chromatic mediant harmony

Chromatic harmony occurs when the used chords in a given passage or section contain notes that do not belong to the tonality we are working with. Chromatic third-relations, understood not merely as chromatic mediants (and submediants) but as a more comprehensive array of chromatic arpeggiations, constitute an essential element in Debussy's language of chromatic tonality. Examples 2b - Scales and Scale Degrees - Diatonic, Pentatonic, and Chromatic Lesson 2b - Scales and Scale Degrees - Diatonic, Pentatonic, and Chromatic Overview 2c - Key Signatures A chromatic mediant relationship defined conservatively is a relationship between two sections and/or chords whose roots are related by a major third or minor third, and contain one common tone (thereby sharing the same quality, i.e. To prove this, let’s listen to the following standard progression. Upper voice moves up a half step at a time In music, chromatic mediants are "altered mediant and submediant chords." Chromatic Harmony Chromatic harmony is a compositional technique interspersing the primary diatonic scales and diatonic chords with the chromatic scale. ... As long as you maintain at least one common chord tone, a chromatic mediant is basically a chromatic alteration to any of the chord tones of a diatonic mediant and submediant. C major and E major are chromatic mediant chords. 20a Examples - Mediant harmony and Idealized Voice-leading Intervals As discussed repeatedly in this course, diatonic harmony and its progressions work because of the strength of the voice-leading. One cool thing that i just learned is if you play a C chord with you right hand and then with your left hand starting on the C note a octave or 2 down play Chromatic it sounds cool and is a great way to get ideas. I have done smooth modulations in multiple ways, but one way in which I haven't done smooth modulations is by using an omnibus progression. An omnibus progression basically boils down to this: Bass moves down a half step at a time.

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