compressor settings for live sound

Affiliate earnings and commissions help keep this site active and populated with fresh content. Probably not a desired effect! The average kick drum can benefit from a tight compression somewhere around 4:1 with a fast attack and fast release. Very few actually get good tone from Ac guitars. A lower first number in your ratio will give you gentle compression you might apply to an entire mix, while a higher first number will give you an intense squashing effect. Yes, you can over compress something. One of the most glaring signs that a track has been mixed by an inexperienced engineer is the improper use of compression. The higher the first number of the ratio, the greater the factor by which the gain is reduced. Your dynamics are one of the most fundamental aspects for making your mix sound unique. These are great for sung vocals, but sound unnatural on spoken word recordings 3. When you use a compressor to change those dynamics, the mix engineer becomes part of the musical performance. //

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