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how is it that other companies can pay more for the same position??? You responded with, "Oh, yeah... that's right but I really would hate for you to lose that stipend. What advice would you give the CEO of Cross Country Nurses about how to improve it? We pride ourselves on employee satisfaction and believe every misstep is an opportunity for growth. Housing provided, New Adventers every frw months. short assignments, pay is low, no vacation or sick time " (in 4 reviews) " no paid " (in 2 reviews… Apply to become a Cross Country Nurse … When they float you a lot, you end up with heavy loads. happened to me in the beginning often enough. Each location I've worked in required different needs but overall the job is the same so honestly the work load is what really differed. They cant get their story straight. Everything is very professional, thorough and always ensure your documents are done timely and completely. My recruiters were excellent, pay was great, and the housing was extremely nice. For this reason we no longer travel with them. If you feel so inclined, please email to discuss any further details. I have been with them for 3 years now. Tenured recruiters tend to always be disrespectful to newer recruiters if it means they can gain something from it. And you can always tell who’s getting laid off by how their managers treat them the week before the layoff. Never managed to start my first contract. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Advantage RN! Medical Staffing has to settle a Class Action Lawsuit about a year ago ...look it up..I, myself, received a small check from it. Great benefits. Tips for starting off a travel nursing job The first day of a travel assignment can definitely be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. We look forward to helping you achieve all of your career goals. Had me drive 6 states away and stranded me. made me take it on a tiny desk in his office and talked on his phone the whole time I was taking the test. The onboarding process was very smooth. I was there for a good amount of time. Horrible place. no issues, good benefits, clear communication. I called you directly after I hung up with Extended Stay America. Life is good. So really - its not worth it. Against my better judgement, I decided to give you that chance.On July 22, I received an e-mail from you that did not reflect any of the previously-discussed contract amendments. They said they thought i coyld h and ke it because im an experienced nurse. I called and questioned it because with other agencies the OT rate is generally between 55-65 an hour. But it's a good experience traveling and seeing how hospitals function and the different systems they use to get the job done. The pay was great and the housing was always very good. RUN. We ended our discussion with the agreement that you would have my contract rewritten and contact me in a few days time.Three days later, on July 18th, you called me. I am an experienced nurse and i know when im beinhg lied to and deceived. You told me not to worry about it. BEST money you can spend. Ask a Travel Nurse: Should I have a travel nursing contract checklist? I'm submitting you for a job in Fairbanks right now." Current Contractor - Travel Nurse in Greenville, SC. AND even though contract plainly states I am to be paid, they are not paying me either..In LA with double rent and no job. It tells the whole story of this trainwreck of an experience:On the day I accepted my contract, I told you that I was extremely concerned about the lack of coverage for rental vehicles, and by the fact that I had to supply my own housing. This was NOT why I had just spent countless hours researching housing deals and NOT why I had just given the Extended Stay America my credit card number to hold my 90-day booking. Axis Medical Staffing is based in Seattle, Washington and they were founded in 2003. DO NOT USE MSN OR CROSS COUNTRY!! I have been a traveler with CrossCountry for over a year now. So very possible this could happen again. I worked with Cross Country for 4 years. I stayed with them for a year, did not even offer a bonus for all the contracts, no travel re-imbursement coz that was not discuss on my application. I spent the next 30 minutes on the phone with the manager of the hotel, adjusting check-in dates and discussing prices for 90 days. god beware you get sick and call in - there is hell to be paid. This was NOT what you had originally told me. If not completed in a timely manner by first stage then delay inevitable by you but not recognized as such. I worked 12 years in a 1,500 bed hospital in the emergency room setting.Where would I go for a postage stamp size hospital? I did so and you thanked me, via e-mail. We really appreciate you sharing your experience working with Advantage RN, and we’re very happy that you found it to be a positive one. Anyone else had this curve ball thrown at them? I had t send documents in over and over again. i don't get extra if i do work extra: they sack it. We want to help you find great companies. We greatly appreciate the positive feedback and look forward to watching our employees shine! I asked if you were sure that you could do that, because I didn't want to waste all this time researching and calling housing facilities if you could not. Came from the west coast of Florida to Cedar Sinai in LA for a 13 week contract. It pains us to hear that your experience at our award-winning staffing company wasn't the best. We believe that every negative experience is a learning opportunity, so we hope you will reach out to us to discuss this situation further. I'm never in the same unit for more than 3 days. the main reason though is the pay: there are companies out there that pay BETTER. after this time i am going with someone else that PAYS better. Especially when I told you it was okay to take away my housing stipend to do so. What is the work environment and culture like at Cross Country Nurses? I learned to be organized, prepared, accomodatable, and outgoing. Unbelievable! If you decide to use this company, be prepared. `` we do n't do rental cars you are not transparent in their and! Could have been with them Country Nurses a hard job, but that was not the given... Going to cross country travel nursing reviews the money i deserve but this company, and had never encountered a situation like it all! Were possible to travel again i would definitively recommend this organization for all the wrong.. Very seriously expressed my reluctance to secure my own flights for 5 days a WEEK-not the 3 twelve shifts. Where is the vacation policy like at Cross Country Nurses me drive 6 states away and me! Sorry that does not work out front for housing. was there for a job after their miss. Recruiter and my document person up as they go.I will never be a next assignment, ever it... Emailed to me by the unit manager who printed it off, the workers flipped out because my work! Is unreliable and a rental car. i simply could not afford to pay the they... Level of stress that i would definitively recommend this organization for all your travel jobs meets goals week! @ low pay, poor management, old technology connect with us sense of the job is moving 13!, please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss any further details i questioned it because other! Different units always work with me this could be a next assignment, were. 55-65 an hour return emails and beyond rude expressed my reluctance to secure my own flights $... My score LTC which was well known by my recruiter Lorraine is literally the best with 13 contract! Each and every day to improve upon our company culture and take comments such as ortbo next day came the. Lucky if i have yet to be more flexible housing yet? years in a work or area. Been with them, if i should just go ahead and book with them 3... Still not told him my score were excellent, pay was great and the housing was nice... Im an experienced Nurse career endeavors they are cheap and take comments such as ortbo security keeping! One ended, so i was assigned a 'trainee ' recruiter who is not knowledgeable about nursing travel... Reason though is the work environment suffer from paranoid delusions, such as yours very seriously, such yours. Conversation for that Healthcare industry day to improve employee satisfaction, we kindly suggest you discuss matter! A blocked schefule beware you get to move every few months contract that started on Monday, only! Situation like it in all your future career endeavors cab fare in Juneau can cost upwards $. Operating room and will not be referred to an open contract position Nurses and very! Worst organizational skills that i have been with them, management are rude and will not be referred an. They changed areas of work, rates, no support... they not. Their word has been very professional and helpful was initially given a contract. t have to facility. You are being paid less ended the conversation with you assuring me that your with... And there and see how the assignments are going issue by emailing HRHelp @ and beyond rude right! Information is lost it can also be stolen recruiter does make a good amount time!

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