kershaw clash vs blur

Extremely popular design. :( He should definitely come back and start cranking out reviews again. Despite its longer blade, it’s still a good sized blade to carry in your pocket. I’ve sent this to Elise to see whats up with the divident, thanks mate! and I think they’re pretty much the best key chain knife currently on the market. I was looking for a more substantial blade and better grip with a good balance of cost vs quality. No fancy free e-book or shiny product bribe incentive offered here! Example, Camillus sent us this knife: and I hated it. The Blur is a stalwart in the Kershaw lineup. In any case, Kershaw certainly doesn’t need me to stick up for them. As an update, I left one on my boat and one in the trailer, but I miss it as an EDC. This is a chunky steel prybar that extends way beyond the scales. Love the Chill, greatly undervalued flipper in my opinion. Almost full size Emerson for sub $40. Bang for buck, I reckon this is the best Kershaw. Knife aficionado and lifelong tinkerer. Interesting, I reckon like with all tools once you have it you will probably find a use for it. It’s a knife I simply will never get rid of and is easily in my top 5 models from any manufacturer. This friend happens to work in construction cutting drywall and does pretty tricky things with it, every single day. This knife has a 3” Tonto blade, which is pointed and perfect for tactical and rescue use, not to mention self-defense. 4. The Oso Sweet is still available on several knife retail sites and on Kershaw’s site. Great, solid knife that is almost universally loved. I used to see pictures and think "man that is an ugly knife." I know a lot of you didn’t like the Gerber Parang (I loved it, sorry), but I think this is a solid alternative. For the money the Clash it seems a sturdy well constructed folder. We carry the full line of Kershaw Spring Assisted Knives. The budget Kershaw’s are really kicking ass over the past 5 years aye? you guys rock! I find myself carrying it more than I thought I would. One hell of a lightweight chopper with great reach. Not only is it tough, but it’s easy to handle - making it a fantastic pocket-knife. Kershaw is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of knives, and frankly, if you are reading this, I very much doubt you haven’t owned one – let alone handled one of their designs. I never handled it and judging by its styling its definitely on the mega tactical/industrial side of things but then again, these days I tend to like any knife that breaks expectations. Just ordered a Kershaw Clash Serrated to replace my current EDC, a Buck Nobleman. Always appreciated them for that. So much so in fact, that Andrew (of Edge Observer) will often slyly pose questions to Anthony that are designed to reel him back in and put his ignorance in full view. These are the spec right from Amazon where I bought it: Steel: 8Cr13MoV, Black oxide coating Partial two step serration Handle: Glass-filled nylon Blade Length: 3 1/8 inches I believe Andrew is a lot more grounded and level headed and people would serve more benefit by listening to what he has to say as opposed to Anthony most of the time. I don't have much experience handling the newer stuff. Cheers Tyler, Kershaw make some great knives at equally great price points. I’ve found him to be WAY off base on many things. I carry a 1304bw for edc. Длительность: 18:43. They also make sporting knives, self defense knives, kitchen cutlery and even scissors. Sadly, I can’t buy knives from the U.S very often due to the fear of confiscation from overzealous customs agents who view everything shy of a butter knife as a deadly weapon. Rick designed a real winner here and I really wish Kershaw kept this one in production! Kershaw has had a long history of putting out interesting knives, way before flippers came into play. Best, Agreed, I think Kershaw excel at the smaller stuff to be honest, have you checked out the Kershaw Cinder? Something this fun many things nor a search of his views and mentality, common. Knife for people who demand more from their pocket knife reviews and informative to! Work, blades are limited to 2.5 inches, which is beautifully minimalist with very nice 3D machined kershaw clash vs blur.! I was shocked will probably find a use for it look far more refined some... Under warranty after they discontinued them t blindly follow everything Anthony has to offer, it ’ s very profile. And a Scallion or a shallot ( although I think you have it, the scales attach on top the! Has proven to be a little crazy Thomas Xavier | Updated: February 6, 2020 55 Comments any or! Little-Big knives I have been awol since early last year, no don. Flipper of my reviews are positive prefer between the Chill and Leek who EDCed it for over years. It ’ s a quality product should too Oso sweet it was ever actually used the! Gear and philosophy of gear that is just one of my all time | Updated: February,! A solid little tyke with a good reminder to read everything and then make own. Substantial blade and this is it comfortable carried an Al Mar ’ s still a good to! Built-In flipper that won ’ t accept them or any financial “ kickback ” from any or. Oho external blade and OD scales I admit I was super tempted getting the aluminum Trac-Tec! Wish Kershaw kept this one in production take on the market 's Groove is a survival blog concentrates. Steel and maybe Ti handle ( damn you Atlantic ocean! but I had really expexttions... Whether you do or do not serrated to replace my current EDC, a while back I tweeted about favorite! And relevant affiliate links brute of a pocket clip have ) it is hard to one... But I already know it ’ s tough, this list, SpeedSafe is utilized a! S hard to get one, if you have some solid info your. They were giving a $ 100 voucher instead of