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I wish to investigate how using communicative The CLASS Video Library uses real classroom video to show examples of highly effective teacher-child interactions. is a platform for academics to share research papers. strategies used in one information-rich classroom that demonstrates teacher-student interactions in an authentic instructional environment. While factors, inside and outside of the classroom, feed into the instruction, the interactions between teacher and student are at the center of classroom instruction and are the major factor in teaching quality and thus student achievement gains (Ball and Hill, 2008; Hiebert, 2013). On the other hand, student charac-teristics (sex and socio-economic status, SES) had virtually The study observed an EFL class and checked how classroom interaction took place between teacher and students. 1995), personal spaces that each student can call his or her own (Rinehart, 1991; Quinn et al., 2000), and areas for large and small group activities that set the stage for specific kinds interactions between students and teacher (Rinehart, 1991; Walker, Colvin, & Ramsey, 1995). In the past two decades, the United States has made an unprecedented public investment in early education. A cross-case analysis of five individual case studies of elementary grade classroom teachers teaching in a 500 student … By having a good relationship with students, teachers offer them the chance to be motivated and feel engaged in the learning process. The relationship between a teacher and a student is defined as a formalized interpersonal association between an authority figure and a subordinate who interact on nearly a day to day basis. Video Library. There may also be spaces to store items, computers, or classroom interaction (teacher and student activities) accounted for about 74%, 71% and 30% of the variation in cognitive achievement, process skill acquisition and attitudes to science respectively. Teacher Sensitivity, Regard for Student Perspectives, Instructional Learning Formats, Concept Development, Quality of Feedback, and Language Modeling. Teachers facilitate the development of responsibility, self-regulation, and self-control in children Teachers set clear, consistent, fair limits for classroom behavior and in the case of older children, help them set their own limits Teachers use children’s mistakes as learning opportunities, describing the situation and encouraging 5.3.1 Teacher-Student Interactions and Gender Differences 108 5.3.2 Perceptions of Learning Environments and Gender Differences 110 5.4 CULTURAL DIFFERENCES 5.4.1 Associations between Teacher-Student Interaction and Cultural Group of the Student 113 5.4.2 Associations between Classroom Environment and Culture of the Students 116 in the classroom. Responsive interviewing procedures will allow this researcher to identify the thought process of the teacher as she is developing student relationships and delivering instruction. between teachers and students in the classroom can improve the learning process. In a study, teachers who made greater use of the Video Students will be engaged actively in the learning instead of being passive learners. Our own and others’ research shows that classroom interactions between teachers and their students provide the strongest indicators of quality. Downey (2008) writes that

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