challenges of religious tourism

Juli Gevorgian proposes two categories that differ in their motivation, namely "pilgrimage tourism" for spiritual reasons or to participate in religious rites, and "church tourism" to view monuments such as cathedrals. Download File PDF Challenges Of Religious Tourism Universiti Teknologi Mara 26 i ii i 3 I 3 create new ways to protect the Islamic and Christian places in Palestine Religious tourism … Challenges of Religious tourism development The tourism industry plays multiple roles in the economy, socio-culture, and environment of all countries in the world. hindering religious tourism development in the study site. Gisbert Rinschede distinguishes these by duration, by group size, and by social structure. religious tourism and of pilgrimage in the tourism context, despite the rapid evolution of the former into a postmodern form of contemporary pilgrimage (Collins- Kr einer, 2010, 2016a). India is richly endowed with ancient temples and religious festivals. CHALLENGES OF RELIGIOUS TOURISM IN PALESTINE Badaruddin Mohamed and Jafar Suleiman School of Housing, Building and Planning Universiti Sains Malaysia, MALAYSIA. Potentials and Challenges of Religious Tourism Development in Lalibela, Ethiopia Berhanu Esubalew Bayih Madda Walabu University ... religious tourism is a tourism type or form of travel that is motivated by faith or religious reasons. Besides church and people need to strive to develop religious tourism products. RELIGIOUS TOURISM ISSUES, SOLUTIONS AND CASE STUDY 3. Religious tourism has a big future in India. In so doing, three main benefits of religious tourism are identified: 1. its enthusiasm for religious tourism, with Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai, suggesting that ‘religious tourism can be one of the most effective tools to foster inclusive and sustainable development’. Religious tourism has been characterised in different ways by researchers. To make Gishen one of religious tourist destination road infrastructure should be developed by government. Key Words: Religious Tourism, Challenges, Gishen … The most widely Page 3/11. Types. Religious Tourism also known as faith tourism, is a type of tourism, where people travel individually or in groups for pilgrimage, missionary, or leisure purposes. Accordingly, religious tourism includes all the religions, religious … Description Travellers today face many challenges from risk and safety issues. Focusing in particular on risk and safety issues faced by visitors to holy sites, this book looks at the unique challenges raised, where annual religious festivals are commemorated with mass gatherings lasting for days and large crowds require detailed disaster management plans.

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