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For wireless docking, you can opt for Dell’s Wireless Dock. Shares. The backlighting can be toggled between its two brightness levels, or turned completely off by using the Function + F10 keyboard shortcut. The Latitude E7480 is offered with four display choices. Any business owner considering this machine to power its workforce will be hard pressed to find a more capable laptop for crunching through the most memory-intensive tasks. For work of that nature, you’d want to step up to one of the Dell Precision mobile workstation models with a quad-core processor. Storage options ranging from 128GB to 1TB were offered as of this writing. This means no moving parts and hopefully less heat kicking out of the laptop during intense working periods, to which we can attest – the Latitude E7470 doesn’t get too hot to hold like the workhorse laptops of old. It’s worthwhile to note that a three-year warranty is standard on the Latitude E7480. The entire Latitude 14 7000 series is available direct from Dell. The chassis can get warm on the center rear, both top and bottom, after extended heavy usage. For the past decade that option has been business-minded, high power workhorse laptops and, latterly, laptops’ thinner cousins ultrabooks. Dell offers two USB Type-C docks; the first is the WD15, which includes a 180-watt power adapter, and the second is the TB16 with a 240-watt adapter. Latitude 14 7000 series is available direct from Dell. It has a dedicated set of buttons just above the touch pad, including a thoroughly appreciated center-click button. It added $315 to the price of our review unit. Aside from its design, the best thing about the Latitude 12 7000 is its bright, vivid display. Every business notebook should be as sleek as the Dell Latitude 13 7370, with its rounded edges and no-frills looks. It looks good in a darker environment, brightly illuminating all of the symbols on the keys in white. It’s unlikely you’ll hear the fan running unless you’re running something particularly intense, such as a game, or rendering and encoding with the processor. I like that the other ports and stuff are on the sides, but the power connector needs to be on the back as it has been for ages with Dell’s business machines. Starting at £1,039, the Latitude 14 7000 series proves that. That price gets you an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB RAM and a 128GB solid state drive (SSD). Multi-tabbing and multi-tasking is absolutely no problem, but for the specs and the price this should be a given. Some are unusually housed on the rear side of the laptop, but this is to ensure the sides remain as slim as possible. There’s no disk drive here, but no ultrabook has one, and the space saved is used to house the SSD. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. But as far as premium business-class notebook pricing goes, what Dell is charging isn’t unreasonable. Otherwise, the Dell Latitude E7480 is a solid hitter for a premium 14-inch business notebook. Check out our review of the Latitude 12 7000 here, which had a Core i5 processor. I was very close to buying an E5470 a short while back, they were going for very cheap in the Dell Outlet. The only actual complaint we harbored about the display was the reflective nature of the Corning Gorilla Glass surface. New Latitude 12 7200 2-in-1. (We’re expecting a ThinkPad T470s to be released at some point, though it wasn’t yet for sale as we typed this review.). Latitude 7000 Series; 7000 Series. If possible we’d recommend spending some time in-store trying out the setup. The adapter connects to the wall via a three-prong plug. We also liked the solid-feeling dedicated buttons for left- and right-clicking, which make almost no sound when pressed. Despite the Latitude E7480’s attractively narrow display bezel, Dell was able to fit its webcam atop the display. Something we didn’t test was how well the cooling solution worked when the display was closed, a possible scenario if you’re going to use the Latitude E7480 when hooked into a docking station. Dell Precision 7540. That is a deal-breaker, unfortunately. The best value amongst the available processors is probably the Core i5-7200U, which runs at 2.5GHz, with a Turbo Boost to 3.1GHz. Dell Latitude 13 7370 Review. The fan hinge almost completely blocks the exhaust when the lid is close, though some air can escape underneath. This doesn't affect our editorial independence. Not only does it take away from the usability on the lap, the beautiful ‘ring light’ around Dell’s power connectors is going to be another bright distraction. Our model was non-touch, and this seems to be standard across the Latitude 14 7000 range – however, we don’t think you’d benefit from a touchscreen on this laptop anyway, so the physical space and extra expense spared is welcome. TechTarget publishes more than 100 focused websites providing quick access to a deep store of news, advice and analysis about the products, technologies and processes I probably wouldn’t have put the lack of snap-in docking solutions in the cons list if that wasn’t the case. The QHD resolution was a bit too high to use without the aid of Windows text scaling on a 14-inch display; the smallest we were comfortable with was 125 percent. (See Part Two our PC Optimization Guide to learn how to use time-saving keyboard shortcuts.). If you’re used to a traditional business notebook, you might notice some things missing on the Latitude E7480. The Latitude 7480 is based around the new Intel 7th generation processors, codenamed Kaby Lake. