how to change supercell id email

Press question mark to learn the rest of … Please also search your email inbox for any messages mentioning ”Supercell ID”. Can I Play On PC? Open up the game. And yes I have tried to email them too but you guess it right, no one replied back August 19th, 2018 #2. fette. And my old email is connected to Supercell ID. Game Center, Apple ID, Google. Each game account requires a unique Supercell ID. If you create an account and have second thoughts about using that email/twitter account, don't worry, you can link a different To change your account links, go to the Paimon menu, the icon at the top left of the main UIBu hesabı çalmak istesem, supercell'e mail atsam "h. i think that time my village "b" is on and i made supercell id with b gmail id but my bad luck my "A" Village is connected 2 options: 1) Do as Wotan suggests and just use the other email for the other one. How to change email linked with supercell id I have lost access to my Gmail account linked with supercell Id and now I want to change it, trying to get in touch with in game help and support for last 7-8 days but no reply, any other way to get help? I want to change my email because i'm gonna delete the old one. You can register a new account in any Supercell game. Supercell id change email. To attach your first account to Supercell ID: Configure your device with the correct Google or Game Center account. Press J to jump to the feed. I used my personal email to create my Supercell ID, any way I can change it to my gamer email without deleting the account? A: If you didn’t receive the Supercell ID verification e-mail, be sure to check your spam filter and firewall settings. Title. The account associated to your Google account or Game Center will load. The account you just attached to Supercell ID will load. Therefore, to transfer all your game accounts to Supercell ID you need as many valid email addresses.

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