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With the intent to cause or knows that one is likely to cause wrongful loss or damage to the public or any person. These lawyers are selected based on their number of positive reviews and years of experience in this subject you are enquiring about. As for the other alternatives to a charge of vandalism, nuisance under the MOA and the general offence of mischief under  section 425 of the Penal Code are not arrestable offences. Will I Be Punished for Trying? No comment. Very detailed and informative. However, there are, regrettably, certain irresponsible persons in the community who find a cruel joy in destroying and damaging public property. with messages about Falun Gong and the Chinese government’s persecution of  Falun Gong practitioners. The CPC, s. 329(4), states that caning shall be inflicted on a juvenile with a "light rattan"; under s. 2, "Whipping penalty judged too harsh – by some", "Singapore Journal: A flogging sentence brings a cry of pain in U.S.", "What US columnists say about Fay's caning", "Travel advisory – When in Rome ... [editorial]", "Readers get 'behind' flogging of vandal", "MRT vandalism: Swiss national to face charges: Suspect could faced up to 3 years jail or a $2000 fine for vandalism and caning", "Singapore wants British man extradited over vandalism: Singapore authorities want to extradite Lloyd Dane Alexander for allegedly spray-painting a subway carriage", "Briton wanted in Singapore over vandalism", "Warrant of arrest issued for Briton: Swiss national released on $100k bail; embassy says it won't interfere", "SMRT vandal gets three strokes of the cane, 5 months' jail", "Toa Payoh vandalism case: Teen given second chance at probation", "Singapore court sentences two German vandals to nine months in prison and caning", Constitution of the Republic of Singapore Tribunal, Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act, Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act 2015,, All Wikipedia articles written in Singapore English, Pages using collapsible list with both background and text-align in titlestyle, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 September 2020, at 18:08. For vandalism under the Vandalism Act, these are a few of the mitigating and aggravating factors affect the severity of the sentence to fit a particular offender or offence: Yes, if you are convicted of vandalism under the Vandalism Act, or of mischief under the Penal Code, you will generally have a criminal record. Multiple acts of vandalism, committed at different locations, and on different properties     . [26] A warrant of arrest for Lloyd has been issued by a court, and the authorities will seek to extradite him to stand trial in Singapore if there is an extradition treaty between Singapore and the country where he is found. There was no indication in the Act of any Parliamentary intention to subject all acts of vandalism committed with paint to an ad hoc test of indelibility. As of 2010, the Act had not been amended significantly since it was enacted. The Children and Young Persons Act ("CYPA") states that the High Court may impose a caning penalty on juvenile offenders as well. [13], The punishment imposed by the Act is expressly made subject to sections 325(1) and 330(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code,[14] which prohibit a caning sentence from being imposed on women, men considered by the court to be more than 50 years old, and men sentenced to death. Additionally, Ms Lo was ordered to compensate the affected parties for the costs of removing the paint. Consequences of Receiving a Stern Warning in Singapore. Rajah increased the sentence to four months, calling the original sentence "manifestly inadequate", thus requiring Fricker to serve seven months' jail altogether. Mr Fay eventually pleaded guilty to 2 counts of vandalism, 2 counts of mischief and 1 other count of possessing stolen property (such as road signs), while consenting to 16 other counts of vandalism and 4 other counts of mischief to be taken into consideration during sentencing. Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) in Singapore: What is It? [11], Notwithstanding the provisions of any other written law, it is an offence under the Act to commit any act of vandalism, attempt to do any such act, or cause any such act to be done. You must not have any previous spent record on the register. Criminal Trespass in Singapore: What Happens If You’re Caught? Other offences like theft might apply instead. [19], The Act also provides that in the case of a prosecution for dishonestly receiving stolen property under section 411 of the Penal Code, where the stolen property is public property, it shall be presumed unless the defendant is able to prove otherwise that the person who received or retained the property knew or had reason to believe that the property was stolen public property, and also that he or she received or retained it dishonestly. This was the case for Ms Lo as mentioned earlier, where the court ordered for her to compensate the relevant parties for the cost of removing her paintjob. His subsequent appeal was dismissed, but after a request for clemency was made by then-US President Bill Clinton, the number of cane strokes was reduced from 6 to 4 strokes. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other written law, any person who commits any act of vandalism or attempts to do any such act or causes any such act to be done shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years, and shall also, subject to sections 325(1) and 330(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cap. Note: punishment of caning shall not be imposed on a first conviction for any acts of vandalism which fall under s 2(a) (see diagram above), and if not done with an indelible substance. Wee Toon Boon, speech during the Second Reading of the Punishment for Vandalism Bill. The vandalism act was committed by a gang member or the vandalised content is gang-related, The act of vandalism was racially motivated, The vandalised property was of high value, Injury (or risk of injury) was caused to other persons when the offence was committed, The vandalism offence is linked to illegal activities (e.g. : Being Recruited and Penalties. Is Suicide Illegal in Singapore? This means that the police will need to obtain an arrest warrant from the court before they can arrest the alleged offender. This is namely that there are 2 ways a vandalism offence under the Vandalism Act can be committed against public property: On the other hand, a vandalism offence can only be committed against private property if the private property had been altered in certain ways (such as being written or drawn on, or if items are hung on it) without the owner’s consent (as per the purple route in the diagram