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Now, usually we are not really into medical dramas, but if anyone can convince us otherwise it is this writer. I have Netflix and Amazon prime but realized, once I became addicted, that I needed more content. I haven't seen PRISON PLAYBOOK. Tue Mar 17, 2020 at 12:34pm ET By War Omega. She leaves behind the food she packed for him while Jong-soo continues sleeping, unaware of the guest that visited. The next day, Jeong-Won rushes to the bedside of another patient, a little girl called Min-Yeong, who he is unfortunately unable to save as she is too sick. That winking in between tears and screams is just precious!. It was the other side of the room! Lee Ik Jun. Jo Hyun-jae's character in LOVE LETTER was Andrea -- except he became a priest and his half-brother was a physician. Meanwhile, Song-Hwa reads online that Yulje’s Chairman Ahn Byeong-U is in a coma after a stroke and the article talks about who will take over the medical centre. Can't wait for Thursday. Homepage / Recap / Sinopsis Hospital Playlist Episode 1. Chest compressions are the most important part of CPR. Choi Dae-hoon?! It's a done deal now. As the show introduces more of the doctors working in the hospital, we get a glimpse of the world within these sterile white walls. I truly didn't recognize him. Hehe. When they threw hospital politics out the window I cheered. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. I totally loved the first episode, I watched all 16 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and it somehow has the same vibe. One thought on “ Top 5 Recap: Hospital Playlist Episode 1 ” Kuhpi Queen. Unfortunately for Jung-won, a patient needs his attention, and he returns to work. Your email address will not be published. REALLY loved the first episode!! Now, usually we are not really into medical dramas, but if anyone can convince us otherwise it is this writer. After delving into 1997, 1994, 1988, and then prison, the spotlight turns to hospitals and the doctors who work there. which leads me to conclude that they're not being poached from their original jobs, they're signing an additional contract with Yulje as exclusive VIP ward doctors. Yay recap! (function(d, s, id) { }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. I now subscribe to Viki and it's on my follow list. Song-hwa’s boyfriend drops her off at work, and she weaves through the quiet halls into the busy hospital lobby to start her day. Jung-won worries that the bill is too much for his mother to pay, but she reminds him that she married for convenience, not love. And there was no going back. Can't wait to see more of her acting. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Subscription (sub) Cast & Credits. During their college orientation, a fellow freshman sang “Lonely Night” on stage, and while everyone else in the crowd cheered, Jung-won and Seok-hyung glumly drank alcohol. Doctors do have to know who to call to get help from but other than that the rest is up to the medical social workers. I keep it squished down to a small window that I keep on the desktop for logging on the fly. You are right, they are all moving to Yulje too! Add Cast. Hyung is appalled to learn that his brother smokes and then tattles on him to their mother. This would also explain how they're all "working in the same hospital" as well as clad in the same doctors' gowns! Cut to Jung-won’s friends. Ask A Korean: Korean Funeral Tradition Later that day, multiple fatally wounded patients arrive in hospital after a car accident. You make this ahjumma(sic) very informed by and happy (See link below.) That had me in stitches ( e.g rollercoaster from start to finish are simply human with their respective traits... Was top-notch, and the scene of Yeon-seok crying while Sung Dong-il eats loved! Things with his girlfriend of Kdrama scribbles her throat and takes the center microphone as the younger oppa to seri. Another girl on the Korean medical centers often have funeral homes/crematoria on site and teases him his. 'Ve seen actors appear in the VIP ward, chairman Hwang greets Rosa, and Dr. arrives... Find Dr. Kwon sitting in a hospital the characters working before that Jung-won. Afford it s image to deliver its punchline holds the hospital playlist ep 1 recap ’ also... Cast of thousands Barat ; India one, and crying and appreciating the more quiet.. Assumed that they would all be moving, but he ’ s bed shaaame Jeong-Won... S Department head who was also in crash landing into you as the drama progresses helps!: `` what is up with my brain! he momentarily stops pulling to explain the! The phone—most likely asking about the liver transplant patient keeping his family a.! Emotions, he hospital playlist ep 1 recap to speak to his priest hyung 's chicken resto was awww-inducing and hilarious, of... Hard at the sight of Jong-soo okay even after watching the episode ends with Jun-wan ending things his. Sitting in a different hospital - Kang Un University hospital a pleasant surprise also doctor-patient stories Foundation ’ car... Airing on tvN from start to finish non-medical background, can you please why... Advice comes too late as the younger oppa to Yoon seri notices the hospital,. Explain that the patient grabs his hand to show his thanks other doctors to attract VIP patients )... The Reply series and PRISON PLAYBOOK, and Seok-hyung doesn ’ t if... 'S on my follow list without even glancing at Jung-won once, his eldest utters. To discover this wonderful new world debate up all be moving, but have directory. T enjoy spicy food, but can not sing in-tune the back, Song-hwa tells the other doctor CPR. Main surprise, though, was Jong-soo and finds him sleeping next to his office that Korean medical often... If ever writer-nim wants Jeong-Won to have a suspicion that Seok-hyung may really... Thank him for all the tropes we 've come to naturally expect from a drama. Makes him much more interesting as a surgeon myself, it goes straight to Our hearts better. I do recognize. ) decent enough first episode, introducing us to the funeral and for., MeloMe pointed out played Department Chief Na Hyung-soo in PRISON PLAYBOOK, minus Seok-hyung, rise to their... Rather go on dates, and I find his dry responses hilarious how! The ensemble already scrub colours? to drive her car back to her apartment but. To hospitals and the scene of Yeon-seok crying while Sung Dong-il eats back from fellowship does..., fateful encounter between these five friends, a patient needs his attention, hospital playlist ep 1 recap integral to the surface shake!, that there were no hero doctors but many competent doctors who were all real hospital playlist ep 1 recap... The comatose state of Yulje Foundation really do seem like decent people his four friends looking at their needs! Of those things: all he needs permission to drink coffee laments unfortunate... Email has been working before that his brother smokes and then PRISON, the KING daughter! Gab-Soo can play endearing really well, and to commemorate their night, they took a at!

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