how to make a dress out of a shirt

Anyway, in an attempt to salvage the situation (there are some redeeming qualities), I had it turned into a shirt! Just choose a shirt with a pattern or color that works for you. Repeat for the other half of the dress, making the same number of cuts in the same places. We are going to finish the … Make one straight cut about every ½ inch (1.25 cm), all the way up and down the left and right side of the dress. Allowing space for a 3/4 inch seam allowance, pin to the shirt … And am sharing the tutorial for how it was done today, just in case you have an old dress in the closet that could use a … Make Dress out of T-Shirt (watch HIGH QUALITY) - Duration: 3:52. Turn the skirt so it is wrong-side out. This shirt can be made from a woman's or man's button-down shirt. Now carefully turn the dress inside out. And don't worry about buying that perfect shirt that's a bit too small, because with this simple alteration technique, you can make any shirt fit like a glove. It actually looks worse in person, the photos make it look cuter than it is. See more ideas about t shirt dress, diy fashion, diy clothes. Once you open it up, your front dress shape should look like this. T-shirt Dress Instructions. The technique is the same for both. With the t-shirt right-side facing out, tuck it inside the skirt so that the bottom edge lines up with the gathered edge on the skirt. GenderFun 417,326 views. Choose another T-shirt for the skirt portion of the dress. Turn the dress right side out. Choose a T-shirt that fits the person you are making the dress for. Take care that the neckband is still loose. Lay the shirt flat, remove the pockets and cut off the arms and collar. Outline and cut out tracing paper. Repin the seams together lining it up with the pins you used as a marker. Place a shirt that fits well directly on top of the larger shirt, making sure it is smoothed out completely flat and not bunched up anywhere. Patterned blazers can sometimes be hard to style in a way that doesn’t make them look overdone. Even if you’re wearing jeans, a blazer or cardigan and some comfy dress flats can instantly make a white t-shirt look meeting-ready. The T-shirt can be too short but it needs to fit at the sleeves, neck, and chest areas. Then cut a diagonal cut from the end of the arm cut-out, down to the bottom of the shirt…..creating an A-line dress shape. Pin the raw edges together, making sure the gathers on the skirt are all uniform. Go ahead and keep those favorite shirts that have seen better days in the fit department. Make these cuts on the undersides of the sleeves as well, if you kept them. How to take in a shirt: cutting Lay your template onto the remainder of the shirt and line up the buttons so they run down the front of the dress. Pull the sleeve inside the shirt as shown above so you can see the “scoop” of the armhole. How to make a large t-shirt fitted with knots along the sides - Duration: 6:14. 3:52. Cut horizontal lines into the dress sides. I recommend using a shirt that is larger so that you can make gathers. Have to run out somewhere and need to look polished? Jun 12, 2012 - Explore Dara Hartley's board "Make a T-Shirt Dress", followed by 329 people on Pinterest. The easiest solution is to throw on a great blazer or jacket. Lay your oversized shirt down on a flat surface, smoothing it out flat. Fold it back in half and then place it on top of the back of the women’s shirt….which also needs to be folded in half lengthwise. Sew along the edge and remove the pins. 1.

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