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How to use own in a sentence. Sometimes these companies will negotiate so that you don't have to pay the total amount you owe, but instead you pay only a portion of the debt. The founder of the mathematical school was the celebrated Euclid (Eucleides); among its scholars were Archimedes; Apollonius of Perga, author of a treatise on Conic Sections; Eratosthenes, to whom we owe the first measurement of the earth; and Hipparchus, the founder of the epicyclical theory of the heavens, afterwards called the Ptolemaic system, from its most famous expositor, Claudius Ptolemaeus. Never suffer any stress of circumstances to come between you and the duty you owe to yourself. Some of these are undoubtedly faulted into their present positions, and to this they owe their preservation. > 1. Example Sentences for "owe". Machiavelli now entered upon a period of life to which we owe the great works that have rendered his name immortal. To him we owe the well-known catch, "Hark, the bonny Christ Church bells.". bothyy climbers and walkers owe their lives to the shelter afforded by MBA maintained bothies. Forbearance doesn't change the amount of money you owe to creditors. Owie definition is - a usually minor injury (such as a bruise or a scratch) —used by or for children or in imitation of children's speech. 31. Because I don’t owe any money to anyone this week, I can spend my paycheck on what I want. They may bear accessory filaments or tentilla (f'), covered thickly with batteries of nematocysts, to which these organisms owe their great powers of -offence and defence. 62. - The Alps owe the richness and beauty of their plant life partly to their position as the natural boundary between the M. It may be questioned whether there is any other writer to whom the Germans owe a deeper debt of gratitude. You're in uncharted territory there, but I truly believe you owe it to yourselves to at least try. separated from one another by rocky promontories, appear to owe their origin to subsidences of the surface; whereas the fjords of the north-west peninsula, which make excellent harbours, and those of the east coast seem to be the result chiefly of erosion. I owe you an apology. They appear to owe their position to the latest redactor (akin to the latest stratum in the Hexateuch) who has heavily worked over xix.- xxi., and put the book into its present form by the addition of i.-ii. In general the soil of the North German plain cannot be termed fertile, the cultivation nearly everywhere requiring severe and constant labor. Yet probably to no one man, except perhaps to Washington, does American nationalism owe so much as to Hamilton. owe somebody a debt (of gratitude) the debt that we owe to our teachers. unpleasantness involved in reminding a client they owe you money! Under Kalan we first hear of the Burjite Mamelukes, who owe their name to the citadel (Burj) of Cairo, where 37C0 of the whole number of 12,000 Mamelukes maintained by this sovereign were quartered. Prior to this temporary measure, 1 in 9 student loans were in delinquency or default, 1 in 6 where behind in their payments, while 88% of borrowers now report they are struggling to make … The monarchy is declared to owe its origin to the surrender of the supreme authority by the Estates to the king. The food cost £4 , but I only paid £3 so I still, 29. lukaszpp 1 3168243 I owe Tom one. Having a professional review your taxes and estimate how much you owe can help you decide if the program is worth it. Don't you think we owe it to ourselves to figure out what all this means? None of the numerous publications which we owe to Buchon can be described as thoroughly scholarly; but they have been of great service to history, and those concerning the East have in especial the value of original research. The identification of the author of the second Gospel with Mark, which we owe to tradition, enables us to fill in our picture of him a little further. Owe definition: If you owe money to someone, they have lent it to you and you have not yet paid it back .... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples …and you, Rhyn, who should owe me something for freeing you from the depths of Hell! 5 good effect to be successful because of the good effect or influence of something or someone owe to Their success owes more to good luck than to careful management. I owe him an apology. (2) Self-interest, founded on the love of pleasure and the fear of pain, is the sole spring of judgment, action, affection; self-sacrifice is prompted by the fact that the sensation of pleasure outweighs the accompanying pain; it is thus the result of deliberate calculation; we have no liberty of choice between good and evil; there is no such thing as absolute right - ideas of justice and injustice change according to customs. We owe to him, too, some manuals used in his educational work; a grammar and works on rhetoric and dialectics. declares that those who owe military service for their lands shall not be called upon to perform more than the due amount of such service. The Moslem inhabitants are mainly of Turkoman origin, and used to owe fealty to chieftains of the family of Chapan Oglu, whose headquarters were at Yuzgat in Cappadocia. 43. All I am, or can be, I owe to my angel mother. What they require of us is not absolute, but only because we first owe obedience to our heavenly Father.

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