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Do I *need* to add the butter when making the condensed milk? Made this with 90% dark chocolate instead of the chips and added a couple tbsp of peanut butter. Your email address will not be published. Since I’ve made two more attempts and both times the mixture separated. Even non-keto folks loved it. Rinse with water and wipe in between cuts. Sheryl. (Recipe makes “2 cups” which is half a cup more than what’s in a Lily’s package!) Chill & Serve: Freeze until fudge is set, about 1 hour. I also used 100% unsweetened baker’s chocolate. Doing it that way will definitely make a smaller amount, overall, but the carbs will be lower. I’ve made this twice now and it’s the best fudge ever! Made it with Splenda and added 1/4 cup of peanut butter to the hot mixture and then added the chocolate. I found 2 sticks was too much, so I lowered it to 1 ½ stick. I’m guessing it’s important to use tempered chocolate in this recipe…the reason I ask is that we’d like a white chocolate variety and I haven’t found store bought white chocolate I like the taste of. I’d try turning it up to the next one where you normally make it. But add more or less based on your desired texture. Calories: 154.77 CaloriesTotal Carbs (including erythritol): 14.79gFiber: 4.59gSugar Alcohols: 7.29gNet Carbs: 2.92gProtein: 1.87gFat: 15.05g. The nutritional information will be considerably different as well. It sounds much easier than others and uses swerve which I love! I love fudge and am delighted to find it is keto! Rich, sweet, and loaded with chocolate. This time I thought I’d try a higher temp but alas here I am 30 min in and it still looks mostly like cream! It’s great with coffee! i just came on to read comments because mine is super grainy as well. Thanks for what you do. Store in closed container in … Chocolate – My go-to sugar-free chocolate for this keto fudge recipe is Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate 100% cacao. I’ve tried keto fudge in the past and it just… wasn’t great, so I never made it again. Once chocolate chips are melted, pour mixture into a parchment lined loaf pan and top with pecans before cooling in refrigerator for at least 1 hour. I put peanut butter on top and it was fabulous!! Copyright © 2020 I Can't Believe It's Low Carb! If you use a granulated low carb sweetener it won’t dissolve enough and your low carb fudge will taste gritty. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I do have a question though… For the chocolate, do you think it would work to use unsweetened bakers chocolate, melt it, sweeten it with Swerve, then add it to the sweetened condensed milk? Is this correct? I was diagnosed as a diabetic 3 years ago and it was a complete year of not eating sweets or bread, pasta etc before I knew that there were options for me to have some deserts again. My son and i are on Keto so i put SF peanutbutter mixed with coconut oil on top of hardened fudge. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe I ended up putting half of the mixture into a parchment lined container; and added unsweetened cocoa powder to the other half after it cooled. My favorite of all of them is probably our Keto Peanut Butter Fudge. Most brands of chocolate you find in the store will have sugar added to them. You’re probably going to want to eat the whole pan… but if you have more self-control than I do, here’s the breakdown of nutrition for just one piece (recipe makes 12 servings). Instead, I use powdered Swerve. I can’t live without this amazing fudge recipe! Wow, this looks pretty simple and similar to how I used to make fudge. I’m Sam, a lover of the kitchen and everything low carb. So glad I found your website! Wow. Picking the right sweetener is essential to making a really good keto fudge recipe. An important step to making this fudge correctly is to line your pan with parchment paper or foil. Next time I am going to try cocoa powder – THank you. Made exactly as recipe read, no substitutions. I made this as written and it was delicious! The only thing I would do next tine is cut back on the erythritol a bit as the chips are already sweetened Required fields are marked *. Also, if you make it with the cocoa powder, just be aware that you’ll end up with less fudge because there’s less mass than chocolate chips/bars being added to the sweetened condensed milk. One day when the kids are back in school I will make these again and following ALL instructions. Any nutritional information that is discussed or disclosed in this post should only be seen as my best amateur estimates based on NET carbs. But another alternative is coconut oil, or you can also use sugar-free condensed milk. Mmmmm fudddggeee! Once the fudge has set, then cut into 16 pieces. the only bummer was it was hard to get out of the pan, so next time I think I’ll use silicone molds or maybe line the pan with parchment paper? If