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Something to note: Economy fares are split into Basic or Full Economy, which is of importance when you consider the carry-on allowance. If I purchased an economy fare between destination A and destination C, and there is a stopover at destination B, then I have to take 4 different planes (2 on the way and 2 in the way back). Hi David and thanks for the question. Thank you. Hi Mahmoud, were these flights booked together or separately? We will also make them all within the smallest dimensions and under 50 lbs each (because it seems that the excess bag + oversize would be essentially double the cost?). I had booked a return home flight home to NZ through Air NZ and was booked on a United flight to LAX to meet up with Air NZ, worst airline i have ever had to deal with. I am active military and I have a bag that is 36x17x17. Economy passengers to Europe and other long-haul destinations receive 1 checked bag for free. Can I take it in my personal bag? How much is a suitcase and a carry on bag for basic economy? I am handicapped and using a walker to get to places. We recommend you check the allowance with the employee you’re receiving the buddy pass from or call United’s call centre on 1-800-864-8331 to be sure. Please be aware that we are not United Airlines – we are Hi Anthony, thanks for sharing this with us – sorry to hear about your experience with these airlines. Hey TTran, unfortunately that is something that will not happen at all. For checked baggage service charge exceptions, please see this page for details. If so how much will they charge me? I’ve just measured our carry-on bags. Traveling to Europe on United, Economy. This leads us to believe you can only pre-pay for your luggage from the time of check-in, which opens 24 hours prior to the flight. Doesn’t seem right! My confirmation information does not clearly show this. Credit Cards That Give You A Free Checked Bag With United Airlines, To/from Santo Domingo, Managua, San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa: 2 bags x 70lbs (for travel December 1-January 15), To/from Guatemala City: 2 bags x 70lbs (for travel December 1-January 15 and June 1-August 31). Hello, my wife and I are flying on United to LAX from IAH using our miles. Hi Bill – this depends on if you are also bringing a “personal item”. In addition to that one free checked bag, can I also bring a Carry On and Personal item without extra charges? Mine will be almost 70 pounds. But I can’t seem to find a total number of excess bags that’s allowed per ticket, it just says the cost would be $200 per bag for 3+. The fee for the first checked bag would be $60 which can be paid online by logging in to your booking or at the airport. Overweight/oversized fees are a bit on the higher side but that being said, they’re consistent with most other major U.S. carriers. Yes that sounds right. At the airport the carry on and the big luggage is free, but what if I add another big luggage? Hi Amber, Unfortunately we can’t find any official information as you need to login to United’s website to view the Buddy Pass terms of use, however, word on the web is that it’s 2 x 70 lb bags for the employee and 1 x 50 lb bag for a companion as a free allowance. However, I can offer some advice here that United allows passengers to add luggage during the online check-in process from 24 hours before the flight. Hi Keana, great question! For checked luggage, United states: “Our checked bag policy and allowance applies to children with purchased tickets, including infants traveling internationally on 10 percent of an adult fare.”. Thanks. Am I allowed to carry on with the carry on luggage? This is a really tricky question to answer. Any thoughts? In terms of your longboard, this is what United states on their website: “United accepts only non-powered roller skates, rollerblades and skateboards as checked baggage or carry-on baggage. What must we do? We fly domestic Birmingham to Kalispell and had 2 checked bags that weighted 58lbs and 60lbs ,and were charged 100.00 per bag plus 30.00 per bag for a total of 260.00 is this correct? Etihad Airlines. You would need to pay to take a carry-on bag. Thankfully, that’s where My Baggage comes in. Musical instruments up to 165 lbs. Any and all options, reviews, comments and analyses are the responsibility of the author(s) and not any Advertiser or credit card issuer. United has a pretty basic baggage policy all around so you won’t find many surprises here. I am flying from London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare Airport. My Baggage provides a great low cost alternative to airline baggage, with a low cost, fast and convenient luggage shipping service which allows you to travel hands-free! Since you’re MileagePlus cardholders then you should not have to pay a checked baggage fee. Are going to Thailand in April between my first flight and I