dolly pasta extruder dies

Fresh pasta Dies for Dolly - La Monferrina in metal for the production of the pasta type depending o[...] Available in 20/25 working days 80, 00 € Concerto Ciaopasta 5 dies. sells genuine factory dies for every pasta extruder on the market! Our Pasta Extruder Dies will expand your production, with the various shapes and sizes of pasta available. Pastabiz offers the largest selection of accessories for pasta machines. Fresh pasta dies for Concerto Ciaopasta 5 in bronze for the production of the pasta type depend[...] Available in 20/25 working days 82, 00 € Chef in Casa 750 Dies - Imperia. This limited time sale runs Wednesday October 14th through Wednesday October 21st, 2020. National Pasta Day Die Sale. Pasta drying trays are the perfect accessory for your pasta machine to store and dry your fresh pasta. DOLLY is a small “counter top” machine, compact and reliable; it is suitable both for restaurants and for people who like good home-made pasta. DOLLY can knead by using any kind of flour and it produces long and short pasta shapes by simply changing the die. Our Ravioli Moulds come in many sizes, including shapes like Mezzaluna and Plin. In honor of National Pata Day, October 17th, 2020, and are having a 20% OFF SALE on All Standard Dies. Pasta Machine DOLLY.

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