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"Every word, like a sacred object, has its place. This extraordinary book must be read. THE SCIENCE OF THE CONCRETE […] Examples like these could be drawn from all parts of the world and one may readily conclude that animals and plants are not known as a result of their usefulness; they are deemed to be useful or interesting because they are first of all known. Totem and Caste 5. History and Dialectic Bibliography Index The Savage Mind In 1962, Lévi-Strauss published what is for many people his most important work, La Pensée Sauvage , translated into English as The Savage Mind . The French title is an untranslatable pun, as the word pensée means both 'thought' and ' pansy ', while sauvage has a range of meanings different from English 'savage'. The Savage Mind 1962. "—Edmund Carpenter, New York Times Book Review "No outline is possible; I can only say that reading this book is a most exciting intellectual exercise in which dialectic, wit, and imagination combine to stimulate and provoke at every page. Systems of Transformations 4. 1. In other words, it is because the world exists as such that a genuine logic of the sensitive, or a science of the concrete… Claude Levi-Strauss, a French anthropologist, was the founder of structural anthropology. The Logic of Totemic Classifications 3. Home » Browse » Books » Book details, The Savage Mind: (La Pensee Sauvage) The Savage Mind: (La Pensee Sauvage) ... the Science of the Concrete 1. The Individual as a Species 8. The truth which Levi-Strauss (hereafter L-S) develops is intended to destroy our common sense prejudices about how natives think. Indeed, the sign, as a signifier, is a thing of the world, a concrete being. The science of the concrete (Savage mind. The general thesis of the natural attitude seems therefore to be a necessary condition for the savage mind. The composite portrait of the ‘savage mind’ that emerges from the opening pages of the book is therefore an intellectualist one: though different in kind, in their capacity for abstract and systematic thinking indigenous systems of classification are in no way inferior to modern science (SM, 8–13). Read the full-text online edition of The Savage Mind: (La Pensee Sauvage) (1996). The Science of the Concrete 2. The 1962 work of structural anthropology The Savage Mind by Clause Levi- Strauss argues the position of the bricoleur, a resourceful artisan who relies primarily on mystical thought and constructs using whatever materials are available. Time Regained 9. Universalization and Particularization 7. No précis is possible. [Offprint]) Unknown Binding – January 1, 1966 by Claude LeÌ vi-Strauss (Author) See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Savage Mind is intended to arrest our sense of time in the macro-historical sense, asking us to see humanity and the culture that humanity presupposes as something nearly eternal at its very depth. Categories, Elements, Species, Numbers 6.

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