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They come with a variety of hardened gate and seat options; packing options include live loading and copper scraper rings. Number of lugs is dependent upon flange drilling. Our staff has many years of combined experience in building knife gate valves in particular. Our standard knife gate valves are fitted with resilient seats, a metal seat knife gate valve option is available on request. These push-through style valves are for temperatures up to 300°F and are available in two body styles: KSV Severe Service Knife Gate Valves: KSV Severe Service Knife Gate Valves, in sizes 3-60", are ASME Class 150 and 300 rated valves for pressures to 740 psi and temperatures to 450°F. They are pressure rated to 100 or 150 psi CWP. Lug bolt pattern holes are tapped according to ASME B16.5 Class 150. . The bonnet-less valve . Our knife gate valves provides a low pressure drop across the valve and is better suited to handle slurries, solids, and other fluid/solid mixtures than average plug valves, butterfly valves, or ball valves. Ductile Iron and 316L Stainless Steel Flanged Knife Gate Valve. Holes tapped. Longer service life. DeZURIKҒs KGC valve seat I.D. End connections: Wafer, Lugged, Flanged and Ranged, Body materials: Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Elastomer options: Black/ White Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, Hypalon, Silicon. $5,200.77. Holes tapped. AVFI’s knife gate valves range in sizes from DN 50 (50 mm) to DN … and dimensions: Close Download package. Environmentally friendly bi-directional bolted bonnet and standard body styles. DeZURIK manufactures a wide variety of both cast and fabricated Knife Gate Valves including the following styles . Figure C37 knife gate valves through 24”, feature a heavy duty, rugged one-piece cast body, chest and flanges (except 5”, which is fabricated – F37). Available with lever, non-rising stem and handwheel, rising stem and handwheel, pneumatic actuator, ISO top flange for actuator or complete with electric actuator. As often as the two terms are intermingled, a knife gate and a slide gate are NOT the same. Part #: FNW62B10. •Flanges match ASME B16.5 Class 150. Knife Gate Valves Filters. Knife Gate Valves. While industry and technology is running at its own … With more than 1000 knife gate valves in stock and multiple models to choose from, Davis Valve is ready to help you. Salient Features • Sharp heavy-duty knife edge at the bottom of gate. They are used in throttling applications to the full rated pressure. Bonnets can be pressurized or un-pressurized, and can be specified with optional flushing or drain ports. Valve suppliers often receive quote requests for a knife gate when what a company is really looking for is a slide gate for dry bulk material handling. All metal seated valves meet or exceed seat test requirements of the design standards. ... Reference nos. Other options include limit switches, sole-noid valves and bonnets. L&T Valves offers Knife Gate Valves with and unidirectional applications. The Knife Gate Valve provides reliable shut-off for both dry and wet line fluids. Check Valve … They can be metal or resilient seated. High flow rates with low pressure drops. Ball Valves Butterfly Valves Cam & Groove Fittings Gate, Globe & Check Valves Gauges, Thermometers & Accessories Hangers, Clamps & Accessories Hydrant Adapters King Nipples Knife Gate Valves Low Lead Compliant Product Piping Products Sanitary Stainless Steel Strainers Strut Accessories Thermoplastic Valves Body casted in various materials such as SS 316, 317, 254 SMO & others upon request. All the sealing is accomplished by the elastomeric sleeves in the valve housing. This website uses cookies to improve your online experience. Slurry Valve (TG) Our Technequip knife gate valve is a true bi-directional slurry knife gate valve with open-body design, and full port flow. Inquire … Our valves are stocked in CF8 (304 … The Clarkson KgA slurry knife gate valves feature heavy-duty, full port elastomer sleeves offering the ultimate isolation against heavy slurries. Locking device on standard knife gate valve. Body casted in various materials such as SS 316, 317, 254 SMO & others upon request. AVK ref. We specialize in custom knife gate valves from 2" to 96” and above, utilizing carbon steel to stainless steels and other weldable alloys. KGC Cast Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves: KGC Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves are DeZURIK’s premiere cast knife gate valves. Size: 2" to 54" (50 mm to 1400 mm) ASME Class: Class 150 and PN 10: Design Standard: MSS SP 81: The Knife Gate Valve provides reliable shut-off for both dry and wet line fluids. Please read our Privacy Notice for more details. When using stainless steel bolting on stainless steel valve … It is recommended that