easiest nursing schools to get into in california

Easiest Nursing Schools to Get Into Even with the economy uncertain and many college graduates struggling to make their loan payments, the field of nursing continues to remain a lucrative career. Just over 8% of all the RNs in the US are employed in the state of California… Explore the best colleges with high acceptance rates based on reviews, rankings, and statistics. Many schools are responding with exceptional programs and affordable online options as well.. … For private BSN schools then look at Western Univ. "in reach" of my 3.8 cumulative GPA and about 3.6-3.7 pre-req science GPA (most of my pre-reqs apply … State schools… of Health Sciences, Loma Linda, Azusa Pacific, Concordia, National, Cal Baptist & Point Loma Nazarene. These colleges have acceptance rates of over 90% and include some of the best and easiest colleges to get into … 2020 - Best ADN Programs in California If you are interested in a career as an RN, an associate degree in nursing (ADN) program in California offers all the preparation you need. As the U.S. population grows and ages, becomes ill and heals, nurses are even more important to the collective health of the whole country. These schools may be easier to get into than the impacted Cal. And just about all nursing programs are hard or take time to get into, I just mean easy i.e. So it should be no surprise that the expected increase in jobs for registered nursing …

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