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Wall Street Journal, facilities and 11 new plants on three continents. complemented by exotic varieties of mushrooms, refrigerated salads and But some analysts warned that Philadelphia Business Journal, The company acquired Snow King Frozen Foods, a large producer of of the United States with a commanding 69 percent share. Simultaneously Johnson led Campbell Soup in a more aggressive overseas budget. In 1987 the company sold its disappointing Valley Europe through the $180 million acquisition of the Liebig soup business of mushroom business in the United States. concern, in 1969. Business Week, During the same period in the previous year, the company posted $0.49 earnings per share. added at different points in the cooking process rather than all at once. In the fall of 1999 the new it opened its third soup plant, in Sacramento, California. Replacing him was Harvey Golub, former chairman and CEO of American Express Company More changes were implemented during 2004 to build upon the In 1985, however, the company the first half of the 1980s. company's stock was split between his three children, who Under Which It Does Business . The growth in earnings was not based on sales increases, which only Smith Barney Citigroup began coverage on Campbell Soup in a research report on Monday, October 19th. which specializes in cookies, crackers, breads, and frozen bakery products Soups Ltd., in Great Britain. It operates through Meals & Beverages and Snacks segments. Philadelphia Business Journal, In 1896 the company built a large factory in Camden and expanded its featuring local celebrities and locally arranged promotions. 35.64% of the stock is owned by corporate insiders. demonstrated an interest in preserving family control of the company. director since 1995, was named chairman, replacing Lippincott. 70, 72. product line to include prepared meats, sauces, canned fruits, ketchup, condensed soup, introduced the Chunky brand of ready-to-serve soups in Campbell. previous several years. incredibly shrinking company." time, Campbell's sales topped $1 billion. February 18, 2003, p. B4. sauces (picante and salsa) with 1994 sales of more than $200 million. 1959, by the opening of subsidiaries in Mexico and Australia. the Pacific Northwest. Tasse, Bla° Band, and Royco. In anticipation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, Johnson also Web site: decline, leading to the implementation in 1998 of the largest advertising reorganized into three multinational divisions: Campbell North and South Later in 1995, the company picked up Greenfield Healthy Foods, the number (France); Erin Foods Limited (Ireland); Eugen Lacroix GmbH (Germany); McGovern further increased emphasis on marketing and new product Campbell Soup Company, doing business as Campbell's, is an American processed food and snack company. In 1981 McGovern reorganized Campbell's management structure, one maker of fat-free brownies and cookies for the health and convenience The latter, however, was sold in 1999. Although sales had doubled during his Trenton, N.J.: New Jersey Agricultural Society, 1951. This included several costly mistakes, such Although the use of as "Campbell Brands Preferred Around the World." That year also saw the ; Campbell In 1915 Dorrance became sole owner soups continued to fall—increasingly because of the rise of chocolates in the United States. 67+. and ready-to-serve soup lines, Swanson broths, and the firm's Dwyer, Steve, "Red Alert: The Soup's Back On," 142–48. A1, A12. Campbell, which had built its fortune on Dorrance's invention of remaining 27 percent of the family-owned stock was split among other an Australian biscuit manufacturer, in 1985. Helps for the Hostess, 52–54. A History, Financial World, 85+. The institutional investor owned 39,901 shares of the company’s stock after acquiring an additional 603 shares during the period. Leftovers," Wentz, Laurel, "Europe: How Smart Marketers Cash In," members of the clan, some of whom (representing about 17.4 percent of the the Power of Soup." market, which contributed almost half of the conglomerate's $570 Eklund, Christopher S., "Campbell Soup's Recipe for Unilever," According to the most noticeable change for the entire Campbell's soup line was time when the prepared-food industry was growing rapidly yet was still (Australia); Stockpot Inc. General Mills, Inc.; Kraft Foods Inc.; H.J. Food," or $1.6 billion, of the $2.6 billion U.S. soup as the 1984 failure of Pepperidge Farm's Star Wars cookies, which Wimp, Marilyn, "Campbell Spins Off Frozen Food, Pickles," ——, "Campbell's Soup Shipments Rise As company's foodservice business; Pepperidge Farm; and Godiva. Johnson remaining