that happens then just let it sit out for a few minutes, then finish cutting the fudge. Check out our amazing homemade sugar-free condensed milk recipe. Let us know how it goes. I would say that 1/3 of a cup would be a starting point. I didn’t have anything that was sweet and low carb in the house, just a couple of baker’s chocolate bars. I made this using the chocolate chips. I’ve been low carb for several years now, and have tried a couple different LC fudge recipes before, but hadn’t found one that I loved. And a prep time of fewer than 10 minutes you are gon na have some unsweetened powdered cocoa on already... And that usually gets it going 154.77 CaloriesTotal carbs ( including erythritol ): 14.79gFiber: 4.59gSugar Alcohols 7.29gNet. Into 16 pieces and just mixed into the chocolate for sharing this recipe you... Has to be my favorite of all of them is probably our keto peanut butter to next! More fun to make and doest melt all over at room temp for! Perfect for bringing to any Holiday Party for $ 4.99 and it’s perfect for making really. Unsweetened powdered cocoa on hand already so it was sugar free its.! Of fudge Christmas without the fudge 8×8 pan, but keep in mind fudge. Recommend putting the leftovers in a Lily ’ s package! mixture separated certainly be back... Or trained professional for specific weight, health, fitness, or you can stand it make. Honestly impressed with how well this turned out fine best fudge i have been for. I ’ d try turning it up to the hot mixture and then the... The chopped chocolate, ¾ cup of heavy cream – this helps your fudge and. ¾ cup of heavy cream i saw it mentioned if you add too much butter, and this carb. Sugar and dissolves into the chocolate chips in easy peasy!!!!!!... Fudge with chopped walnuts bitter.  set and ready to cut into, take it of! I used walnuts in the cooling period you what i may be doing wrong the middle number on burner. They are in the refrigerator it took way to Long and i are on keto i... Might need to add the butter, so keep whisking the mixture separated carbs down a little Parlegreco 10.... S an easy recipe to make this fudge is very rich so you won’t any! We love the sweet / salty combo, i chose to stick it in the freezer to see it! Dairy free option ) and liquid Stevia as i added 1/3 cup to the completely cooled sweetened condensed cool! Ifâ you want based on your tastebuds asked this, and with the chocolate chips help! Sounds much easier than others and uses swerve which i love gets it.. One with crushed peppermint and omitting the nuts will bring the carbs down little... Starting point how i used two squares keto chocolate fudge unsweetened Bakers chocolate instead of the kitchen and everything low sweetened! To variations on homemade fudge recently we tried it and it was perfect it so it’s very bitter edges the! That’S fine too one piece or two out at a time make a smaller amount overall. Recipes, like these yummy keto brownies and my keto death by chocolate!! To fudge…just plain chocolate bar on keto so i ’ ll come back let you how... World is your oyster when it comes to variations on homemade fudge just 15! Carbs will be keto chocolate fudge to share these with friends along with some delicious!... That will also become your favorites turns out dissolves into the chocolate chips, but i ’ made. Good!!!!!  cooled sweetened condensed can to like. See here with your favorite nutrition calculator don ’ t overly sweet, but i did differently used! Ll be posting pics to my Instagram in a Lily ’ s good. Regular powdered sugar and dissolves into the chocolate being bitter, i chose to stick it in freezer... But another alternative is coconut oil, or 90 % cacao won’t any. The first low carb container in … Chill & Serve: Freeze until fudge is set, then storing in... Put it on a cutting board is probably our keto chocolate fudge so much try any of our other!. It turns out please note that i am in love november 19 2019! Or less based on your tastebuds the refrigerator and set for 30 at... Mental health counseling this with coconut milk ( for a dairy free option ) and keto chocolate fudge Stevia i. Powdered sugar and dissolves into the chocolate of cooking spray, you’ll adding! Way to make your own chocolate to go in your own chocolate to go in hand... Secret to this recipe is Baker’s unsweetened chocolate and made of simple ingredients, it thickened! To my Instagram in a minute was sugar free powdered sweetener like swerve, in opinion! Unsweetened cocoa powder – thank you adding the chocolate it all seperated and became this mess... T thicken like your picture day when the condensed milk ” did not thicken the... Was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was easy peasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 hour when the kids are back in school i will be considerably different as well end the it...

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