kalamata olive oil

Home / Oils / Iliada Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Tin 12x1Lit. SKU: 1909025 Category: Oils. Kalamata PDO Extra virgin olive oil 750ml-The region around the Gulf of Messinia with the port city of Kalamata has an excellent climate for the cultivation of olives. Smooth and fruity, with notes of grass and a peppery finish, this oil i Small production with a focus on high quality makes this single estate, 100% Kalamata extra virgin olive oil a rare treat indeed. Yet it is also of note that olive oil contains omega-3s (2%) and omega-6s (10%). While … Olive oil is unique for its high amount of very stable long-chain monounsaturated fats in the form of oleic acid (75%). Iliada Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Tin 12x1Lit. Their taste is similar to other olives… Eating kalamata olives is a delicious way to boost your nutrient intake and add some flavor to your favorite recipes.. What are Kalamata Olives? For 90 years, the family of Makiss Aggelopoulos has been harvesting Kalamata olives from their estate outside Gythion. Kalamata olives are another form of black olives and are commonly cultivated in the Mediterranean region.These dark purple olives are typically jarred or canned in olive oil and are considered fruits. Additional information ... Mediterranean Artisan Oil Blend 75×25 Canola Extra Virgin Olive Oil gal; Iliada Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olive Oil …

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