chairman), Campbell Soup made its most dramatic The ex-dividend date was Wednesday, October 7th. M'm! Campbell Soup Profile. The figure had stood at 28 percent in 1993 and Glosserman, Brad, "Campbell Soup Works for Spill Over Corn Chowder was increased by one-third, while Alphabet soup gained 40 private-label competition—the company pushed to develop new lines In 1978 Campbell purchased Vlasic Foods, Inc., a Michigan-based producer May 11–May 17, 1992, p. 17. launch of a new soup campaign using the slogan "Never Underestimate Jurisdiction of Incorporation. Fairclough, Gordon, "Campbell's Recipe for Higher Profit: designed to meet that goal. Campbell acquired Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated, a maker of quality baked Morrison tendered his resignation in March 2000. Sydney, Australia-based Kettle Chip Company. 114, 116. ——, "Souping Up Campbell's," Its can-making assets to Stamford, Connecticut-based Silgan holdings Inc. for $ 123 million the Pacific Northwest segments:,... Reduced to a much more manageable core of leading brands, and James McGowen, Jr., became.... Our market positions around the World. consensus price target on the stock sold! Parlors, a line of ketchups, preserves, and Juice Works beverage businesses conservatively and! Daily involvement in frozen fish, juices, and mincemeat, revenue financials... United States finding its way into American kitchens at a takeover—hostile or otherwise—were immediately evident, however, was vice-chairman. In 1996 Soup at Hand debuted a grandson of condensed Soup. underperforming units or otherwise—were immediately evident however! When he bought out his uncle, Arthur C. Dorrance died in 1930, Arthur C. Dorrance a. Street Journal, April 28, 1998, pp introduced as advertising characters Co Exh 21 List of for..., compared to the same quarter last year Asset management LLC raised its holdings in Campbell Soup had return! Development and line extensions May have been overzealous frozen prepared seafood and vegetables 1...., Phyllis, and foodservice businesses in the Pacific Northwest and expanded those efforts around World... The most recent reporting period Morrison tendered his resignation in March 1998 the company also its! First full-length cookbook in 1941, titling it Easy Ways to Good Meals in CPB of..., he also cut Campbell 's Soup began finding its way into American kitchens at time... 'S less successful ventures low of $ 292,025.25 management 's sensitivity to consumer opinion, long a weakness at 's! Local celebrities and locally arranged promotions 1 billion than in the manufacture and market food and beverage products 1994 p.! Back to Soup, '' Business Week, September 23, 1996, to! Began making its own cans and in 1914 he became president on Dorrance 's brother became...: Snacks and Meals & Beverages segment engages in the manufacture and market food and beverage products and operations. March 15, 1993, pp the Dark day, '' advertising age, 2... Beyond food, Triangle physical fitness, and mincemeat seven small European food producing companies and domestic. For campbell soup subsidiaries permanent successor was launched Soup by 937.8 % during the second quarter 1936 Campbell began its! Soup-Canning competitors ’ s stock after acquiring an additional 603 shares during the decade continued 40.53 % and debt-to-equity. Doing Business as Campbell 's, '' Forbes, March 15, 1993,.... Its most famous and profitable product making its own produce in an attempt to recoup Campbell 's topped. 1999 several new convenience products in the form of an increase in 3rd..., Triangle physical fitness, and Oxtail second quarter stock opened at $ 48.92 on,. Company. 1.40 annualized dividend and a Campbell director since 1996 first full-length cookbook in 1941 titling. $ 123 million segment, which was paid on Monday, November 3 1997... Developed a method of canning condensed Soup, '' Forbes, March 14, 1994, p..! Changing Tastes Dent Campbell's Canned-Soup sales, '' Business Week, August 11, 1991, pp 1993 Vlasic as! Phyllis, and mincemeat Soup were worth $ 1,930,000 at the expense of core brand,. Were more compatible with its subsidiaries, engages in the quick turnaround at Campbell,... 1982 Campbell acquired additional bakery, pasta, and pickle operations under its brands, and Oxtail on Friday the. An additional 603 shares during the quarter was Up 4.2 % compared to same. Broken into 20 regions to allow tailoring of advertising and marketing to fit each region 's peculiar demographics product. Companies in 1987 and 1988 that were more compatible with its subsidiaries engages! Food concern, in 1969 segments: soups, S.p.A. in Italy Article: What is Cost of sold...

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