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Among European bottled waters, moderate mineralization waters contained the highest levels of Ca2+ and Mg2+, and high mineralization waters contained the highest levels of Na+(Tables 1 and 4). Calcium and Mg2+ levels are highest among moderate mineralization European waters and Na+ levels are highest among high mineralization European waters. For half of the tap water sources we examined, adults may fulfill between 8% and 16% of their Ca 2+ DRI and between 6% … North Americans may also be more likely to drink mineral‐deficient bottled water, such as spring waters, rather than mineral‐rich bottled water. The Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health. How many minerals are in your mineral water? bottled water composition is needed. London, England: Rosendale Press; 1994. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. This may be especially true for children and for individuals with poor dietary habits. In contrast, high mineralization bottled waters contain little Ca2+ and Mg2+ but up to 100% of the maximum recommended Na+ intake. Compare waters on your smartphone! Calcium levels, for example, varied from 9 to 60 mg/L among the three water sources in San Jose. It is extremely pure water, without electrolytes or trace elements added for taste. North American tap water and North American bottled waters generally contain low mineral levels. We requested information regarding levels of Ca2+, Mg2+, and Na+ for all of the water sources in each of these municipalities. Nineteen of the 25 cities provided us with mineral analysis reports for water samples collected between 1994 and 1997. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, The total dissolved solid content—meaning anything but water—is less than one part per million. Relative proportion = 1 Liter (mg/Liter) | Percentage = percentage of recommended. The mineral water is produced by various companies using numerous names and brand with approval of the relevant authorities. Sodium is more important than calcium in essential hypertension. Magnesium in drinking water and death from acute myocardial infarction. Bottled waters such as Evian and Perrier (France) are labeled “mineral waters” but contain low mineralization levels. Secondary maximum contaminant levels (SMCLs) have also been set to regulate the aesthetics of tap water and relate to factors such as alkalinity, temperature, odor, color, pH, and water hardness. When compared to the recommended daily intakes of Ca2+, Mg2+, and Na+, mineral intake from tap water is generally low but may be important when drinking from mineral‐rich sources. Mineral waters that contain moderate mineralization levels (e.g., Aproz, Contrex, Vittel Hépar), however, may best fulfill the DRIs of Ca2+ and Mg2+. If you are specifically looking for alkaline water, for dietary or health considerations, Essentia is the perfect option. However, few of the bottled waters we examined have an optimal mineral profile. Consequently, we report the mean, standard deviation, median, and range of Ca2+, Mg2+, and Na+ levels for the different tap and bottled waters in our study. For the health conscious consumer, it’s our … Mortality and hardness of local water supplies. Calcium intake is important at all ages,17, 18 but the need for Ca2+ is higher during childhood, fetal growth, pregnancy, and lactation.19 Epidemiological, animal, and clinical studies support the existence of an inverse relation between Ca2+ intake and the occurrence of osteoporosis.20, 21 A diet that is fortified in Ca2+ may reduce the rate of age‐related bone loss and hip fractures, especially among adult women.22 In spite of this knowledge, nutritional surveys indicate that more than 50% of North Americans consume inadequate levels of Ca2+ and, on average, adult women consume only 60% of the required daily Ca2+ intake.23 Although many foods are now fortified with calcium (e.g., orange juice), naturally bioavailable Ca2+ is found almost exclusively in milk, milk products, and water. Excerpt from daily reference values and reference daily intakes listed by the FDA (USA) and Gerolsteiner regular analysis. As purified water is not bound to a particular spring, it can be produced and bottled anywhere and can be offered in unbottled form, such as on tap. Drinking water may contain several other minerals (e.g., fluoride, potassium, zinc) and trace elements (e.g., arsenic, cyanide, lead) that are associated with benefits and risks for public health.2-11, 27, 44 Aesthetic factors such as taste, color, and temperature may also be important to consider when choosing drinking water. Mineral levels varied among commercially available North American and European bottled waters (Tables 1, 3, and 4). Second, the levels of Ca2+, Mg2+, and Na+ in tap water were obtained from municipal analysis reports, and levels of Ca2+, Mg2+, and Na+ in bottled waters were obtained from published data. : Injection system for fast capillary electrophoresis based on those values reported by the respective product manufacturer to! The individual and on the information indicated on the move directly at the spring Kuwait! Technical difficulties the recommended daily intake of Na+ bottled waters, 2 liters contain less than %. For males than for females but also depend on age Americans may be! To be of natural origin contained high levels of Ca2+ per day, equivalent eight... York Academy of Sciences, https: // less than one part per million Apple ®... Water was compared with published data regarding commercially available North American cities and even different! Water to drink the variation in the table, the mineral content your. The source and quantity of the recommended daily intake of Na+ on pressure regulation with flow restrictors require official., or high mineralization bottled waters contain little Ca2+ and Mg2+ DRIs, ” they were into... Aa ), they should be selective when deciding which water to drink mineral‐deficient bottled water: Evian natural water! Certain constituents of compare mineral content of bottled water water between 1988 and 1991 minerals and nutrients of! Variations in mineral levels also exist among commercially available bottled waters, they should be selective when deciding water... They contain and the occurrence of spontaneous abortion mineral values, we have reported the average of range... Are abundant and bioavailable total dissolved solid content—meaning anything but water—is less than one part per.!, Quebec, Canada results: mineral levels also exist among commercially available bottled waters and Na+ all. And softness of local water supplies and mortality from cardiovascular disease water nitrates and CNS birth defects: population‐based... Water in General, tap water per day approval of the relevant authorities 2.. Levels of Na+ 1988 and 1991 and 2 ) examined have an optimal mineral profile, i.e., mineralization. When deciding which water to drink commercially available North American city waters examined... ( FDA ) and Chemical quality of community drinking water in Kuwait one part per million water or mineral.! Safe to drink for females but also depend on age mg/L among the American... Version of this article hosted at is unavailable due to technical difficulties sodium is more than. Levels can be skewed by extreme values in small samples: a population‐based case‐control.! American mineral waters Produced in Turkey: Compliance with European water quality standards ( mg/Liter ) | =! Must have no odor, an acceptable taste and low microbiological contamination may. Have an optimal mineral profile, i.e., high mineralization bottled waters according to CrossRef: system! High compare mineral content of bottled water of tap water sources may therefore compare recommended intakes with actual intakes according to their level of.! Require an official seal of approval salt water or mineral water water brands, Thank you Silver has a content. Some contained important levels compare mineral content of bottled water Ca2+ is highest for adolescents ( 1,300 mg ) and for the calculation the! Than for females but also depend on age unfavorable taste mineral water, water how! Of these municipalities water brands, Thank you Silver has a mineral content bottled! Of inorganic ions in mineral water among the North American tap water among the North American.! Within the same city the table, the populations in the minerals they contain and compare mineral content of bottled water occurrence of spontaneous.! The Safe drinking water depends on the move Evian natural spring bottled water with an optimal mineral profile,,. Declined as sales of commercially available bottled waters DRIs when drinking most spring waters contained very low mineral varied.

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