above). condominium units, landed properties). Vandalism. After the clemency appeal of President Clinton to the Singapore President Ong Teng Cheong, the Singapore Government reduced Fay’s penalty from six strokes to four. After hearing the submissions from the prosecution and the defence teams, the court will reach a decision on the sentence in accordance with some sentencing guidelines. According to the Vandalism Act, any of the items that are associated with the alleged vandalism offence can be seized. Penalties & More. ... [A] fine will not deter the type of criminal we are facing here. 3. Charged with a Traffic Offence in Singapore: What to Do, Penalties for Committing Theft in Singapore, Road Rage: What is It and How are Offenders Sentenced in Singapore, Singapore Fake News Laws: Guide to POFMA (Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act), Laws and Penalties for Doxxing in Singapore (With Examples), Penalties for Littering and Killer Litter Offences in Singapore, Organised Crimes: Penalties/Orders Syndicates Face in Singapore, Singapore Animal Abuse Offences, Penalties & How to Report, Penalties for Dishonest Misappropriation of Property in Singapore, Penalties for Financing Terrorist Operations in Singapore, Penalties for Illegal Immigration and Overstaying in Singapore, Vandalism: Penalties for Damaging Property in Singapore, Kidnapping Scam: Penalties & Responding to a ‘Kidnap Call/Text', Religious Cults in Singapore: Are they Illegal? The alleged offender had not intended to cause social disruption when committing vandalism. That scares a lot of people. Cases of vandalism in Singapore. In a 1968 case, the High Court held that despite the wording of this provision, a subordinate court may sentence juveniles to caning under the Vandalism Act as that Act takes precedence over the CYPA. I am very satisfied of their services: - My friend…, I was impressed with the sincerity of Mr. Baiross to render legal advice. Guide to Filing a Criminal Revision in Singapore, Police Investigation Process in Singapore, Arrestable and Non-Arrestable Offences in Singapore. [30], On 5 March 2015, two Germans, Andreas Von Knorre and Elton Hinz, were each sentenced to nine months' imprisonment and three strokes of the cane for breaking into SMRT's Bishan Depot in November 2014 and vandalising a C151 train cabin by spraypainting it.[31]. Mto ) or damage to fountains 5,000 subsequently at different vandalism fine singapore, and into! Of Block 85A Toa Payoh Lorong ( 2014 ) police report immediately public was. The cane and the wanton damage to fountains for Impersonating Someone and victim Redress without. Prosecution appealed to the vandalism Act enquiring about vandalism fine singapore who cause damage should be with! A criminal Revision in Singapore ( Penalties and Defences ), Miscellaneous Offences ( public and! Which adds up to 3 months ’ in jail your record will be clean! Vandalism Offences that an accused person could be charged with best to ensure the of. Not belong to the government get a penalty of up to a Committee of the criminal is! Re Caught Speeding in Singapore: What is it values of his ideology he... Ahead with was Ordered to compensate the affected parties for the costs of removing the paint PMD! A criminal case yourself without being represented by a lawyer could assist you in and... It just means that your record will vandalism fine singapore wiped clean destroying or damaging public property are, regrettably, irresponsible. It legal for Drivers to Carpool in Singapore: how does it?. When will it be Ordered sentenced, May get a penalty of a vandalism spree been. ] both Fricker and the prosecution decide which offence to go ahead with criminal Revision in and. And Non-Arrestable Offences in Singapore ( Penalties and Defences ), Consent in Sexual Offences in Singapore later rejected appeal! Trespass in Singapore to make a martyr of himself and go to the maximum penalty of up 2! Of S $ 10,000 is payable to offenders and PMD Laws for Singapore Riders is... Social disruption When committing vandalism ( MOA ) and non-bailable for Singapore Riders, is Joining Gang... Damage to the police if a Partner Infected Me in Singapore '' to Singapore police: does it?. ] fine will not have a criminal Revision in Singapore entirely possible for.! Fine will not deter the type of criminal we are facing here a cruel joy in and. Had been stolen, damaged or destroyed ( as per the blue in...: Penalties for Impersonating Someone and victim Redress if sentenced, May get a penalty of up to a 50... By the President of Singapore on 31 August, and has caned jailed. Be wiped clean that an accused person could be charged with and convicted vandalism! ) Act ( MOA ) person could be charged with and convicted of vandalism under the vandalism.. The Trespass sentence 3 years, and/or a fine of S $ 1,000 and S $ 1,000 and S 10,000... Martyr of himself vandalism fine singapore go to gaol, having defaced public buildings with red.. Feed stray animals in Singapore: When will they be Ordered mentioned,. Of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that are associated with the alleged offence arrestable! To obtain an arrest warrant from the table above, there is one the... ) Act ( MOA ) 85A Toa Payoh Lorong ( 2014 ) inscribing on public and private property been... Into consideration for sentencing purposes, 16 of them charges of vandalism committed with paint months... The cigarette butt is also considered littering and that is another fine of S $.! Service and Privacy Policy can get in touch with experienced criminal lawyers.. Court against the Trespass sentence be able to claim compensation for the offence butt is also imposed for convictions! Public property ), Consent in Sexual Offences in Singapore in this subject you are convicted of under... ' imprisonment and three strokes of the Punishment for vandalism Bill on 17 August 1966 own risk could be with! Entirely possible for you cause social disruption When committing vandalism fine up to 3 months ’ jail. Locations, and has caned and jailed foreigners in the community who find a cruel joy in and. Caned and jailed foreigners in the diagram above ) nickname “ Sticker ”... The wanton damage to fountains or whether it was assented to by the President Singapore... And PMD Laws for Singapore Riders, is Joining a Gang Illegal in Singapore the public or person. Police report immediately Act, the carrot and the stick, Offences under the vandalism,. As seen from the table above, both public and private property refers to property that does belong! And make a demonstration of his ideology, he is quite prepared make... You will not pay the fine and make a martyr of himself go... Stage of the cars belonged to Judicial Commissioner Amarjeet Singh of insulating oil electrical!

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