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Then you can do this with the help of the strong and the working/powerful Wazifa for noor. This is the best wazifa for skin whitening and beauty in islam. Some people are envy because they are not that much beautiful or attractive than others. In sha ALLAH your wish will be fulfilled. Find Dua for removing pimples and markshere. However, the objectives of making wazifa for beauty in Islam is to get a person or companion for which they have an intense feeling of deep affection. Also Read: Wazifa for Diabetes – Sugar Khatam Karne Ka Tarika. Then you look so charming in the eyes of everyone. Take fuller’s earth (Multani mitti), bar kay ped ka gond (gum), medicated ubtan and rosewater, mix to form a paste. Take 6 to 8 sessions of oxygen therapy or blue peel. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Phir 11 martaba Durood-e-Shareef padhein. I hope you like to read this article. Your email address will not be published. So if you want to solve your skin problem as well as your face problem/skin whitening. Learn how your comment data is processed. This has to be performed after isha prayer daily in the following manner: Females should not do this wazifa during their mensus/periods. Light sandal incense or any other which suits your mood and makes you relax while doing this wazifa then. Required fields are marked *. WAZIFA FOR SKIN WHITENING AND BEAUTY IN ISLAM – KHOOBSURATI AUR RANG GORA KARNE KE LIYE BEHTAREEN ISLAMI DUA. But there are also lots of people who have the beauty problems maybe they have pimples/acne in their face. Quran Shareef saare kitabo par qudrat rakhti hai jaisa ke ALLAH tala apni makhlook par qudrat rakhta hai. Islam mohabbat aur aman ka haqeeqi mazhab hai. Everyone wants a beautiful face if either he is a boy/man or she is a girl or a woman. Apne jism par dum karein aur paani par bhi dum karke peelein. This is a very commonly found skin disease. Perform this Wazifa for Beauty and after that perform this Wazifa after the completion of Zuhar’s or Duhar’s Namaz. Your email address will not be published. After getting treatment from various doctors and spa, they still have a skin problem, then this article will help you. After using our Wazifa, you’ll increase the face Noor and glow your skin and also whitening the skin. I will reach you as soon as possible. Holy QURAN has power over all the books as Almighty ALLAH has power over his entire creation. Acne and skin whitening wazifa will remove your entire acne disease and will whiten, brighten and lighten your skin with a glow. Islam mein khoobsurati ka tasawwur yeh hai keh apna batin khoobsurat banaya jaye phir rooh khoobsurat banjata hai aur jism par bhi khobsurati ke aasar zahir hojate hain. It is also helpful for those brothers and sisters who have a skin problem. Best Islamic Dua for Anxiety and Depression in Islam Do this wazifa in the state of ablution at a clean place & do not make fun of wazeefa/dua else you will suffer. Love, Marriage, Husband Wife Solution Specialist. Therefore one must become beautiful from his inner soul and this is the best wazifa for beauty in Islam of a person. Then apply for half an hour and wash it off with medicated rose water. Sometimes these problems can destroy the beauty of the face and can lead to issues in your life. In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will give you the glowing sling and a beautiful face. Blow it on body and also on water and drink. The concept of beauty in islam is that one should be beautiful from his inner side and his beauty reflects out on his soul and then on his body. All person wants to look beautiful in their life because if you have a beautiful face or other things. Powerful Wazifa Money Prayer for Wealth & Prosperity – Rizq ke liye behtareen dua amal, Amal to remove obstacles in sustenance – Rizq ki bandish ka tor, Wazifa for lrregular periods/ Menstrual disorder-Ayyaam ki kharabi ka ilaj. Aur wazife/dua ka mazaq na udhayein warna nuqsan hoga. Therefore, for getting a beauty they want, the person makes dua for beauty which helps them to achieve what they want. Do you have a skin and a beauty problem and now you are looking for the strong Wazifa for Beauty. The process of performing strong wazifa for skin whitening is given below:-. Now, when you complete your Namaz then sit in the Ja-Namaz and then after the completion of Dua now read or recite this Surah’al Imran’s Ayat: And then blow this Ayat on your both the hands and then put that hands on your face and skin. Khoobsurati aur rang ko karne ki is islami amal/dua ko karein: Khwateen makhsoos ayyam mein is wazife ko na karein. 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