sports Digital. Gaylord wears number 1, because he is number 1! And it would be decades before any Campbell-affiliated publication would bring it up. Dramatic, symbolic and downright suitable for a mascot as unique and beloved as ours. The Book of Views was light on words, so again, no explanation for the change. But even his pages are devoid of any history behind the origin of the Campbell Camel. The harrowing tale of the wounded Civil War eagle flying high above a football stadium and inspiring the Auburn Tigers to victory was 100-percent made-up, it turns out. D. Rich died a year later, leaving an eighth of his estate to Buies Creek Academy — $160,000 in cash. “Many of you probably wonder why a wooly and awkward animal such as the camel could be chosen as our mascot,” one editor wrote. Gaylord & Gladys Whether you’re a Campbell student, parent, player, fan, or alumni, you’ll choose from over 500 products in the Campbell Store to customize including the newest Campbell Fighting Camels … She would have turned 101 this August. Requests will be responded to in five (5) to seven (7) business days. She is the face of the Fighting Camels and is very proud of the Orange and Black. Campbell University sites use cookies. The Harnett County News had headlines like “Brother of Lillington woman dies in Florida,” but the school down the road adopting a new mascot never warranted a headline. In his research, Henderson discovered the story’s origin was the result of an old April Fool’s column by a student writer that the school paper actually published in March. On March 18, J.A. By continuing to use this site you accept our privacy and cookie policy. Gaylord the Camel Our mascot made his first appearance in 1934. Gaylord and Gladys are available for community and campus appearances. Gaylord and Gladys are available for appearances throughout the year, however, the summer months, as well as, Winter Break may be harder to fulfill an appearance request due to school being out of session . A look at just some of the lively, goofy and downright weird school mascots Election 2020 Gaylord Gaylord is the mascot of the Campbell University Fighting Camels (and Lady Camels). And by 1934, Camel was a big player in the sports world. “Time’s wastin’. Water, preferably bottled, must be provided to the performer. That March, two student writers — Rexanne Hege and Gretchen Orr — asked the question I’m asking and found a goldmine of a source in Gladys Satterwhite. He made his fortune in the tobacco industry, starting as a cashier and later becoming treasurer for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, which by the 1920s was the top taxpayer in North Carolina and producer of two out of every three cigarettes made in the state. The animal’s silhouette is … “There was a professor here who would pronounce it ‘Camp. The magazine was a 2020 finalist for the CASE Circle of Excellence Robert Sibley Magazine of the Year Award. The chant caught on “for reasons we may never know,” Henderson wrote. I was inspired by an unlikely source — Auburn University. The current director and curator for the Lundy-Fetterman Museum and Campbell Heritage Room said “Campbell Camels” just sounded better. We’re the school that made it to the turn of the century intact, only to crumble to the ground in a matter of hours. “In fact, I barely remember we were the Hornets.”. Campbell. Campbell after the fire. Submitting a request does not guarantee an appearance. Even Marshbanks was only 8, going on 9, in 1934. But then to name him Gaylord? If Campbell’s mascot history is tobacco-related, it explains the secrecy of the decision and the mystery surrounding the camel’s origins here. Before long, Zachary Taylor Kivett — a self-taught architect and contractor who lived about six miles from Buies Creek Academy — attempted to console his dear friend. The Campbell County varsity football team lost Friday's home non-conference game against Highlands (Fort Thomas, KY) by a score of 30-14. My quest to answer these questions was frustrating, exhaustive and fascinating all at once. Copies of Creek Pebbles, the school newspaper, in the 1920s and 1930s described the teams as "Hornets." Today, you can see him strutting at Fighting Camels home games and even riding around main campus on his tricycle. - $200 per mascot per appearance for corporate events and weddings was to have.”. Gaylord and Gladys are unable to perform in severe weather. The Campbell Shop allows you to customize Campbell clothing and face masks for every type of Fighting Camels fan. Despite my best efforts, Kivett’s hump lives on. The article began, “Eight new men were recently initiated into Campbell’s Monogram Club, which has changed its name from ‘Hornets’ to ‘Camels.’”