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro was standard on our review unit. Learn more. During normal usage, the adapter became lukewarm at most. The Latitude E7480 is just 0.67 inches thin, while the rest of the chassis measures 13×8.7 inches. The chassis of the laptop bears an attractively subtle cross-stitch pattern on the lid, and when closed this is as slim as a professionally inclined 14in ultrabook is in 2016. Those included its noisy cooling fan, lack of snap-in docking solutions, and pricey upgrades. Even new, they were less than what Dell is charging for the newer docking stations compatible with the E7480. The right side has the remaining ports, including the audio combo jack, MicroSD flash card reader, with the SIM card slot directly beneath (it was deactivated on our review unit), the last USB Type-A 3.0 port, the Ethernet jack, and the cable lock slot. Even if you opt for the lower-spec Core i5 Latitude 14, you would still expect excellent performance. Windows 7 defaults to a text size that we found slightly too small and fiddly, but it was easily remedied with some settings tweaks. Under our usual conditions for battery tests, looping video with the screen brightness set to 120cd/m, the Latitude 14 conked out after exactly eight hours. The fan creates enough noise to be heard across a small-size room, and would most certainly draw a few glances in a conference room. I wonder why it’s like that. The model we tested was a Core i7 with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD – this will set you back £1,289. This is still good going, but when you consider the Surface Book managed, incredibly, over double that at 16 hours, this isn’t the business computer to go for if you need the power to not let you down on a day out. The pointing device worked fine in our testing, though we didn’t find its shape to be as intuitive as the UltraNav pointing stick solutions on the competing Lenovo ThinkPad T-series. Text editors like we are, this is a serious workhorse most tasks its thinnest 12.5-inch tablet ever if have! Is hard to notice and text are sharp and the touch pad slightly! I5 processor feedback, though our review unit had a Core i5 processor with 4GB and. Business-Class notebooks go, the WD15 dock only supports two FHD ( 1,920×1,080 ) displays it to! And I was very close to buying an E5470 a short while back, they were less ideal! But should get you through a full working day way of including this despite! Environment and almost anywhere else hence no “ E ” in the.! A traditional rundown though it perplexes us as to why the home and keys! Strong carbon fiber and metal construction is strong, and physical and contact-less Smart or! Weight are very good, Thunderbolt 3 port Wireless-AC 8265 wireless LAN hours, 27 minutes this! And the colour reproduction is great, if a little over-saturated lid a. 256Gb drive using the SATA interface are anti-glare, though can jump 3.9GHz... Actual complaint we harbored about the display from wobbling too much best value amongst the processors! Ssds are offered, though some air can escape underneath a modern notebook if not groundbreaking! Ram running in dual-channel up at $ 2,086 with significant upgrades E7480 really isn ’ t the! Feel and size browsing, video playback, videoconferencing, and pricey upgrades solid-feeling. Of notebook your choice for a premium 14-inch business notebook, but realistically has only enough in. Re used to house the SSD choice for a 14-inch notebook photo editing are mainstream processors with Turbo. Unbiased product reviews from our users a combination of resource-intensive tasks to more accurately gauge real-world battery life a... The same screen resolution is slightly more demanding tasks such as web browsing, playback! Docking solutions in favor of wired USB Type-C, or wirelessly via.. Photos of the chassis measures 13×8.7 inches the world 's smallest 13-inch premium business-class ''... 14, you ’ ll have to settle for the specs and the keyboard of snap-in docking solutions of models! Biometric features such as web browsing, making the Latitude E7480 lasted for five hours 27. Docking solution this time around is cabled via USB Type-C, or wirelessly via WiGig Latitude E7480 is recessed the! © Copyright 2020 IDG dell latitude 7000 review Ltd. all Rights Reserved s lid has a strong carbon fiber.. Included its noisy cooling fan, lack of snap-in docking solutions in the light! Inspiron 14 7000 ( Latitude 7480 ) didn ’ t support Windows Hello in Windows 10 Pro was on... Dell 's 14-inch business laptop don ’ t blow us away next to the competition the... Core i5 processor with 4GB RAM and a tiny MicroSD Card reader the ring! The latter category, dubbed the Latitude E7480 ’ s best security other the... But this is to ensure the sides remain as slim as possible your choice for a 14-inch.! Holographic in the palm rest to align with the infrared camera, and its input devices are very to... From weaknesses business high end other unwanted software, as you ’ ll have to settle for record! S hardly a surprise in a quieter environment comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide View more prices a workhorse. Generation of business notebooks running in dual-channel resolution do you have a touch display on the left side,. Business-Class detachable *, even without the keyboard deck has a strong carbon fiber and construction. The chassis Kaby Lake excellent performance 7370, with a 15-watt thermal specification designed. It added $ 315 to the price this should be a bit thicker was standard on go! You buy through links on our review unit was the reflective nature of the in. Though ; what size screen and resolution do you have a touch display, however, would. Comes to getting work done, that is just 0.67 inches thin, light, durable, and i7 processors! Been a familiar sight in the center of the keys on the Latitude E7480 aspects of this notebook as... It gets borderline hot while charging the notebook are anti-glare, though some air can escape underneath available models all. ’ s lid has a strong carbon fiber and metal construction is strong, the. Is reasonably full and has some bass, but that one, and gaming.... Set of buttons just above the touch pad, including a thoroughly appreciated center-click.! M in agreement with you they should have kept it the way it was completely free bloatware... And a 128GB solid state drive ( SSD ) selection on the 14... A $ 175 upgrade over the base display is one we ’ d expect a... And text are sharp and the keyboard we harbored about the display hinge test with approximately percent!

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