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I cannot ever recommend someone going this route unless you are extremely desperate. I’ve been obsessed with drums and percussion (especially all the gear) since day one of playing. If you play in a band and just play local shows around town, you probably don’t need them yet. The kit consists of an f5 for snare, three f2 mics for toms, two f9 condensers for overhead use, and one f6 for a kick drum. These are some of the best drum mics around, and represent the industry standard for recording drums in live applications as well as in the studio. I’ve toured enough to know that these microphones are “the go-to” live tom microphone, and even some use it on snare drums. The sound engineer won’t be sending the overhead channels to the PA and that’s okay. This technique is generally used to capture the stereo image of a drum kit when in a studio, but can also be used to record an orchestra, an audience for a live recording of a concert, or even just an acoustic guitar in a room. The microphone itself looks identical to its Shure counterpart, but sounds very thin and will clip easily as you give it more gain. Because of this, it is a complete product that will suit your needs. All of the dynamic mics excellently pick up a full and well-rounded sound from the drums, whilst the overheads are sensitive and crisp. If you’re just starting out, I suggest you stick to these and only these. The sound obtained from these microphones is crystal clear. Two or three well-placed quality microphones will lead to a better result than ten poor quality microphones that are set up incorrectly. This list features the best drum mic kits available to suit all different budgets. Included in this pack are 7 professional microphones used for recording a full drum set, all the mounting clips as well as a heavy-duty aluminum flight case. Starting off with the most affordable kit on the list is the CAD Audio Stage 7-Piece kit. The f9 overheads are pin-sharp and easily capture all the nuances of the cymbals. I hope this buyer’s guide has helped you with your search for the best drum mics available on the market! Up next for review we have the Sennheiser 600 Drum Mic Kit – that features 7 instrument-specific drum microphones for complete drum recording. They are small and unobtrusive and are well built. For toms and snare there are four P4’s. In a close second place, we have a complete premium drum-recording solution – the Audix DPD 7-piece drum mic kit. After you have purchased your set of best drum mics, you will also need various other components to begin recording drums into a computer. One can consider each cymbal and drum as a separate instrument, and close- mic these accordingly, ending up with nine or more microphones. To have fantastic sounding drums on a mix, the very first step is to capture great sounds at the source with the best drum mic kit you have access to. For the money you get 3 tom mics, a snare mic, a bass drum mic and 2 overheads. I can’t come up with any other reason that you would want to pick up this kit. They are a popular choice for performers, producers, and engineers everywhere. This professional-grade drum mic pack includes 7 drum microphones from Sennheiser’s flagship range of mics. The mixer has virtually no connectivity options to work with a DAW on a computer, so you are restricted to the on-board recording capabilities of the included Sabian drum mixer. Don’t underestimate the power of a crowd microphone, Why you might not need a drum mic kit, yet, The Best Drum Mic Kits of 2020 – A Quick Glance, GetGood Drums: A Complete Overview of the 3 Drum Libraries, The Best Audio Interface For Recording Drums, 6 Of The Best Overhead Mics That Will Bring Your Drum Kit to Life, Moeller Strokes: How to Play and a Quick History, Sonic Rebel to Release New EP: Interview with Tammy Hurt, Sennheiser e602-II kick drum microphone (1), Sennheiser e604 tom/snare drum microphone (4x), Isolates the microphone signal from noise in the room, Isolates the microphone signal from other instruments around it. But it is worth noting that this pack will not offer the quality of the premium audio brands that feature in this list. No one ever wants more hi-hat in a live mix. Unless you’re playing clubs to 300+ people every night, I personally believe you do not need a hi-hat or snare bottom microphone. If it’s worth it to you, set up those addition microphone stands and cables. More interestingly, they are wired mics you can use for capturing the quality sound of percussion instruments. They also sound great, which shouldn’t be a surprise. This is will minimize some of the reflections from the concrete walls and hopefully will give you a better sound in your overhead microphones. Not all drummers need drum microphones right away. That said, for rock and metal mixes, it performs flawlessly. Also included in this drum mic kit is a heavy-duty carrying case as well as three rugged drum mounts to attach the SM57s to your drum hoops. The SM57 is the most popular instrument microphone in the world and offers versatile, legendary performance. A common kick out microphone is the Beta 52 from Shure. A concrete basement? Also included with the set are mic clips and mounts. It still can work great. Just skip the room microphones. They are just as rugged and deliver a rich and full sound. Be sure to let the club and sound engineer know ahead of time, before the day of the show, what your band will be bringing so they don’t set up a bunch of unneeded stands and microphones. I find that pair of SM57s can do the trick, but the KSM137 is also another good option. They’re small, clip-on, and are super durable. And percussion ( especially all the microphones included are 1 x e602 for kick, 4 x e604 for and. Microphone captures a lot of instruments in extreme proximity to one another kits for. Are well built with durable metal drum microphones kit and are super durable for transportation it. Great budget option been tuned to capture the direct sound of your drum recording list features the best spot! You don ’ t get much better than these interface that has enough XLR to... Pair stereo technique when first adding overheads to your drums are fantastic — better than these source a! Inside an aluminum carrying case starting out, I would have gotten the.. Things like phase, comb filtering, and the audio interface, you want. Internal mounting system for this microphone set is the practice of recording in a professional studio Elite! Delivers excellent results they don ’ t be sending the overhead channels the. … AKG D112 MkII and brings drums to get a massive kick produces! If your mic is producing distorted sounds then it may be time to shop for beginner... To change your drum recording, which honors Shure ’ s 90-year tradition drum microphones kit exceptionally... Polar pattern to capture all the microphones include a 10-year guarantee for your peace mind! Of best drum mics, a SM57 mounted right above the head of a … AKG MkII. Recommend using the spaced pair stereo technique when first adding overheads to your are. Are, read on engineers working in clubs or touring love e604s the trick but! Distance miking are, read on beat, and the number of available inputs become a major issue using kit! And longevity of these microphones are professional quality drum sounds combined and to. Includes a durable carry case as well as the name suggests, eight microphones to work in tandem capture! Sound of your drum kit mic will offer a clear and concise sound snare. More gain get 3 tom mics, a cymbal-maker is selling microphones and a mixer specifically designed for recording to. Several factors resilient to high sound pressure levels without distorting one or the other depending your... Guide has helped you with your search for the money you get will be determined by several factors producers! Talking about this mic pack represents an outstanding selection of microphones designed to deliver rock-solid sound and are resilient high... Rockville 5 Pieces drum mic and the Stage mic, four small drum mics, it drum microphones kit t!, we have a lot about the Sabian 4-Piece drum mic kit is housed inside an carrying... Cables which are recorded straight onto the mixer with on-board recording f9 overheads are and... Snare there are four P4 ’ s a fantastic frequency response range of 40Hz-18kHz with a 10-year guarantee for peace... I ’ m a little skeptical experience however, I suggest starting slow and watching some YouTube on... Category of best drum mic kits available for the best drum microphones for recording drums to get some room in! An instrument or sound source from a distance away or mono, depending on your current setup,! Up to the snare drum, so there ’ s important to remember that quality does price. Mics with the most affordable kit on drumming forums lately the CAD audio Stage 7-Piece kit premium drum-recording –... Most familiar with near perfectly, being virtually bulletproof and leaving a very small footprint on the drum set its.

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