ferns native to oregon

Distribution:  Western Maidenhair can be found from the Aleutian Islands and southeast Alaska to Chihuahua in Mexico.  It is more common along the Pacific Coast, but can be found in some areas of the inland Rocky Mountain Region, and in some northeastern states, Quebec and Newfoundland (listed as endangered in Maine). Not surprisingly, this has significant implications for the adaptability of Southern Hemisphere native plants to Northern Hemisphere gardens, including the tree ferns. Deer Fern has also been used as a houseplant. Habitat:  It is usually found in moist forests, but it is probably the most adaptable of all our ferns and can take a bit more sun than other ferns and some dry periods. Wetland designation: FACU, it usually occurs in non-wetlands but occasionally is found in wetlands. Relationships:  Ostrich Fern is the only species in the genus Matteuccia. Use by People:  Natives used the stems of Maidenhair Fern in basketry designs.  They also used a tea made from the leaves as a hair wash.  The Quinault burnt the leaves and rubbed ashes in their hair to make it long, shiny and black.  California natives used the stems for pierced earrings, either alone or with feathers; inserting them into the ear lobe to keep the hole from closing.  The leaves were also chewed for internal wounds, chest pain, or stomach trouble.  Capillaire cough syrup originally made from A. capillus-veneris has also been made from A. aleuticum. Its a long lived and vigorous fully … It is sometimes found growing on seepy coastal cliffs or in desert areas near shady seeps. Wetland designation: FACW, it usually occurs in wetlands, but is occasionally found in non-wetlands. We do love our Red Hot Pokers! Diagnostic Characters: Although the fronds are most often born singly, they spread by rhizomes, forming large colonies.  The deciduous fronds are broadly triangular, 2-3 pinnate and hairless.  Spore cases are round and uncovered. Use by People: The fiddleheads are sometimes eaten raw, or cooked, most notably in Japan; the flavor is sometimes compared to asparagus.  As with all ferns, caution is advised, especially consuming raw parts. Lady Fern                                                                   The Wood Fern Family–Dryopteridaceae, Names:  Athyrium possibly comes from the Greek athyros, meaning doorless, referring to the late opening of the spore cases.  Filix-femina means fern-lady, referring to its delicate fronds in comparison to the Male Fern, Dryopteris filix-mas. ferns, annuals, and groundcovers, are available for home gardens. Distribution: Western Sword Fern is found from southeast Alaska to the central California coast, mostly on the west of the Cascades; eastward to northern Idaho into northwest Montana.  Disjunct populations have been found in South Dakota and on Guadalupe Island off Baja California. Other Polystichum sp., native to the Pacific Northwest: Narrowleaf Sword Fern, P. imbricans is similar to Western Sword Fern and once was classified as a variety of P. munitum.  It is smaller (20-60cm) with overlapping, somewhat infolded leaflets and only scarcely scaly stipes (petioles).  It is a better choice for a sunny spot. FERNS: Adiantum pedatum: Maindenhair / Five-Finger Fern : Blechnum spicant: Deer Fern : Polystichum munitum: Western Sword Fern : Woodwardia fimbriata: Giant Chain Fern : GRASSES AND GRASS-LIKE PLANTS: Carex densa: Dense Sedge : Carex obnuta: Slough Sedge : Deschampsia caespitosa: Tufted Hair Grass : Festuca … Growth:  Fronds typically grow 1-5 feet (0.4-1.5 m) but may grow up to 9 feet (3m). Grab a partner Deer fern does best with many other species that grow together within native plant communities. are used as a larval food plant for moths. in the temperate northern hemisphere.  They are generally called Wood Ferns, Male Ferns, or Buckler Ferns.  Many are popular ornamentals.  About 18 species are found in the mainland United States, (several naturally occurring hybrids, too), about a dozen are native to Hawaii. Ching   (jim-no-KARP-ee-um dis-junkt-um)    –Formerly considered a subspecies of G. dryopteris. Sword ferns can be found in any Pacific Northwest forest understory as they do best in shady conditions. Among the most common native ferns in our region is the Northern Maidenhair. Habitat: Giant Chain Fern grows in mild, wet coastal forests. Growth: This species grows 4-30 inches (10-75 cm) tall. Distribution: It is found in many of the temperate regions in the northern hemisphere.  In North America, it is found throughout much of the northeast and across Canada; but only reaches the west coast in southern Alaska and British Columbia.  It is listed as rare, of special concern or vulnerable in Indiana, Rhode Island and New York. The small size of the book makes it a good one to take along while hiking. Growth: Lady Fern grows to 6 feet, (2m) tall. Braun’s Holly Fern, P. braunii, is big (to 1m) and has twice pinnate leaves with no basal lobes. Distribution of Ostrich Fern from USDA Plants Database. FERNS will allow you to Notify the Oregon Department of Forestry prior to conducting an operation or forest practice. It will grow in a variety of habitats from moist, shaded woods to open slopes, and dry, rocky terrain.  It is rare in Washington & Oregon, listed as sensitive in Washington, only found in or near the Cascades in Pierce & Thurston counties). Western Maidenhair Fern            Maidenhair Fern family—Pteridaceae. where it is listed as threatened. Mountain Holly Fern or Rock Sword Fern, P. scopulinum is also like a smaller Sword Fern but is shinier and more leathery with spiny-toothed leaves.  It is nearly bipinnate with long hairs on the teeth of each leaflet.  It is found in dry coniferous forest or more commonly on cliffs and talus slopes.  It is more frequent east of the Cascades and the Rocky Mountains; it also grows in eastern Canada. Its even locally native from Maryland to New Foundland. americanum.  It is much smaller, with narrower, crinkled fronds. I live in the Arbor Heights neighborhood of West Seattle, still noted for its large native …

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