chocolate covered jalapenos review

If you've never tried a chocolate covered jalapeno pepper, you're seriously missing out! Get your chocolate on for the holidays with this recipe for jalapeno peppers dipped in sweet chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate. A wonderful holiday dessert. Everything is better when drenched in chocolate. (Photo: 7 Deadly)The Chocolate Covered Company covers things in chocolate, then sells them. “You spelled chocolate … The company produces around 100 cases a month, … I’ve never had chocolate covered … It's time to get that chocolate … peter, they're not so good. “Chocolet covered jalapenos” the sign attached to the side of the cooler reads. Dennis flips open the lid, pulls out a tray of chocolet covered jalapeno peppers and places them on the table before me. That’s a great business premise! i made them with green jalapenos (terrible) and then the fully ripe red jalapenos (better). i am a fan of a little cayenne powder in chocolate recipes, but i think chocolate + jalapenos … A line-up of the company's pouch offerings: Candied Jalapenos, Dark Chocolate Covered, White Chocolate Covered, and Milk Chocolate Covered.

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