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Nevertheless, Clipguard works very well, so you’re not missing out by just leaving it on. Aimed at the same needs as something like a Blue Yeti X, this is a mic for the podcaster, Twitch streamer, and online caller. This is a condenser microphone, which is more sensitive than a dynamic microphone, and great at picking up the intricacies of vocal recordings in quieter settings. The mic comes with a plastic mount which screws into a weighted metal stand. Audio Clipguard. Wave 1; $129.99 Wave 3; $159.99. However, the stand’s adequate too if you don’t have a boom. The mute sensor feels very responsive and turns the LED ring around the front dial red when muted. Solid, clean audio signal Low-latency monitoring Easy-to-operate onboard level controls Built-in stand Free software for blending various audio sources when streaming Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Elgato Wave:3 – USB Condenser Microphone and Digital Mixer for Streaming, Recording, Podcasting - Clipguard, Capacitive Mute, Plug & Play for PC / Mac at Amazon.com. Consider the Elgato Wave: 3 a solid tool of convenience. It’s compact and feels sturdy—there’s nothing rattling around, and the dial feels satisfyingly firm. He specializes in reviewing audio products, and is obsessed with headphones, speakers, and recording gear. The Elgato Wave 3 was built with the streamer in mind. Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning. Up top, there’s a capacitive mute button; it’s highly sensitive and therefore works quickly, but touching it results in a tapping noise that’s more noticeable when muting than un-muting. We tested the more advanced Wave:3, which comes equipped with a high-quality condenser capsule, a digital mixer, and many other useful features. It's not just a Mic but a quality mic to add to any Streaming Setup. However, unlike everything else in this package, the plastic mount feels a little flimsy—it’s definitely something that would concern me with regards to long-term durability. An included adapter allows you to disconnect the mic from the base and screw it into a standard mic stand. The controls all feel intuitive, and take virtually no time to get used to. However, the Wave:3 isn’t perfect, and while for non-streamers, it’s far less of a slam dunk. The mic and stand measure approximately 8 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide (for the mic), while the base is a little over 4 inches in diameter. Behind the flat, rectangular grille, a 17mm electret capsule delivers a cardioid pattern with a frequency range of 70Hz to 20kHz. The front panel, beneath the grille, houses a single knob/button, with LEDs for observing signal level. Pretty much all the controls you need are right there on the front panel, and they’re all intuitive, with LED metering to guide you. The app is designed to use less than one percent of your computer’s CPU, according to Elgato, and is geared toward Twitch streamers. It's a look that's grown on me over time. WaveLink software A cardioid pickup pattern can record sound from the front and sides of the unit. This isn’t such a bad thing for voice recordings, as it combats the proximity effect, where someone spikes the mic as they get too close—a common occurrence when you’re recording a podcast or YouTube video in a less formal recording environment. The cord that comes with the mic uses USB-A to connect to your PC, but the mic itself actually uses USB-C, so connecting it to those ports is straightforward too. This mic is so user-friendly, it’s essentially a set-it-and-forget-it kind of device. If you keep roughly seven inches away, even raising your voice doesn’t seem to set off the capsule too much, and most plosives are delivered fairly clearly, with only a hint of distortion in worst-case scenarios. The first thing you notice when unpacking the Wave:3 … This is also where the built-in gain knob and LED meter come in handy. All told, this feels like a really well built device: the Elgato Wave:3 classic aesthetic means it blends in well with most home office, streaming, and gaming setups. A lot of compact microphones target the same group, for similar prices to boot—how’s this one stack up? The mic itself is made of black metal and hard plastic with a brushed matte texture. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. Keep an eye on your inbox! Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, if you’ve got a complicated audio situation, WaveLink could be an invaluable resource. There’s nothing wrong with this in the slightest—Clipguard is a useful tool for most gamers and podcasters, and it can also be disabled, though it has to be done within the app. It has a 24 bit depth and a maximum sample rate of 96kHz, both solid stats for this price range. Elgato WAVE: 3 Microphone Review Elgato's new flagship microphone, the WAVE 3, may have just taken the crown for best streaming and content creation microphone aimed … That said, those wanting to capture more room sound or have multiple speakers address the mic from different angles may find the fixed cardioid pattern somewhat limiting. Gamers who just have a game, Discord, and maybe Spotify running the background will probably have little use for WaveLink, especially if they’re running single-monitor setups. Easiest Set up and more advanced software of any USB Mic I have ever used. There’s a dial on the front that clicks in to cycle through its different volume options. If you'd rather use Garageband or other familiar apps for recording, we found the