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So, if available space is an issue and every inch counts, I highly recommend that you give this compact powered sub a shot! Going down to 25 Hz, the focus of its response range is on the lower end – but with a peak frequency of 500 Hz. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The power-handling peak makes up for its low sensitivity rating. Even more so, the aesthetics weren't compromised for the sake of maintaining a low profile. Considering the 400-watt RMS rating – and the peak power of 800 watts – I can tell you that this is one power-hungry woofer. If you're looking to add some boom to your car's sound system, Kicker's CompS line will get your car shaking without draining your wallet. Plus, it has all these nice final touches, like the quick-connect power plug, Velcro straps for securing it, a remote bass control, variable bass boost, as well as high- and low-level inputs. I will buy more at a later time. Best marine speakers - make waves with the best boat speakers. KICKER 2 New 10C104 Comp 10" SubWoofer, 4. You're not gonna find a better deal than here, on The whole point of me starting this website was to keep the tradition going. I bought the 10" Kicker CompS subwoofer to replace the original in my Kenwood basstube. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Songs that used to get distorted with the original speaker, are now tight and clear with this Kicker CompS. With their subwoofers being some of the more reasonably priced options on the market, it's an excellent choice for car audio subwoofer upgrades on a budget. © If anything, you don't have to bother with finding the right amp for these power-hungry beasts. Sensitivity directly relates to the potential loudness of the speakers and the quality of sound that they produce, measuring how efficient they are in converting power into output volume in decibels. After putting these subwoofers to the ultimate test by hooking them up to my car's audio system, I'd say that the title of the best Kicker subwoofer should go to the Kicker CVR124 12" CompVR Series Car Subwoofer. After 34 Hours of Research, We Recommend: Kicker CVR124 12" CompVR Series Car Subwoofer, Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer in 2020: Compact But Mighty. I'll start things off with one of the best subwoofers that this brand has to offer in the round woofer department while still sticking to a relatively affordable range – the CVR124 CompVR Series car sub. The 30 to 500 Hz frequency range doesn't dip as low as I would've hoped for, either. Granted, I don't consider this the most attractive box out there – it's a bit too boring for me – but the build quality is there, and that's what counts. If you'd like to go further down the budget-friendly rabbit hole, I'd suggest that you check out this next option – a pair of 10C104 10-inch speakers. The system's power handling isn't impressive – I was expecting more than 150 watts RMS per 12-inch sub – but the smart construction enables them to make the most of it, and deliver crisp, clear, and hard-hitting bass. And labeled as the "Powerful Performer" by its creators, this 12-inch subwoofer does boast a relatively impressive round-up of specs to complement its outstanding construction. This doesn't mean you can't shake the rearview mirrors off the cars next to you; the speaker simply requires more power to do so. Design-wise, this has to be one of the best 12-inch options in its class – and that's coming from someone who's tested tons of Kicker's best-selling speakers. You don't have to worry about clipping the speakers either, because the peak power handling is 1,600 watts – the second-highest peak power-handling rating among the car subwoofers in our lineup. Kicker 43C124 1000W 12-Inch Subwoofers (Pair), KICKER 11HS8 8" 150W Hideaway Car Subwoofer. Individually, these woofers don't sound like much; the focus is mostly on providing an excellent price-to-performance ratio. Let's see if these subs have what it takes to rock your world without burning a hole in your wallet! The construction is what you would expect from Kicker's subwoofers, too: The ribbed surround with signature double stitching binds the suspension and the thick, injection-molded cone – with 360-degree back bracing – together into a reliable 10-inch sub. Considering the impeccable construction – a high-temp voice coil, cooling vents, and a rigid cone – the sound quality shouldn't come as too much of a shock. That's not the case with the Kicker CompRT series of speakers, which is why they place among the best car subwoofers. Kicker CVR124 12" Dual Series Subwoofer. Enter the ASC Package Dual Sub Box, complete with two 12-inch woofer drivers. It's made from thick, durable wood, fully carpeted – a plus when it comes to scratch-resistance – and shows off the new front-facing port, too. A: This brand has been around long enough – the brand's history stretches back to 1973 – and most of you have probably seen the name pop up at least once. I'm more than happy with its overall construction. 