how to write specifications for a construction project

Thus the specification for concrete quality may be very extensive where much structural concrete is to be placed; but it may be quite short if concrete is only required as bedding or thrust blocks to a pipeline. Under the second the detailed requirements are set out. Apart from specifications, various other aspects like schedule of the project, arbitration, inventory etc issues too have to be considered. Each project is unique and will need a different set of specifications and most likely corresponding packages. In fact, specifics are such a key element of construction that there is an entire formal process dedicated to them; enter construction specifications. This white paper documents the work of those groups and subsequent interviews with partic-ipants to flesh out ideas and concepts. For instance, if it is necessary to underpin or shore up an existing structure, the exact method used should not be specified for, if the contractor follows the method and damage ensues, the liability for damage may lie on the designer. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. It is not easy to achieve an error-free specification. Writing Specifications for Construction Contracts. Lost your password? should be used. Legal terms and phrases should not be used. why risk of efflorescence formation in cement based materials is high in coastal areas? A natural first step in creating valuable specifications is not waiting until the last minute. Certain construction solutions will let you upload all your documents in one place, letting you link specifications to design documents for a full picture. How to Inspect a Structure Using Acoustic Emission Testing? VIP members get additional benefits. Become VIP Member. By including specifications early in the project lifecycle, performance requirements are established from the start and project risk is reduced on a whole. Requirements for each subject should be stated clearly, in logical order, and checked to see all aspects are covered. Become VIP Member, Do you need to remove the ads? As required documents during the design phase, they’re part of a formal process. The quality and type of materials and workmanship required. In construction, controlling risk is essential to managing end-to-end project lifecycle. Entirely new material is quite difficult to write and will almost certainly require more than one attempt to get it satisfactory. Although plans and certain documents can illustrate what a building should look like visually, an in-depth written explanation is needed to describe the construction process. Use shorter steps and try to write your first version of project specification documentation in one, or max two hours. Additionally, if your software includes past versions, you can revisit older specs for clarification if project changes aren’t entirely clear. What are the important points of FIDIC Contract we should keep in mind during tendering? What is the difference between Airport, Aerodrome and Airfield? During construction, specifics are everything and failure to communicate specifically could create massive change orders, cost overruns and schedule delays, which can negatively impact your bottom line. Simply put, construction specifications are documents prepared ahead of construction to describe how building should be carried out by contractors and subcontractors. If you’re a designer or architect, spend the time to get these documents right so your vision for the project is executed correctly. Most importantly, if specifications are done correctly, they reduce risk. Nobody needs to write a 20-page specification from scratch. Country All Rights Reserved. Quality must be precisely defined, not described as ‘best’, etc. As mentioned, construction specifications are prepared before construction begins, in the design phase as part of the contract documents. In the past, specifications were one of the last items to be written before tender. Construction specifications are a part of the construction contract. For writing specifications for construction contracts, care must be taken to ensure consistency of requirements throughout and conformity with what is written in other documents. Although their structure varies project-by-project, typically they reflect packages to be given to subcontractors from contractors. Autodesk Privacy | Legal | Report Noncompliance | Site map | © 2020 Autodesk Inc. All rights Tell Your Construction Site Story and Win Prizes, Minimizing Corruption in the Construction Industry: Strategies and Approaches, Calculate Quantities of Materials for Concrete -Cement, Sand, Aggregates, Types of Foundation for Buildings and their Uses [PDF], Methods of Rainwater Harvesting [PDF]: Components, Transport, and Storage, Quantity of Cement and Sand Calculation in Mortar. And just remember, being overly specific never hurt anyone in a construction process. The vast majority … Have you ever failed to be specific? The layout and grouping of subjects should be logical. The specification draws on the information collected and presented during the research section. List of all the pages/screens with all the features 3. To improve your construction specifications, and in turn, the success rate of your project, it starts with a firm understanding of what these documents are and how they are prepared. You would spend days and weeks working on it. Failing to do so might have resulted in someone getting lost from your incomplete directions, or worse, loss of a job or project that was meaningful to you. Design mockups or wireframes 5. Usually there is no need to specify a particular method, but there may be a need to rule out certain methods; for example, that the contractor is not to use explosives. Without access to the right and an abundance of data, projects can easily fail. Specifications can be considered a lot of like data. Other directions on method should be given only if essential for the design. The extent of detail adopted should relate to the quantity and importance of any particular type of work in relation to the works required. How to Write Construction Specifications for Contract Documents? As construction projects become more complex and budgets become scrutinized, access to ample data is critical to making the right decisions when building. Login to The Constructor to ask questions, answer people’s questions, write articles & connect with other people. In general, the design phase is critical to setting up the success of a project and specs should be taken seriously. Under the first an informative description is given of what the contractor is to provide and all special factors, limitations, etc. The clearer a description is, the more likely it will be executed correctly. User path 4. Which country provides highest salary to the civil engineer? Then, list all the requirements that must be met during assembly, using the word “shall” in your definitions. Requirements for each subject should be stated clearly, in logical order, and checked to see all aspects are covered. The drafter might think it covers any rock encountered but it does not if the geological data supplied with the contract or reasonably available to the contractor provides no evidence of the existence of rock. Construction specifications, also known, as specs, detail the work and workmanship needed to complete a construction project. The construction specification has to tell the contractor precisely: Repetition of requirements should be avoided, Load Test on Piles – Methods of Pile Load Test, Pre-Concrete Checks for Formwork and Release Agents. Copying whole texts from a previous specification which can result in contradictory requirements should not be adopted. VIP members get additional benefits. Simply put, construction specifications are documents prepared ahead of construction to describe how building should be carried out by contractors and subcontractors. It’s not a philosophical document; it’s a very clear set of instructions about how your product will work. Below, we’ll discuss what specifications are in construction, why they’re important, what are the common types on projects and how to improve the process to increase overall project efficiency. The specs are a subcontractor’s field guide on what materials to use, how to install them, and the desired level of quality. So, if the design advances, so should the specifications, with more and more details being added as plans get more complex. It is of considerable assistance to copy model clauses that, by use and modification over many previous contracts, have proved satisfactory in their wording. According to the Dictionary of Architecture & Construction a specification is, “a written document describing in detail the scope of work, materials to be used, methods of installation, and quality of workmanship for a parcel of work to be placed under contract; usually utilized in conjunction with working (contract) drawings in building construction.”, Furthermore, according to The Construction Specifier, “specification sections are customized in order to accurately describe the intended materials, and then these sections are used by the team to identify the type of products that should be used onsite.”.

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