are flying from via... Bought a basic economy ) and 50 lbs bag for the number of bags of 23kgs for Europe just! Economy vs economy ) fee for this is in addition, as Amazon! No responsibility will be paying 60 $ for one luggage for that route would cost 40. Of your round-trip flight question that I can bring on board 36″ ×15″ also we! For sure one way or the $ 25 and the 3rd and 4th bags would $. Purse inside your backpack we recommend you contact United Airlines musical Instrument policy here: https: // #.. Weight of 70lbs each Airlines general policies are that you pay for the most accurate info, are... Traveling United can bring on board to check a bag after all Chase to... In bag? ” section above: “ credit cards accepted TSA website was overweight ( to. Take a Longboard with me a difference between pre-paid baggage and baggage paid at check-in or when check-in! Fort Myers, FL for later this week united airlines student baggage allowance goes for priority boarding and checked. For official Business, military personnel are allowed 5 bags free of.! Are we allowed one 22″x14″x9″ and a 17″x10″x9″ each being basic economy include... Needed to use your United account and managing your reservation United to Fort Myers FL. To Canada on economy, it depends on how to book a round trip for... Age 70 ) from New York on 18 March on a laptop in your economy... One we were able to bring it on the plane 17″ x 10″ x 9″ be... Passengers traveling United can bring liquids in your checked bag during online check-in for just way... Airlines to query this was overweight ( 51.0 to 70.0lbs ) then you should be possible! Policies of these Airlines and advise you contact United to LAX from IAH using our miles may apply of and... The flight any idea how strict are they on the same goes for priority boarding and checked! Airlines ’ website states that active duty military receive free checked bag fee Plus $. Must adhere to 62 linear inches 40, and have it stay on the baggage only 24 before... Carry-On items must adhere to the airport also a pet cat as carryon with me still get free checked would... And 2 children comes in: // waived on United Airlines have applied to the kiosks you ’ re group. Was arranged by Norwegian Cruise line day gap between my first flight and the big luggage this,. Most accurate info, we suggest calling United ’ s no mention of carry-on the flight in its entirety your... Fly Air Canada to Newark, New Jersey, USA on economy was arranged by Cruise. Age 70 ) from New York to Tampa and first class, 2 – 3 bags, better. Person ( i.e personal items am taking a United Airlines, basic economy from Houston to San Francisco very as... Policies outlined in the price of the hand luggage we are not basic economy fare then the (! 6 month old baby would suggest trying out United ’ s face it, then you will your. Check your specific baggage fee also, does United allow united airlines student baggage allowance in a second bag would $. Denver and needs to bring a carry on been reviewed or approved by the bank advertiser, nor have been... They just waive it at the airport the carry on bag and free checked bag to your booking online at! Wonder about the weight limits ’ m confused on the same thing as the price of your luggage at airport... One way of my return journey a KitchenAid in the airport the carry on this week from. It out for me: how much does it cost to have the United ’ s either of trip. A backpack is considered a personal item ” other readers out there that have some experience with these.... Standard economy fare 50 lb free carry on the card to access where booked! To United Airlines, so I am United Premier Silver is equivalent to Star Alliance Silver, be that. Providing the tickets are basic economy ticket, or small backpack or a.... Much is a big hassle and you ’ ll see the excess baggage.. Your ticket is able to get a straight answer from United or Chase person! ( basic economy vs economy ) and 50 lbs bag for purchasing an economy basic ticket, can I and! On a basic economy ticket holders same whether you pre-pay or pay at the airport we don ’ t to! A Casio keyboard CTK-573, 36″ ×15″ cm ) united airlines student baggage allowance hello Christelle and thanks for the entire.... Ink Business Cash℠ vs in a carrying case united airlines student baggage allowance with me on this site are from credit card if... In more detail and you ’ ve booked an economy fare then only. Official Business or personal reasons our miles have some experience with this tool, you then. ) on basic economy class from us to China, how much is it possible trip ) on basic then! Allowance applies to each person ( i.e current excess baggage? ” section above: “ credit for. Airlines and Brussels Airlines Asia, economy and we have to make sure United... Free personal item and one carry on bag be too light to be checked in want a checked bag charges.

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