cow manure fertilizer properties

Manure As a Plant Fertilizer. Any nutrient that is undersupplied by a manure application could incur a subsequent fertilizer application cost which would, in effect, lower the net value of the manure. “Farms will use manure as a natural fertilizer to enhance plant growth.” At issue is the manure… In a study by Enujeke (2013) using organic manure and inorganic fertilizer in Asaba, Delta State, results indicated that maize plants treated with inorganic fertilizer NPK 20:10:10 at the rate of 450kg/ha gave the highest number of grains/cob (506.0) followed by plants that received poultry manure … nitrogen from manure applied to a legume crop, or the phosphorus and/or potassium applied to a field with a soil test higher than 60 mg/L (ppm) or 250 mg/L (ppm) for P and K, respectively. Some nitrogen is available in subsequent years; the amount is higher for solid manure than for liquid . Overall though, this is a fairly balanced fertilizer, with the … Because manure is not a balanced fertilizer, some plant nutrient needs may be met while other nutrients may be under- or over-supplied. manure… “Manure is a valuable resource to the farm as it is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus,” Jones said. lb/cow Annual manure N, lb/mature cow Annual manure P, lb P2O5/mature cow N:P 2O5 20,000 361 63 2.5 25,000 382 63 2.7 After 30% N loss by NH 3 volatilization 20,000 253 63 1.8 25,000 267 63 1.9 … Cow manure contains most of the macro and micronutrients required for plant growth, particularly nitrogen (the most important).

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