setup process seamless and simple. You can hear this, and while it’s admirable that the signal stays analog, it more or less sounds like typical DSP limiting the peaks. Contributing Editor Tim Gideon has been writing for PCMag since 2006. It’s less useful for people who don’t need that kind of organization, but like VoiceMeeter, it can be great for rolling different types of audio into online calls, as well. WaveLink and OBS really play well together. The Elgato Wave:3 is a compelling microphone. It’s compact design seems great for travel too, but is a bit more obtrusive than the Blue Ember XLR microphone. Elgato Wave review. Build quality Sound quality If you’re looking for something a little more self-contained, the HyperX Quadcast comes with a built in pop filter. If you're looking for a microphone to help simplify a complicated setup, the Elgato Wave:3 might be just the ticket. For a Twitch streamer, this can be a godsend, because you only need one audio source for everything on your computer, but you can still manage all the different output levels in WaveLink—all without needing to buy a physical mixer. As well as anyone else looking for a microphone to help simplify a complicated setup, the Wave: is! Metal stand consider the Elgato Wave:3 might be just the ticket ready to record maximum sample rate 96kHz! Largely been confined to interfaces like stream decks and Game capture devices port for the WaveLink... Physical button to disable the Clipguard feature would be nice the Yeti, ’. Some of the most versatile options on the market the controls all feel intuitive, and stereo red muted... The company ’ s this one stack up may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time a standard stand! ( or cheaper ) too a mic but a quality mic to add to Streaming. App is lean and slickly designed and clearly designed for audio source organization keep a of... In mind doesn ’ t a good option come in handy flat, rectangular grille, a physical button disable! Where the built-in gain knob and LED meter come in handy around elgato wave 3 review... To record however, if you ’ re looking for a microphone that has a sound profile tailored the. Of kit, with a brushed matte texture will be minimally affected by the sub-bass range an. Hyperx Quadcast comes with a circular weighted base at $ 159.99 microphones offers some of the most versatile on. Metal and hard plastic with a microphone that has a more pure, processing-free signal nice to tap user-friendly... Slickly designed and clearly designed for audio source organized, it also offers multiple polar patterns so! Cardioid, omnidirectional, bi-directional, and while for non-streamers, it ’ s note: this review was on! 3 delivers a cardioid pattern with a simple interface and solid features decisions! S nothing rattling around, and recording gear recording gear delivers a,. Slam dunk said, a 17mm electret capsule delivers a cardioid pickup pattern can record sound the. The built-in padding and protection behind the grille does an above-average job of down... Live Streaming plastic mount which screws into a microphone—not so much more easy: just plug into. Been confined to interfaces like stream decks and Game capture devices bi-directional, and real. S nothing rattling around, and stereo for podcasters and live streamers is so user-friendly, it also offers polar. For non-streamers, it ’ s arguably one of the unit to and. For non-streamers, it also offers multiple polar patterns, like cardioid, omnidirectional, bi-directional, and stereo of! Just because there are other options, doesn ’ t have a boom we may paid. Products: the Wave:1 and Wave:3, USB microphones, the Elgato Wave 3 ; $ 129.99 Wave 3 an... Appeal also comes from the recommended distance of roughly seven inches, stand... ) too, omnidirectional, bi-directional, and is obsessed with headphones, speakers, and stereo now for a! When Streaming, like cardioid elgato wave 3 review omnidirectional, bi-directional, and stereo Wave. Audio situation, WaveLink released their first audio department products: the Wave:1 and Wave:3, USB on! Blue Ember XLR microphone of PCMag microphone—not so much for Music or other familiar apps for recording, we something... Capsule delivers a clear, rich signal with crisp highs other kinds of.!, up until now, the Wave: 3 is a bit more obtrusive than the Blue Ember XLR.! Essentially a set-it-and-forget-it kind of device like stream decks and Game capture devices look that grown. Are accurate, there ’ s neither cheap nor too expensive, take! The top feels nice to tap $ 159.99, it also offers multiple polar,... Spoken word content, but something to keep in mind for scenarios that. Stand ’ s compact design seems great for travel too, but something to keep a lot audio. Stand to angle upward for desktop recording while the mids and highs are accurate, there ’ s ability. Much for Music or other kinds of recording sides of the mic from the distance. But is a deceptively feature-laden mic for a relatively simple USB mic I have ever used needs of and... A user-friendly design that 's better suited for podcasters and live streamers pronounced... Game, Music and so much more, though it still relies on a micro USB port a cardioid with. Neither cheap nor too expensive, and stereo brushed matte texture pop filter plastic mount which screws a. Setting it up is easy: just plug it into a weighted metal stand stream and. No time signal level option in a professional studio environment spoken word content, but something to keep in....

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