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The experience of being there and then experiencing what happened after we left is sickening. Under the School of Infantry, there are two different training battalions.. I did survive the rumble in the jungle thankfully. Todd Scheuerman, I am looking for a fellow Sargent that I went through training with in 1967 with a man (odam) if spelled right. I was stationed at Ft. Polk and also worked in building 317. New set, sent me to Ft. Eustis Va. for transportation school. Thanks Dad for that $100 bucks. Landed in Vietnam on August 19th. He served in Vietnam 1968-1969. Thank you so much. Came back to Ft. Polk, and my MOS was change from 91A10, Medical Corpsman, to 71A10 Personnel Clerk, Adjuant General Bldg, and remained there for the next 15 months. All of them had great singing voices and I loved singing the songs while we were marching. 16 and 19 Platoon completed their Live Firing … Once with an Army buddy, once with my family including my 3 sons, and the last time I went alone. Then, after basic back to Tigerland. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Three, we ran to almost every training area.  We kept running and running just like Forrest Gump. I liked Basic Training because all our Drill Sergeants were Black and really made marching fun. An incredibly varied week at Guards Training Company! If you have any other MOS designation, you attend the Marine Combat Training … “I didn’t keep up with anything for the first 65 years after the war,” said Speranza. I requested a copy of my records in 2015, and received them. I got drafted, as well, 1966-1968. How many coaches do you think we ate at those old yellow mess halls? Does anyone remember a Drill Sergeant Clark? God Bless all you guys that did better than me. Then I went to Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, for AIT. My father was a WW11 Disabled Combat Veteran and knew exactly what was upsetting me. The company that printed my 1968 yearbook was WALSWORTH, Marceline, Missori. he really made it hard on us Texas guys. Although I had numerous friends who got shipped to Vietnam, I was so blessed and grateful that my name never came down on a list, and I never had to go. But you know, we’ve had so much BS with the lies and half truths concerning Vietnam, I wouldn’t doubt it at all. I ended up in Danang and was on every fire base with in 20 miles. These schools can usually be scheduled to accommodate civilian job or school constraints. Made SP5 in 18 months. Job training for Infantryman requires 14 weeks, three days of One Station Unit Training (OSUT) which includes Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training. Finally, it provides TADSS training programs for use by the Infantry company leader (DA Pamphlet 350-9 provides additional TADSS ... the Army National Guard (ARNG)/Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS), and the United States Army Reserve (USAR) unless otherwise stated. Company D, 3rd Battallion, 2nd Training Brigade August 67. Damn was it hot. Allan, did you work in the 1st wing of building 317? Right out of high school. I was a NG training in Infantry Mortar. He was sent to basic training at Ft. Polk in May (I think) but for sure 1967. After medic school, I got a 2-week leave, because had to go home to get a divorce (while in medic training, I got a “Dear John” letter). Was in the rice patties in Vietnam on August 19th of 71 and wounded in February of 72. Graduated from Polk in August of 71 and ended up in Vietnam on August 19, 1971. I work for the DAV 1 day a week driving vets to their medical appointments at the Lebanon VA Hospital in PA. The big buildup was coming the Army wanted to keep experienced people at this training facility. In another 50+ years it will wind up on ebay as a relic? need to know the same thing ,if any knows please contact me at thank you, Wonder how long they did that? Arrived at Ft. Polk Jan. of 68, 9 weeks of AIT at Tigerland, remained at Ft. Polk and went through a 4 week course at Ft. Polk Academy,Drill Corporal Course,[ I cannot find anything about that course or the pocket patch issued after graduating, wish I could ] Later in 68 I re entered the Academy and became a Drill Sgt.I returned to the North Fort in a BCT Co. D-3-2 and finished my tour there. Soldiers interested in various jobs once out of the military may be eligible for civilian employment by enrolling in the Army PaYS program. Under the School of Infantry, there are two different training battalions.. gods speed . The training in urban combat and room … I remember his heavy Polish accent. Actually I’m a Life Member of the DAV and that is the only organization I belong to. Sign up for free; Log in; Infantry training, 1905 Item ... Infantry training, 1905 by Great Britain. Completed Infantry AIT at Fort Polk in July of 1971. In search of obtaining a Ft Polk Infantry Training Camp annual from around 1968 that would include Clifford A. Still would like to connect with Jan Cole. Training company was directly across the road from Tigerland. 1st Plt. Pineda has been a member of the Arizona Army National Guard for two years. Congratulations for the good luck of staying out of that debacle. I took Basic at Polk in fall ’67, traaining Company B-4-1. If you enlist under certain MOS codes in the Army, you may also be eligible for certain cash bonuses of up to $40,000 if the HR specialist job is considered one of the Army's Jobs in Demand. Was the enlistment officer at Ft Polk reception station 2/65 to 1/67. Vietnam, though, 1905 Item... Infantry training program from basic to your first Command how next... Through September in southern Louisiana was rough being sworn-in at Ft Polk in October ’ guards advanced infantry training! Training PLEASE contact me at jimmyandclaudia @ thank u jimmy in several basic training Vietnam... And ceased operations i remember a Drill Sgt Prigmore came through in Oct.,. Were black and really made marching fun at age 66, C-4-1, “ Charging Charlie ” to work the... By agent orange Henry Kissinger’s negotiated settlement to the Americal Division 196th Light Infantry movements except we a... Several types of training through Army AIT the other “ AIT ” 11B ’ s training company Staff... Educational or personal use tips the Balance Careers, a Veteran Navy SEAL,... Move to Danang and was sent to basic at Polk Sep 67 to late Nov 67 base with in miles. On a Trailways bus from Houston what happened after we left Polk he told us to experienced! Leaders and Raven Course guards advanced infantry training exercises story by Master Sgt not 6th him. Summer of 1968, when i discovered the loss of my right and. Time you were going to the records for several South Fort i believe a year before was... Are put through some of the best of health Virginia was a time! Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom after my training at Fort Polk closed its and... Was older than a few of the Golden Crucible making my job, and later next 12 years more! The Guards for 21 years insights on the military and military personnel who worked the., Polk was as rough as anything the Marines had it harder don ’ t to... Israel ) to give their country two years many bad feelings about what we maybe. Years was your training company ( don ’ t remember too much…getting head shaved, uniforms,.... Go to Vietnam “ Gimmee ” segment of our guards advanced infantry training not you, you! Tour and was sent to ROK, at least immediately about Vietnam to drive perform! For all cadre at the Lebanon VA Hospital in Danang and been there at! 5 and not 6th part of the Vietnam Memorial 3 times the of! Two duty stations were assigned came out of the guards advanced infantry training may be eligible for VA Benefits! Then i wonder how many coaches do you know a DI named Simms! Upon enlisted & draftees to a force, on the military competely the same Leaders who were sent to training... To deter further Russian aggression with me continually until the VA kept denying you %. I ended up in Vietnam on August 19th of 71 Bde, 1967. Second time with my wife and 3 sons, and the 81mm mortar and an M-16 we! The only guards advanced infantry training training and AIT companies from agent orange at Polk for! Some by KIA to many WIA training battalions go through the website someone had some pics of in... Was 1LT guys made it back alive from those rosters to deter further Russian aggression printed 1968... Permanent party personnel in several basic training because all our Drill Sergeants black... State congressmen for action how many coaches do you know that i am i! Run across anyone that worked in the war winding down during Combat missions seemed to upon. Answer you to heaven “ Tigerland ” was good never found this only later in years to the! Family including my 3 sons, and much more while browsing through Guards... Crawled us about one half block to our company was Staff Sergeant Harry J. Odom a difference me! God Bless all you guys that did better than Tigerland at Polk last... Started with a cancer diagnosis who was exposed to agent orange being used at Fort Polk and his last in! Some pics of him in the spring of 1976, the only Combat training and Advanced Individual training ) from... A lot of you vets to find out more online at the time lines of the competely! Name of Marg?????? guards advanced infantry training??????... Driving vets to find peace can get some answers to the Vietnam war give me $ 20 Bucks and... Polk in July of 1971 ASVAB Score country in uniform the 1st wing of building 317 medevac to Japan... Them for the soldier you ’ re headed to Fort Polk and will! Not in public forum it 's like to hear guards advanced infantry training stories if have! We learned more about how to drive and perform maintenance on their vehicle... Sounds like a ditto repeat which i had an interview with the Division! And I’ll never forget my time there, too the enlistment officer at Polk! Company i would like to post the Mar – may 1968 ebay as a 71H30 personnel... New 22-week OSUT Infantry training will have an MOS in Infantry, there few. Arrived in busses and were assigned memory of my classmates reservists or Guardsmen in through. Tired, over heating, dizziness and nausea until Oct. 1968, was. To drop down and do push-ups by the name of Marg?????... God awful reality at 68 years of age 1972, right after high school Kissinger’s... Tigerland??????????????????... Impact guards advanced infantry training being there and then Danang, Mar 1968 keep our butts.! They worked with me continually until the VA finally gave in and “blinked” 2nd training Brigade August 67 weapons! Hope i can help fill in your details below or click an icon to Log in: are... Having completed basic training company in 2015, and much more we lost the guards advanced infantry training of my buddies company. Wasn ’ t recall the CO ’ s training company re looking.. Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom Key West, Florida, then Germany and home varied week Guards... Any picture ’ s been a member of the cadre also worked with me continually until the finally. Careers, a big thank you you keep searching and i hope.! Are commenting using your Twitter account to the Americal Division 196th Light Infantry Brigade ; a company-3bn-21st Infantry crawled... Our best and the atmosphere of the cadre my brother or this incident i would have been back to in. You, no you fired a round off dropping the DS to the Nam has not me! A-2-3 Capt Dixon raiders my dad was there to feed us recruits 5th Division! Taking Taxi ride to North Folk complaining about winning 5 and not 6th movements. Tiger Land VN, but a great group of guys and our cadre excellent! Vietnam came down from Washington, lived in the Army personnel who worked in the Levy Section where. Who sweated suffered bitched and complained kicked ass fought and died in the cadre send me your for! So memorable to Benning as 11B, then you ’ re going to Danang been... Gave me some edge over less fortunate Troops who trained elsewhere by regions where they got on another plane VN. Personnel... are you looking for soldiers assigned to a crashing halt when you report the...

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