difference between chevelle ss and malibu

... 1966 Chevelle SS-Pro Street-Show Car-Finishing Up the Body Work Part 1 - Duration: 9:59. I chose to used 2-door hardtop and 2-door sedan in the article simply because I thought this would make it easier for people to understand what I was writing about. More schizophrenia at work? Your friend either modified it, or he had a different engine. Don’t forget that that you could get the Z25 SS396 package on a 300 Deluxe Sport Coupe (read pillarless hardtop). Chevrolet had a tougher time slotting in the SS396, made worse with the success of the hot-selling (but lower profit) Road Runner in 1968. In the end, it’s just semantics IMO. Early Chevelles were not known to be great handlers, but the 1970-72 cars with the F41 suspensions were tops among its competitiors. They pretty much played it completely straight with completely unique sheetmetal for the different markets, and never tried to wedge any kind of compact down into the subcompact market, i.e., the first Mavericks, and left that field completely to the Vega, Chevette, et al. In the '70s the A-body platform was no longer called the "Chevelle" line, it was called the "Malibu" line. With the Chevelle's introduction, Chevy now offered 43 models in five distinct car lines. This is gonna be fun!!!!!! if I understand correctly, the only ones that ever carried Malibu badging were the 1964-65s, although some 1969s and all 1970-73s technically are Malibus. Suspension The Chevelle's independent front suspension was typical of … This is different from 1964-67, when 2-door pillared Chevelles were labeled as 2-door sedans, and had a different roofline from Chevelle hardtops and other GM A-bodies that were labeled as coupes. The Malibu SS only offered trim and appearance upgrades over a Malibu.  These included bucket seats, Malibu SS specific trim and emblems, a center console (with Powerglide or 4-speed), clock and a gauge package (excluding a tach). on it was the Malibu. Sure they sold a lot of cars, but they were not the market innovators by any stretch. Like Stumack mentioned, Chevrolet actually didn’t initially have a base model Chevelle in 1970 and it was later released mid year (Canada had a base model 300 Deluxe for the entire year). Chevelle was the base model, Malibu a bit fancier trim and body styles (hardtops and convertibles) and the Super Sport models from 66 to 68. For 1970 things changed yet again.  With GM’s lift of its self-imposed 400 cubic inch limit off its intermediate cars, the Chevelle now added the 454 to its roster.  Like in 1969, the Super Sport remained an option package, but now there were two packages.  There was the Z25 the SS396 package, and the Z15 SS454 package.  Unlike in 1969, the only way to order a Z15 or Z25 option package required starting with either a Malibu Coupe or convertible.  No more plain-Jane Super Sports. The cove on the rear panel of Malibu SS cars was painted argent silver instead of black on the SS396. I’ve believed that it was since reading it in some reference book 25+ years ago. Neil Young sounded great in that car! I did get a couple of photos; might write it up as a capsule. SS dashes had three large and three small holes for the speedometer and other gauges; Malibus had a rectangular speedometer and no other gauges. In the early years of SS Chevies the SS was nothing more than a trim option. CC Brochure Boggle: 1986 Dodge Michigan—They Sold What, Where?! But, as has been noted, you could probably get just about anything you wanted on one with patience and a willing dealer. Early 1964 and 1965 … I made the mistake of referring to a ’68-’72 era SS as a Malibu SS on some website. My theory is it was one of the reasons what would otherwise have been known as a Fairlane coupe was strangely called a Falcon and the last, real Falcon was dropped after January 1st, 1970. ... Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe SS 454 PRICE Base, $2809.00; as tested, $4852.30 ENGINE At least the guy who pointed it out was nice about it. Paul did a very nice CC on how Ford made a Falcon 2-door sedan by using the ’67 Fairlane center section with the Falcon front and rear. Far more typical would be the one factory ordered by my 16 year-old cousin (pictured below – my Dad’s little workhorse Falcon Ranchero is parked behind it). There was the base Chevelle. Learn how your comment data is processed. Nor did they try any of the goofy stuff of using a 300 Deluxe center section with a Nova front and rear. Tha's why early SS Chevies could be had with six cylinders. Separately you could order a 4spd manual in 4 doors or station wagon. 2020 Chevelle, El Camino 64-77 218 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, sulfur, nickel, chromium, vanadium, titanium, polyvinyl chloride, and 4,4’-methylenebis (2-chloroaniline), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. It looks to me that the chevelle SS is a longer body. If it is a true SS model, it should have a black painted face. And am I glad I clicked on it. I was reading the recently reposted  CC on the 1976 Laguna and I noticed some discussion about the Chevelle SS in the comments.  There seemed to be some debate on whether the car was called the Chevelle SS, the Malibu SS, whether it was a distinct model or an option package?  Well to answer in short, all of the above.  Even though much has been written about the Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sports, the history is still unclear to some.  So, let’s do an overview of the Chevrolet’s intermediate Super Sport models.

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