hidden valley ranch keg

I don't know if it will last a whole year since it tastes great on everything and is gonna go fast, but 5 … Look no further because it has to be this cool new Hidden Valley Ranch Mini Keg. For just $50 you can own your own keg full of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, just in time for the holidays. It's perfect for hypochondriacs who want ranch on … A KEG. However, the purchase does include a year’s worth of ranch, though how many bottles that amounts to doesn’t seem clear (and would obviously depend on how much you love ranch). Yep, this hilarious metal mini keg holds a year's supply of tasty Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing. Mystery Ranch Backpack, Empty Beer Keg In Collectible International Beer Cans, Bone Valley, 5 Liter Keg In Collectible International Beer Cans, Lehigh Valley Slide, Heartland Valley Christmas Village, Hidden Collectible Fixed Blade Knives, Collectible Valley Pool Tables, Hidden Mickey Completer Pin, Lehigh Valley Railroad Photograph Christmas parties, Sunday football, a random Tuesday - ranch is … As the name implies, the mini keg is not frat-house sized — it's 9 by 6 inches, so you can easily store it in the fridge, to keep ranch on tap, we guess. Hidden Valley Ranch. The keg, which retails for $65, holds five liters of Hidden Valley Ranch or about seven regular-sized bottles. Hidden Valley. Hidden Valley Ranch contains relatively high levels of sodium and saturated fats that, if eaten in moderation, are pretty innocuous, but, according to nutrition expert Sarah Krieger, "In a 5-liter keg, there are 170 servings of 2 tablespoons, so the consumer is in charge of how much to enjoy, but should be aware of how quickly it adds up." For $65, you get this silver beauty and a year's supply of Hidden Valley Ranch.

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