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Kinh Do and device , Thu and Trang Vang are trademarks owned by Mondelēz International group, and only used in Vietnam by Mondelēz Kinh Do Vietnam. Inspired by the story of "Carp leaping over Dragon's Gate," the gift boxes of this supreme mooncake line come in a selection of elegant lacquer boxes or sleek gift boxes with lights and 3D cards. To cope with Covid-19, many governments around the world have had to accept economic sacrifices, with a rise in the public debt-to-GDP ratio and budget deficits. Address: 451 Lac Long Quan, Xuan La, Tay Ho, Hanoi. Additionally, total retail sales are estimated to grow by 2.4% for this year, services by 3.1% and exports by 3.5%. Ho Chi Minh City, August 11 2020 – When the boiling heat of summer dies down, groups of lion dancers start practicing; streets are painted in yellow shades of mooncake stalls on every corner; pop-ups with elaborately decorated boxes filled with a variety of cakes and fillings; you then know that the season of Mid-Autumn Festival has come. Last year, the city welcomed over 7 million foreign tourists and was included among the top 10 destinations for travelers around the world. In 2020, given the severe impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the city’s average economic growth in the 5-year period of 2016 – 2020 would be 6.67% (higher than the national average of 5.9%), informed Mr. Toan at a meeting on November 28. The "Trang Vang Pha Le" line with the image of Dancing Peacocks offers wishes for elegant beauty and prosperity. The second is the correlation between real interest rates and growth. This year too, Mondelez Kinh Do proudly continues to set trends as a mooncake maker by introducing new disruptive innovations beyond the traditional recipes. Greeting the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival, Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam presents its latest mooncake campaign, "Finely crafted, to keep your story alive" and introduces its latest mooncake innovations: Trang Vang Black & Gold and Lava mooncakes, focusing on the art, science, and richness of the recipe. Vietnamese manufacturers of electrical appliances, electronics, household appliances and furniture remain limited in terms of capacity and number. As it is impossible for the relief policy to go on forever, stimulus policies should focus on improving people’s income, through employment generation. In case it is necessary to offset the VAT revenue deficit, the personal income tax rate bracket can be modified, reducing the number of taxable groups and putting up the tax rate for high-income earners. Total social investment capital in 2020 is estimated at VND416.15 trillion (US$18.03 billion), accumulating a total of VND1,725 trillion (US$74.7 billion) in the 2016 – 2020 period, and 1.65 times that of in the 2011 – 2015, or 39.1% of the GRDP. The industry and construction sector would maintain a positive growth rate of 6.76% this year, in which industry is set to expand by 5.64%, and results in an average growth of 7.65% in the five year-period. This year, Mondelez Kinh Do brings back the beauty of this custom by its latest mooncake campaign "Finely crafted, to keep your story alive". The results of the research on this correlation so far remain ambiguous, due to the differences between countries when it comes to the research model: in some cases, they are proportional, but in others, there is no apparent relationship at all. Every one of this distinctive time-honored delight is encased in a lavish black crust, dusted in a layer of iridescent gold glitter powder, and filled with luxurious ingredients such as sea cucumber and abalone. Mondelez Kinh Do rolls out premium mooncakes, children’s range with AR and healthy options. A subsidy policy will be able to do so directly or indirectly, but its focus of attention should be placed on food and foodstuff, since the need for safe, quality food is considerable among the three income groups mentioned above. In the long term, it is necessary to create more jobs from local enterprises, focusing on manufacturing and service sectors. stay up-to-date with the latest news in Vietnam. The Kinh Do’s Trang Vang Black & Gold mooncake is a high-end gift to wish for perfection, courage, accomplishment, and health to those you truly treasure. According to the Kinh Do Confectionery Company in 116 Chi Minh City, a 200-gram cake filled with green beans contains as many as 700 kilocalories. At the same time, Mondelez Kinh Do also exports Oreo mooncakes to Singapore and Thailand to continuously serve the Mid-Autumn festival celebration of Asian communities for four years. Meanwhile, the city’s expenditure is 84.7% of the estimate at VND87.46 trillion (US$3.78 billion). The Airports Council International (ACI) has granted the Certificate of Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) for Noi Bai International Airport of Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh city: In the context that many countries boldly adjust their budgets, perhaps Vietnam still has plenty of room to stimulate domestic consumption demand. Mondelez Kinh Do's Marketing Associate Director, Biscuits & Cakes Category, Mr. Simon Crowther, talks about the secrets that … Mondelēz International is a proud member of the Standard and Poor's 500, Nasdaq 100 and Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The Covid-19 pandemic came as a great shock to most economies, including Vietnam. Kinh Do Mooncakes. Sugar accounts for between 40% and … The first is the difference of the interest rate “r” and the rate of growth “g”. In an economy with a large population, low income, and a high rate of savings like Vietnam, which policy shall be adopted to stimulate demand in a sensible way? In addition to traditional flavors, this year’s Kinh Do moon cake has made a breakthrough with Western-style flavors. All rights reserved. whereas an adult needs about 2.000 kilocalories a day for basic health. Mondelez Kinh Do, a powerful combination of two snacking leaders who have been making much-loved brands for Vietnamese consumers, has become a member of the Mondelēz International since July 2015. Our new range represents Kinh Do's impeccable craftsmanship making the mid-autumn festival richer, while maintaining the highest quality and unique flavors”, For the 2016 – 2020 period, Hanoi is forecast to attract US$25 billion in foreign direct investment, up 3.9 times that of in the 2011 – 2015 period. and sugar. Regarding economic aid packages, in terms of their proportion to GDP, Vietnam is quite modest compared to other countries. The mooncakes are encased in a lavish black crust, dusted in a layer of glittering gold powder, and filled with luxurious ingredients such as sea cucumber and abalone. There has also been a positive shift in the economic structure, with a higher proportion in the services, industry and construction sectors from 85.75% to 86.1% and a lower contribution from the agro-forestry-fishery sector. In case the starting point of the debt-to-GDP ratio is not too high, it will be feasible to step up borrowings thanks to low interest expenses and the offset by growth. In order to receive AHA certificate, Noi Bai International Airport had to undergo a strict assessment of health safety at the airport, including cleaning and disinfection procedures, distancing measures, programs to protect employees’ health, ground operations arrangement, communication measures for passengers, equipment for passengers, etc. The agricultural sector has been a key contributor for growth this year with an estimated growth rate of 4.2%, a record rate in the last several years. It is all the more important as the Covid-19 pandemic has sent global demand plummeting and countries worldwide imposing travel restrictions. Demand stimulus in the current state of the Vietnamese economy in the short term should come with a pro-consumption policy – PHOTO: THANH HOA. Opening hours: open all day. In 2020, the productivity is estimated at VND253 million (US$10,900), 1.65 times the national average. The public debt-to-GDP ratio is expected to be 46.1% in 2021, on the basis of GDP revaluation, so it is quite possible to improve this ratio, especially in the context of real interest rates around 0% in developed economies, plus a high savings rate at home. Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam continues to delight consumers with recent innovations, Source:, HCMC proposes allowing travel firms to withdraw compulsory deposits, Japan’s Aska buys 24.9 stake in Vietnam drug company.

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