how long does it take to learn a language fluently

Generally, it takes students less time to become conversationally fluent in Spanish than it takes students to become conversationally fluent in Mandarin. Immersion. Even linguists or people who know how to speak more than two languages aside from their native tongue have to spend not less than two years to master one language. In my opinion, it may take John between three and ten years to learn Russian fluently, depending on his future choices, and whether or not he manages to stick with the language over the long term. There is a difference in the time it takes to become fluent across languages. A look at various ways to estimate the answer to the questions: how long does it take to learn a language, and when can you expect to reach your goals? But fluency doesn’t have to be as heart-crushingly distant as 20 years away… In any case, I’ve said before that focusing on the number of hours you study is a much more important measurement than the years you learn a language . Whichever method you choose to learn a language, it will take hundreds of hours to reach fluency. Language learning is a process that does not happen overnight nor in a fortnight. Let me give you another example of how changes in my own life circumstances have helped me learn languages … Based on people’s grammar scores and information about their learning of English, the researchers developed models that predicted how long it takes to become fluent in a language and the … For full immersion, the length to learn any new language …

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