mam ramaswamy son ayyappan

Ramaswamy believed that Ayyappan was god-sent, ... Now, almost 20 years later, Ramaswamy accuses his son of cheating him and taking away his wealth. The temple of Maalikapurathamma, whose importance is almost in par with Lord Ayyappa, [citation needed] is located few yards from Sannidhanam. The long-running family feud between industrialist and former chairman of Chettinad Group M A M Ramaswamy and his adopted son M A M R Muthiah (also known as Ayyappan) intensified on Tuesday with the father rejecting the son's truce offer. In a bitter family feud, MAM Ramaswamy, chairman of the Chettinad group of companies publicly disowned his adopted son S Ayyappan for having grabbed a substantial part of the family property. Muthiah and Meena Muthiah. It was performed by M.A.M.M. The temples of Lord Ayyappan's trusted lieutenants Karuppu Sami and Kadutha Sami are positioned as his guards (kaval) at the foot of the holy 18 sacred steps. On the day of the funeral, heavy police force was deployed at the Chettinad palace to avoid any untoward incidents. Ramaswamy disowned his son Ayyappan after being cheated of all his properties and trusteeships My son should not light my funeral pyre, says Chennai industrialist MAM Ramaswamy Read more about No compromise with foster son, says M A M Ramaswamy on Business Standard. He has allegedly kept tabs on how Ramaswamy, a philanthropist and a lavish host, spends his wealth and dismissed dozens of employees who had been loyal to the family for decades. In 1995, they adopted Ayyappan and named him MAMR Muthiah. In the 1990s, the duo decided to adopt a son to look after them. Though Ayyappan claims to be Ramaswamy's legal heir, he was not allowed to perform his last rites. Ramaswamy Ramaswamy’s adopted son and sole heir, MAMR Muthiah, 43, aka S Ayyappan, took over the reins of the Chettinad Group from his rather uninvolved predecessor in 1999. Annamalai, the adopted son of Ramaswamy’s late brother M.A.M.

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