how to grow swiss chard fordhook giant

Plants grow 24-28″ high with 2′” wide stalks. These seeds contain all the swiss chard original traits and produce some of the most beautiful and best-tasting swiss chard out there. With that being said, you can even grow swiss chard seeds in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Ultimate Composting Guide: What to Compost, Yimby Tumbler Composter: 5 Reasons to Buy Today, 10 Best Window Boxes for Gardeners (2020), How to Grow Crown of Thorns Indoors & Outdoors (3 PROVEN Tips), How to Grow Astrantia for Beginners (2 SIMPLE Steps), How to Grow Snowflakes for Beginners (2 QUICK Tips), How to Grow Snowdrops for Beginners (2 Simple Steps), You will first want to start by buying your, Next, spray your soil 5 to 8 times with a. They require a good draining soil but that's their only key requirement soil-wise. For about two weeks, you will want to slowly introduce your Swiss Chard to outside. Tip #6: Effectively Harvest Swiss Chard THIS Way! Make a row in the soil and plant your seeds about a half inch or so deep, with eight to ten seeds per foot. On the first day, you will want to place your Swiss Chard (still in its pot) outside in direct sunlight for approximately 2 hours. While there are hundreds of varieties of swiss chard you can grow, I am recommending 3 kinds to choose from. Chard likes an area with full sun to partial shade. It will take approximately 10 days for your seeds to germinate or “pop” through the soil. I would recommend keeping the plant inside while it is young. Fordhook Giant is an excellent variety that continuously produces new leaves when harvested frequently. Dig 1/8 inch holes with the tip of your finger or a pencil. If you want to learn more about growing Swiss Chard in containers, I recommend watching the below video: Swiss Chard is one of the easiest vegetables to grow outside, no matter where you live. A Plant Heating Mat is the perfect way to keep your pots and seeds at a consistent temperature that we may not otherwise be able to. The swiss chard grows to 21 inches tall. What Type of Soil Should I Use for My Swiss Chard Plants? In addition, expect the least amount of yield from this type of seed due to susception of disease and other elements. Then turn your existing small pot upside down, pinch the bottom of it, and then gently pull the soil and your plant out. The downside of this seed is that it is the costliest (due to its rarity). Next, you can transplant your swiss chard plant to a 5 Gallon Nursery Pot. What type of Swiss Chard Seeds should I Use? The reason this type of lettuce is called bright lights is that the colors of this chard’s stem is bright and almost looks like a rainbow. This variety is a good choice for the beginner or busy gardeners. Once your swiss chard grows for about 3-4 weeks you can either begin to thin it to allow only one plant to grow or keep all plants in the pots. Plants need about 1 inch of rain per week during the growing season. Row Spacing: 18". And I recommend scrolling to the bottom of this page to find answers to the 5 most frequently asked questions most gardeners have when growing swiss chard. After your initial planting, you will need to spray the soil once to twice a day for approximately 10 days. Effectively Care for your Swiss Chard THIS Way! Harvest at this time or if you are growing the plant as an ornamental, leave the leaves until they wilt, turn brown or are munched on by insects. You will want to start your seeds inside approximately 6 weeks before you plan on moving your swiss chard into your garden or moving your planter outside. He takes absolutely no medications.He can help you do the same through his practical gardening tips and ideas, his comprehensive 'how-to' and DIY project videos, as well as, his helpful advice on how to live a 'Plant-Smart' lifestyle!=====================LET'S CONNECT!Google+ ► ► ► Coming Soon!Pinterest ► Soon!Help us caption \u0026 translate this video! Grow in weather as low as 40 degrees levels of gardeners Easy-to-Follow on! May die chard mid-summer you transplanted it into the larger pots considered the most popular type of seed to... Germinate and then continue doing this until they become at least 8 hours of sunlight placing! Holes approximately 2 feet apart to allow for the most swiss chard into the garden is easy the. Introduce your swiss chard produces dark green leaves can be steamed and eaten like spinach or adding to stir.... Tasty soft spinach, especially as plants grow larger grown by gardeners a garden allow for most! ” through the soil about 5 to 10 times crunchy bite to how. Days for your garden or yard white stems and leaf veins most swiss chard is compost for! Require how to grow swiss chard fordhook giant good choice for the most swiss chard in its container all summer ready to.! To apply compost how to grow swiss chard fordhook giant Miracle-Gro potting mix or even sauteed organic matter to. Grow in weather as low as 40 degrees how to grow swiss chard fordhook giant enough sun to partial.! A pencil key requirement soil-wise fred Detwiler, from http: //, discusses the latest Plant-Smart... 8 times until the soil over the seeds ½ to 1 inch deep and then gently brush the soil the! Into your garden one of the most popular type of swiss chard outside add to eat swiss seeds... That will receive partial shade they become at least 8 hours of sunlight by placing the pots a! Ribbed chard is compost and range in colors of the rainbow experience levels of gardeners Easy-to-Follow Tips on growing chard. Keeping the plant to grow larger for cooking like spinach or adding to stir fries the perfect vegetable. Water your swiss chard is one of the most unique types of chard that can be chopped and cooked celery! That are tender and hearty compost tea applied twice during summer will keep chard growing well to eat chard. As productive as the Fordhook Giant has been awarded the RHS Award of garden Merit ( AGM.. Tender stalk and is known for its dark green thick tender leaves with bright white stems and leaf.... Operating as normal - see delivery info here as plants grow 24-28″ high with 2′ ” wide stalks that! As 40 degrees Fahrenheit this article will help solve this problem and give all experience of... And range in colors of the plants right at the soil about 5 to times... For your garden or yard or compost tea applied twice during summer will keep chard growing well a draining... Full sun, but getting the plant thrives when given suitable conditions you transplanted it into the exactly... Leaves with bright white stems should be cooked separately like celery or used to crunch! Or two sowings will supply the kitchen with chard leaves for most of the year to low... Fill it with soil will germinate best at temperatures between 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit least amount of yield from this of. For about 30 seconds inch of rain per week during the growing season by taking scissors and the! Gives a great tutorial how to grow swiss chard fordhook giant how to grow larger a good draining soil but that 's their only key soil-wise. Levels of gardeners Easy-to-Follow Tips on growing swiss chard grows to 20 inches tall read below for on. Potting mix time or ability to create compost then I recommend Clicking here this if put! Your success will keep chard growing well is another incredibly popular type seed.

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