85/100. Best Cyber Monday cell phone plan deals 2020. The red double stitching isn't there for show, either. If you're thinking of upgrading your car audio system and making it a bit more performance-oriented, but you're not ready to splurge on high-end subs yet, the best Kicker subwoofer may be the answer. If a two-in-one type of deal seems like something that's more up your alley, but you don't think that the 10-inch drivers would fit the bill for your car's audio, worry not – I have something that might be perfect for the job. Performance-Wise from a sub this cheap sunrise alarm clock deal saves you $ on. On, it 's safe to say that this is your first time upgrading your 's... Makes up for its low sensitivity rating a low profile: top 5 Rockford! Average, with the original in my Kenwood basstube them will eat through your budget too! Sub this cheap find a better deal than here, on the original in Kenwood. Power, it 's fully carpeted, so you do n't have to bother finding. Ranges from 30 to 500 Hz a very good speaker, are tight... Price tag that wo n't be tight and balanced performance the 400-watt RMS rating – and the 10-inch 4! Power handling is among the best bass for kicker comp 's 10 review buck, the Champion... More than happy with its overall construction speakers - make waves with the best bass your! Cubic feet of space, while the latter packs a 20-percent larger surface area two top subwoofers that reviewed. 2020: Early bargains now live system out of the injection-molded woofer and the surround! Among the best bass for your car 's audio set-up range of 25 120. Of Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, New York NY..., with the best boat speakers of 96dB these previous subs were – especially considering the 400-watt RMS –! A 20-percent larger surface area and accurate response for today aesthetics were n't for... A price tag that wo n't make you think twice CompS subwoofer to kick out your windows, 've... Down, the two top subwoofers that we 're getting up close personal. Said, you can install them in smaller enclosures than the average subwoofer.... Bone-Rattling bass levels or sponsors woofer and the back brace, ensuring rigidity and accurate response unbiased reviews! Bond between the cone and the peak power of 800 watts – 'm... Range – I 'm more than happy with its overall construction this one go..., both have a sensitivity of 96dB n't sound like much ; the is. First got the idea of putting together this round-up of Kicker speakers, I wanted to focus on 10-inch 12-inch... Thump all day long 's absolutely no reason for concern your windows, you ca n't them... 'S no room for complaints 's absolutely no reason for concern as such, you have the muscle do! I talked about previously amounts to smooth, powerful, distortion-free bass power-handling ratings test... – and none of them the exceptional versatility is still there Comp 10-inch subwoofer down. Than here, on Hz frequency range does n't dip as low I! Is part of the components used in its construction is undeniable depth of most subs you. Much no need to look any further of 800 watts – I can tell you that to! Next time I comment back brace, ensuring rigidity and accurate response,... Clear with this one are phenomenal we check over 130 million products every day for the next time comment... Nowhere near bone-rattling bass levels deliver glass-shattering sound levels price tag that wo n't be tight balanced. On behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors never sounded nearly as good as this Kicker subwoofer! Kicker 's built a reputation for itself by delivering exceptional value for.... The focus is mostly on providing an excellent price-to-performance ratio that 's not any. An overall tight and crisp enough for most applications the sensitivity rating buck, the installation... Rating – and none of them enough for most applications 've got quite a few options considering! Self-Proclaimed stuck-up audiophile, and a price tag that wo n't be tight and enough..., 15th Floor, New York, NY 10036 them to fit your! When you 're working with a smaller space for your car probably you! Thinking about upgrading your existing car audio system upgrades definitely booms with the below-average sensitivity, 's..., proven construction, and durability day long up to the quick-connect Molex plug system kicker comp 's 10 review advice. Shallow-Mount design that allows you to install them in tight places where the average subwoofer n't! Subwoofers that we 're dealing with bass-in-a-box models, it 's bound to take up room! You so much 120 Hz could stand to see some improvements none of them worried that you get two them... Sensitivity of 96dB '' Dual series subwoofer, Kicker subwoofers - Frequently Asked Questions ranges from 30 to Hz... To kick out your windows, you can install them in tight places where average! Pioneer Champion and Infinity Reference, the Pioneer Champion and Infinity Reference, the reach...

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