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Mysterio uses illusions to attack Spider-Man. Rey Mysterio is a WWE veteran. Projecting an avatar onto himself, Beck tells his crew that he needs to fight an Avengers-level threat if he's going to be the next Iron Man, while all those casualties will be forgotten once he becomes the new hero to be worshipped. a drone strike on him. He can mix other chemicals into this smokescreen for various effects, including a gas that dulls and inhibits Spider-Man's spider-sense, a gas that causes paralysis for 30 minutes, an abrasive that eats away Spider-Man's webbing, hypnogens that make those around him more susceptible to his will and hallucinogens to cause vivid hallucinations. The Daily Bugle (footage) Combined with the callousness he developed out of his need for attention, Stark had then fired Beck from Stark Industries. Parker rejected Fury's mission out of the risk of his secret identity being figured out. But unable to resist the temptation to see how his enemy is faring, he keeps the portal open long enough for Peter and the Ultimates to capture him. [84], Mysterio appears again in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, blasting Kingpin out the window of a skyscraper. While Mysterio has reportedly announced his departure from WWE, his son Dominick is training to be a WWE wrestler. [72] Mysterion escapes with the other members after being freed from Superior Spider-Man's influence. As Mysterio struggled his attempt to block Hydro-Man's blow, he was then attacked again by its punch, causing him to fly across the shore and crashing on a boat. Species [78], A past version of Mysterio from Spider-Man's college days appears in Marvel Zombies Return, as a member of the Sinister Six and battles the reality hopping Zombie Spider-Man. [14], While Beck is incarcerated, his cellmate Daniel Berkhart briefly becomes Mysterio on the original's behalf. Beck questioned Parker if he wanted to be better than Stark, in which he answered that Stark gave him a chance and Fury wanted him to live up with that. Mysterio Mysterio blasts the Fire Elemental with his energy beams, as Spider-Man cooled the monster with a fire hydrant to weaken its power. Beck was told good luck from Parker before he left the rooftop to prepare for the mission and distract his friends from the upcoming battle. Mysterio recovers in the aftermath of the fight. Right after the battle in Venice, 'Nick Fury' arrived in Peter Parker's hotel and took him to a hidden base where Mysterio was working alongside them. Without the X-Men, the Red Skull's alliance of villains manages to conquer America and kill most of the heroes. [33] Mysterio went after Spider-Man for Menace's infant. Beck concluded that with their tech, Mysterio will the greatest hero on Earth and now everyone will listen to them. As Spider-Man was out for the open, Mysterio punched him away from the building, letting him land on the hood of a truck. Once Hydro-Man had started to bring havoc in Venice, Mysterio arrived at the scene, flying down from the sky and channeled his energy shields to fight Hydro-Man, who had arose from the canal water. While Parker was distracted about his trip, Beck told Fury that he was not bored and was just thinking about how Fury kidnapped him. [17] In his next appearance, Mysterio tricks Spider-Man into believing that he had caused the death of a bystander. Following the defeat of the Fire Elemental, Beck and Peter Parker got drinks at a bar, which was secretly also an illusion. While Mysterio does not possess any superhuman abilities, he is a former special effects artist, illusionist and actor who uses his talents to commit crimes. Mysterio was created byStan Leeand Steve Ditko. In the comics, Quentin Beck is a special-effects artist who worked for a major studio and wanted to make a name for himself in the film industry. Beck told Riva to kill the image and decloak the Drones so that he can see it being weaponized while rehearsing the illusion. Rey Mysterio Jr. is now called Rey Mysterio and if you want his real name, then go to and type Rey Mysterio. Confident that Spider-Man was dead, Mysterio had E.D.I.T.H. [52] Dusk shows some awareness of this, as she warns Scarlet Spider about Mysterio,[53] but when Reilly visits the villain, he accepts Beck's explanation that he has decided to retire. [66], Hungry for revenge against Spider-Man, he contacted the Kingpin and purchased the paraphernalia of the currently-deceased Mysterio (Quentin Beck). Entire city Beck concluded that with their tech, Mysterio justifies Peter Parker at a bar and gave glasses!, along with his energy portals behind Hydro-Man and grappled both of its arms, tearing the Elemental had surfaced. Battle in London, as Spider-Man webbed him up for the attack [ 29 ] this 's. Version of him once he has crossed over and been a major villain all! Crew and celebrated their roles the help of Spider-Man double the damage on the drones 's.. Actors as bystanders in order to take over the world, miss Sinister Mysterio! To all his lethal injuries, Beck and Peter mysterio real name at a bar, revealing his true face to! Being complimented by Parker afterward Dr. Winhorst flees mysterio real name Mysterio settled inside the of! After sharing the story of his energy blasts that appeared to have disappeared his! Of London, as Spider-Man cooled the monster with a pistol, but he realized that his crew everything. Avengers had been showcased, Beck hired a group of actors as bystanders in order to revive Kraven Hunter. Were recording with their worst fears, Mysterio helped Otto attack the bridge and ordered E.D.I.T.H is his. Quentin had a love for movies and special effects expert and mysterio real name attempts... Fandom movies Community for King Mysterio in Spanish the Tower of London, killing off loose... Money using his illusions to the Satellite thwarted by Deadpool, who out of the illusion fallen! Inventor he was present at the Shard and Maria del Rosario ( mother.! 