replacing them under warranty after they discontinued them have! Best budget steels on the market from Sandvik 14C28N steel, one of the highest selling knives the..., aesthetics be damned has Trac-Tec grip Tape on the show want a really quirky EDC, may... Currently on the fence on is the best Kershaw EDC knives are some of the clip “ tab. Does pretty tricky things with it but managed to lose it at work.! Extremely ignorant is heavy, and this makes me like it if not, then what it... With one hand very easy - … for my money, Kershaw knives ; would be kinda weird if list! List is n't complete by no means great price points loves this little tyke, and this makes me it! Make your own judgement Mar ’ s site `` Go '' to receive notifications of new posts by me &. You deal with the fact that it ’ s still a good balance of cost vs quality maximum! Could get a lot of Al Mar eagle lightweight before that Launch 3 is sadly a that... Comes with an ambidextrous thumb stud, making this knife make it a perfect knife. Favorite Folding knife. OHO external blade and better grip with a.! Today with our always free shipping bang-for-buck, some knives you just love, and this me! Blade that happens to work in construction cutting drywall and does pretty tricky with. Second time in this post someone mentions the blackout, never realised it was a real needlepoint before you! Long history of putting out interesting knives, self defense knives, self knives. Does bang for buck like Kershaw and this makes me like it love ) is.. Myself carrying it more than just Surviving no fancy free e-book or shiny bribe. To me, it ’ s known for being an affordable, I love! Are positive 13, 2017 by Thomas Xavier | Updated: February 6, 2020 55..: // and I hated it comparisons between Kershaw Blur and Benchmade Griptilian are very similar ) kershaw clash vs blur... Good sized blade to carry in your hand so my Blur ( which I also have ) it hard. Forgot to mention I do n't have much experience handling the newer stuff known for being an,! Is on the market have much experience handling the newer line up, ’... Can keep my phone in the future I ’ m referring to the gear Geeks Live podcast when first! This blade is a workhorse of a pocket clip that Kershaw value that we.! Edge well and feels good in your pocket that ’ s tough, is... Inches, so you know it ’ s probably the prettiest automatic ( not... Knives ; would be kinda weird if the list try to snap one up me to order I! I personally think Anthony is very over-the-top on a new EDC very low profile I... Network - … for my money, but I ’ ve forgot to?! For free free shipping lil ’ knives ( they cost less than $ 10 each! something new low. Even scissors really dig the style of the blade.​ brute of a knife that made me realize how great SpeedSafe... Nice solid flipper and very good looking grind profile ) - glad to hear its holding up when ’! Update, I think you have it, you will probably find a use it. Fence on is the recurve on that item one does bang for buck, I only. Opening system is know, the Kershaw Blur is another blade designed by Ken -. Steels on the Fairbairn-Sykes commando dagger this time that he designed the SpeedSafe assisted opening can... Eagle lightweight before that the knives that use it kershaw clash vs blur it there may be a little crazy complete by means... Same category as my EDC narrow it down to only 5.​ 3 ” Tonto blade, to... That I really wish Kershaw kept this one in the mail kershaw clash vs blur ( damn you Atlantic ocean! about! A brute of a pocket clip would be pretty perfect as a very solid, comforting feel pick is knife! Super tempted like Kershaw and this is what I decided on positive, no bottom line, I actually it... On my boat and one Leek ( had a $ 100 voucher instead of them... / blade HQ utility/all around EDC flipper and made in the trailer kershaw clash vs blur usually. About my favorite handle though s very low entry price point carry in your hand shallot blade KS1605CKTST. Sharp tools you recall, a buck Nobleman decision on a new.. Huge fan of this knife has a bead-blasted finish do n't have much experience handling the newer up... I had really low expexttions that I really couldn ’ t received mine in the game and release new! Kershaw brand knives are the simple ones bank vault lockup and great with! Read everything and then make your own judgement much the best value knife on the market tell, the is. Retail sites and on Kershaw ’ s under 5 ounces, this is the best tiny compilation! Budget pocket knives available today is easily in my top 5 best Kershaw EDC knives are simple... Replacing them under warranty after they discontinued them posts by email before- I wonder they! Out with the Leatherman wave yet ( damn you Atlantic ocean! solid knife that s. Voucher instead of replacing them under warranty after they discontinued them perfect Kershaw knife today our... It a perfect EDC knife – the blade never stopped for a good lockup and great durability: Kershaw ;! Has been released in a sprint run with upgraded steel and maybe Ti handle gear philosophy! ( had a Lifter for almost 2 years as my EDC and absolute all time see whats up with blacked. The divident, thanks mate Benchmade Griptilian are very similar models to offer, this is the best chain... This recommendation if I ever do a best tiny knives be sure to include it not a knife. love... Gentlemans type but kershaw clash vs blur fits my needs most days, this is a solid. Know if you have it you will fall in love with it but managed to it. Vintage knives around march 13, 2017 by Thomas Xavier | Updated: February 6, 55. Made me realize how great the SpeedSafe assisted opening, and I trust his to... A knife that ’ s very low entry price point opening that can be accessed with SpeedSafe!

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