neumann tlm 103 vs rode nt1a

Rode NT1A. Each of these microphones has its … I have used all 3 of these mic's for different applications and have found that it is not a case of one mic fits all. Hey everybody! I've had the mic for about a year now, and I just cannot get the sound I'm looking for. If you been in the pro audio industry for a while, you’ll probably have heard about Neumann microphones and know what superb … Under $500: Rode NT2-A ... Neumann TLM 103 . I had a Rode NT2A condenser before the 103, and the NT2a was getting better results for me than the 103 is. Beyond being my personal favorite, ... Neumann TLM 103. A few weeks ago I spent some time at a music store comparing 3 large diaphragm mics: the RODE NT1A, the AKG C3000B, and the Neumann TLM 103. It … Rode K2 vs Neumann Tlm 103 and 193. I'm having trouble getting the sound that I want from the the Nuemann tlm 103. Octavamod modified Rode NT1-A vs Nuemann TLM-103 I was looking at finding a good used u87 mic when I came across a Michael Joly "Octavamod" modified Rode NT1-A w/6 Micron … Just a quick question. The Set –Up: A store salesperson set … ($400 vs … The Neumann TLM 103 has been widely used in many professional recordings as well as high-quality home studios since its release in 1997.

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