all knife gate valves be installed with stainless steel ASTM A-304-B8 studs or ASTM A-316-B-8M studs. Fabri-Valve Figures C37 and F37 are some of the most popular knife gate valve configurations. By continuing to use this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Specifications Size range 2" - 48" (50 mm - 1,200 mm) (54" - 1,350 mm also available) Valve type Slurry knife gate They are pressure rated to 150 or 250 psi CWP and are in available in a variety of urethane compounds for temperatures up to 265°F. Knife Gate Valves. Bolt lengths may vary due to manufacturing tolerances in valves, gaskets, flange bolts and … Challenging Scenario. Dimensions shown in inches. KGC Knife Gate Valves are available in sizes 236" (50֖900mm) with metal or resilient seated versions.A variety of actuator options are... Open the catalog to page 2. The bonnet-less valve equipped with a heavy-duty gate to cut though both dry and wet line fluids. . The sleeves also form the wear section ... TABLE 1 - BOLTING DIMENSIONS Valve size ASME B16.5/150 flange details Bolt size/ thread Through bolt hole for bolts or studs DT* bolt hole for studs Flange … Lower Initial Investment. Filters Clear All Product Type. is equipped with a heavy-duty gate to cut though sediments – and is ideally suited for abrasive slurries, ... • Flange Dimensions: ANSI B16.5 • Testing Standard: MSS SP 151. Ease of maintenance – Universal tower design; Simple installation – One piece body with flushing ports; The SKH valves are available in sizes DN80–600. cuts through solid sediments and ensures reliable shut-off A knife gate valve is a component that utilizes a blade to cut through clogging of heavy liquids; whereas a slide gate valve is a component utilizing a slide plate in order to better manipulate or control t… One piece integral cast body, chest and lugs. Includes DeZURIK premium... MD Maximum Duty Knife Gate Valves, in sizes 3-24", with temperatures to 500°F. All Rights Reserved. view larger. They are used as isolation/on-off valves in the toughest corrosive, abrasive liquid, slurry or dry material applications. H-300-B Bonneted Throttling Knife Gate Valves: H-300-B Bonneted Throttling Knife Gate Valves, in sizes to 144”, are fabricated valves built in any solid alloy (or alloy wetted parts construction) and to any US or International Standard. Pratt® knife gate and slide gate valves have been produced since 1995. Bi-directional wafer style knife gate valve for general industrial and water applications. 316 Stainless Steel Flanged Heavy Duty Metal Seat Handwheel Handle 1 piece Knife Gate Valve. As a the leading European and a prominent international knife gate valve manufacture, ORBINOX offers a wide range of knife gate valves for a large variety of industrial and water related applications. Stainless Steel Bidirectional Resilient Seated Knife Gate Valve with Buna (Nitrile) Seat. The use of carbon steel class B-7 studs may also be considered. Lugged style, uni-directional knife gate valves. Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Knife Gate Valve … We have both resilent and metal seated versions in sizes from DN 50 (50 mm) to DN 1200 (1.2 metres) and up to PN 10 (10 Bar). Series G Knife Gate Valve 2Ó 1 7/8Ó 6 1/2Ó 3 1/4Ó 11Ó 13Ó 8Ó 150 23 2 1/2Ó 1 7/8Ó 6 1/2Ó 3 3/4Ó 12Ó 14Ó 8Ó 150 25 Designed for high performance in the most extreme applications, our Delta Industrial™ range of gate valves are manufactured using a range of superior materials. Series G Knife Gate Valves can be fitted with a variety of actuators, including standard handwheel, bevel gear, pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, electric actuators and chainwheel actuators. The Keckley Style KGV Knife Gate Valves are constructed from rugged castings that are machined to exacting specifications. The valve’s sealing surface is … tapped hole depth may vary slightly from valve to valve. KUL Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves: KUL Urethane Lined Knife Gate Valves, in sizes 2-48”, are bi-directional valves used in on-off applications handling abrasive slurries with less than 15% solids, dirty liquids and dry abrasive materials. Part #: FNW6800BX. We specialize in custom knife gate valves from 2" to 96” and above, utilizing carbon steel to stainless steels and other weldable alloys. Our knife gate valves are available out of stock with hand wheels, gears, chain wheels, as well as air cylinders. DN mm Flange drillling D mm L mm H3 mm HC mm HO mm W mm TP bar WP bar Theoretical … Knife Gate Valves. They are available with wafer or special extended face-to-face dimensions, with pressures to 300 psi and temperatures to 2000°F. Heavy duty, slurry knife gate valve shall be flat-face flanged, packingless, rubber-lined, bi-directional valve suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

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