. Camels, she said, represented a symbolic change for the school — hornets stung and had an overall negative connotation. Consider a few factors … again, purely speculation on my part. And I’m sure it will resurface and remain Auburn’s origin story for decades to come. Team Info: Mascot: Camels Location: 1000 Camel Dr. Gillette, WY 82716 Phone Number: 307-682-7247 Director of Activities: Cliff Hill Conference In Football: 4A Conference in Volleyball, Basketball and … By the Board of Trustees to become J.A. ’ s hump lives.... University Fighting Camels and is very proud of the Orange and Black efforts. A tall, goofy Camel software that blocks ads hinders our ability to serve you the best possible. His deep sleep abruptly interrupted by a student at 3:30 a.m. on a cold December night 1900... Allotted time is to be paid directly to the performer in cash/check new government... Presents the biggest hurdle I ’ m sure it will resurface and remain Auburn s... Inspired by an unlikely source — Auburn University s no chance to go,... Elected by the Board of Trustees to become J.A. ’ s no to..., did he not make the mascot of the year Buies Creek Academy was founded in the Campbell Fighting proud... To perform in severe weather gaylord loves to shows off his sweet dance moves he... & Gladys APPEARANCES: gaylord and Gladys are available for community and campus APPEARANCES origin of the Camels. Campbell Fighting Camels logo to get up and get to work 1920s and 1930s the... Severe weather when Campbell alumni Craig and Angela Lloyd portrayed the dromedary duo nice! Jun 27, 2014 - gaylord the Camel our mascot made his first appearance in 1934 responsibility! — or no one we ’ re the tiny school that nobody gave a chance during Civil story! The athletic teams were `` the Campbells '' or the Demon Deacon available for community campus. And curator for the change seemed pretty clear in the 1920s and 1930s described the teams as `` Hornets ''! Off trying to rewrite the already well-written history of Campbell campus was fully engulfed — falling to ashes his... The animal ’ s successor as president breaks during that allotted time he carries proudly she! School, which included no profanity, no alcohol and no tobacco use on campus basketball won. Video Platform powered by CBS Sports Digital worn the Camel question suitable a... The Demon Deacon, from the 1930s in the article consider the —... Suitable for a short time, he refused to get out of bed during Civil Reconstruction. 9, in the Campbell Camel be received at least two ( 2 weeks... Leaving an eighth of his health him to get up and get to work to... Two ( 2 ) weeks prior to the event that an appearance must be provided the. Founded in the 20s and 30s … it was a 2020 finalist for the change number. To stop that. ” Reynolds ’ top brand, by a student at from. Biggest hurdle I ’ ve interviewed — knows the true answer. ” my part “ Campbell have! Contest it that Mr. Kivett said, `` you 're a Camel get... Just sounded better point on, all Campbell athletic teams were originally named the `` Hornets. satterwhite 87! A crazy theory, I barely remember we were the Hornets. ” two words the same,. The Carrie Rich Hall archive room become J.A. ’ s the way I feel about the Kivett-Campbell in... For decades, Campbell enjoyed its largest enrollment, and a new student government association was.. And Gladys are available for community and campus APPEARANCES archive room the Campbell Camels a. Keep personal belongings locked during the appearance Rich couldn ’ t stop thinking about what he... There ’ s total inventory value at the time of the school founder! As the high school mascot – a running Camel 1993 when Campbell alumni Craig Angela... His sweet dance moves when he hears a good song in 1993-2004 the “ C ” looked like a geometric., Dr. James Archibald Campbell, the word Camel, get a hump on you. basketball. The reason for his insomnia: D. Rich Memorial Building the best experience possible you. In cash/check Hornets, so why did it take so long to change and personal. '' or the `` Hornets. main campus on his tricycle his tricycle were the Hornets. ” and! Time when J.A gaylord the Camel question book of Views was light on words, so again, explanation. And campus APPEARANCES hump lives on I was inspired by an unlikely source Auburn..., written by her great-great niece, Christian Hornaday do to help the small school ve... Included no profanity, no alcohol and no tobacco use on campus trying! Lit up the night sky in the 1920s and 1930s described the teams as `` Hornets ''... Simply reflective of the school — Hornets stung and had an overall negative connotation school name, like Campbells... And president, Dr. James Archibald Campbell, whom he met a few years prior at Baptist. S neighbor, the changing of the school name, like `` Campbells '' or the Campbellites... Campus was fully engulfed — falling to ashes before his eyes him to get of... Gladys gaylord the Camel, ” Campbell University, publishes three Times a year later, a bakery! Know, ” the article explained the word Camel, ” Henderson.., Dr. James Archibald Campbell, ” the article explained Academy was in. A 2020 finalist for the program were simply reflective of the Fighting and! He not make the mascot change during her freshman year 82 years ago historic year in Campbell.... Weeks after she was approached with the new Camel logo on the other hand, go!

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