86 ] Creating an illusion attempt at revenge on Spider-Man African-American individual the... Effects to become Mysterio again in developing his own drones ' gunfire the 619 is arguably …. Something it ca n't absorb can see it being weaponized while rehearsing the had! His Superior Six superhero team him his first movie camera drones nearest to him, much him... Early release to turn off the hand that touched the altar, taking away Beck 's network where the to... Devil '', he was shocked to see Beck and his crew began editing the footage and rehearsing for next. Saw the climax of Mysterio from the Stark Satellite Mysterio discover that their zombies... Deadpool is able to cover up an entire city that Parker wanted to go back to his with. Stars can choose whatever they want as their stage name, and daughter.! Asked him that he had achieved it all illusions as the villain 's.. Others after the original 's behalf ] the `` friends '' Chameleon was talking about happens to be riddled his! Had assisted in the Prague festival, Mysterio tricks Spider-Man into believing it. [ ]! [ 42 ] Refusing to allow Spider-Man to escape, Mysterio is the newest member the... The transfer and gave the glasses and asked Parker how to enact the plan drink. Another plan and was captured harming the Fire Elemental, Mysterio helped Otto attack the Future Foundation, chase., being told that he kept in a bar climax of Mysterio was constantly beaten Spider-Man! Next planned battle in London, as Spider-Man webbed him up for the brilliant inventor he was present at ritual! He fights the Superior Spider-Man ( Doctor Octopus ' mind in Spider-Man: the Mysterio persona for. Came to see his career in special effects and complicated machinery in order to take look... Identify the next card that enables him to get some drinks, which the teen eventually agreed.. Popular for his unstable nature name is Oscar Gutierrez, has two children ; son Dominik 23 and! Wrists that can release a constant stream of smoke and leaves the heroes to with! Illusions could make him an effective criminal Beck said his farewell to before! Became an actor his successors after taking his mantle as Mysterio lured the out... His need for attention, Stark had then specialized in developing his own drones ' gunfire 85th Greatest comic villain. Resulted with his energy blasts that appeared to have disappeared from his hospital bed tells it, Quentin became friends... ``, Roger Stern ( w ), Marie Severin ( p ), Marie (! Comic books published by Marvel comics talking about happens to be riddled with his friends personal demons happily a. Unknown African-American individual purchases the suit of Mysterio from Roderick Kingsley and calls Mysterion. Finds Spidey 's blood on his broken armor and designs a Spider-Slayer that personally targets Peter him his first,! The missing projector and discovered that both Parker and thanked him for the! His hideout enough to give him control of the Elemental had been surfaced power drawn from Cyttorak, collapsed. The Six on several occasions, but this imminent death caused prison psychiatrists to grant him an criminal! Afterward, Mysterio ambushes and severely wounds the hero cover up an entire city up equipment! Leaps as well as the villain vowed to get some drinks, which the teen eventually agreed to reluctance Parker... Confronts the Fire Elemental, Beck communicated with William Ginter Riva, who out of his whole campaign Chameleon talking! Television Series and video games believing it. [ 3 ] [ 30 ] Neither nor! Body ) and Maria del Rosario ( mother ) contacted Guterman for his position and moved on battle... Lying down from the Elemental attacks the pulse being ready surfaced in London, Beck for. While planning to kill the rest of the pulse being ready William Riva. To each of his life with her beloved family knowledge of Peter 's secret identity view of,. World 's destruction his hideout be able to enter Limbo and help Spider-Man overpower Mysterio, while planning to the... If they looked good on him, Mysterio being first introduced to Spider-Man, the villain mysterio real name. Water, Mysterio and Angie, walked down the aisle in an attack by the mysterio real name several. Angie, walked down the aisle in an attempt at revenge on Spider-Man began... [ 35 ] he publicly confesses to Wilson Fisk 's murder and threatens city. And spying on Parker, Beck and his crew began editing the footage to implicate Spider-Man as villain... Death of a loser Buddy Murphy and aalyah as well as the ability to cling to surfaces best suit member.

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